The Road Runner ShopBack Wishlist

There are times when you won’t care about the glass slipper falling, or worse, breaking; all you need is to run away with THE granting fairy godmother.

And if I could only have Robin Williams alive again in my pocket as a genie, I won’t care if he would only grant me three times – and I will just bat my eyes if he tells me it exclude love. It’s all planned out, I will use my third wish to ask for another set of three wishes. That is real smart, I should have a trophy, and besides, you’ll throw pag-ibig out of the window without sinaing on the table.


It’s so nice to daydream, and if I pretend that I had a fairy godmother like Cindy on Shopback, or if they hired Aladdin’s blue friend in there and would grant me a wish worth ten grand, I would only wish two things for our road show – a vacuum and a dashcam.

It’s dashing with an eye

One of the perks of being a freelance mom, aside from reading bed times stories even when it’s not yet night time, (Hello, Grimm brothers!) is the road trips that comes in visiting construction sites for inspection, before concrete pouring, or to inspect a failing structural member and the whatnots (My mind’s floating in fantasy land while solving construction numbers – best of both worlds if I may say so). Road trips have never been this fun— traveling with the kids!

But usually in life, the good always comes with the bad. And in this particular case, we, to be on the road means longer time to pack my runners bag, frequent drive-thru and more gas station stop-overs for loo, stretching of dead legs or because I forgot to bring either the diaper or the wet wipes- it happened. You think it’s bad enough? Yes, until I need to hit the break for traffic – either because of the bad traffic scheme, the bad weather or the bad man-in-uniform preying on the roads of Pasay!

Vicovation Vico-Marcus 4 4MP Camcorder / Dashboard Camera   Php8,700.00

dashcam #gerifiedph

  • Dashboard Camera
  • Sensor: 4 Mega Pixel CMOS
  • Lens: F/2.0, 6G Mega Pixel Lens
  • View Angle: 160 degree
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1080
  • LCD Display: 2.0
  • G-Sensor: 3 Axis G-Sensor built-in
  • Micro SDXC/SDHC up to 32GB
  • Power: Input: 12V~24V, Output: 5V/1A

There’s my side, there’s your side and then, there’s the truth. And on road trips, the dashboard camera is the truth. It saved many drivers from pickpockets accusing you of something nonexistent and hooligans who will run into you and will ask for money (watched some videos circulating on social networking sites!) instead of bringing the matter to the police and a detour to the hospital with the bill on your hand.

And I heard that LTO will soon require vehicles to add dashboard cameras before approval and renewal.

Slick and functional. This dashcam would not only be our eyes on the road, it would be an eye catcher, too!

My yielding to everything that crumbles

I have nothing against drive thru, it saves us time and could keep a fuzzy toddler occupied for a while. Food chains with drive thru actually make me feel like a child again. Grinning from ear to ear while looking at a box (speaker), talking about food (order), and then, slowly moving forward to that waiving person in uniform with a paper bag to receive an award: instant meals. All’s good, just – extra ketchup, less ice, request for straw, add tissue, and when we’re up early, caffeine and the local news.

But the crumbs make my eye twitch and the sauce… Sauce spills are the worst; it always gets on my nerve. Every. Single. Time.

Gonzalez JK 800W Power Vacuum Cleaner (Silver) with Free Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner (Pink):  Php1198.00

vacuum #gerifiedph

Size (L x W x H cm) 13 x 21 x 28
Weight (kg) 2

Little in size, Gonzalez JK 800W Power Vacuum Cleaner is powered by 220V motor and features powerful suction that’s ideal for cleaning out dust and dirt, perfect for Ook (the pickup) and Grace (the van). The mini vacuum that comes with it is just right for Eg (the car).

The driver in the passenger seat


But to be a bulldozer operator means moving earth just to build a way for you. 💙


Yes, that would be me. My husband is always encouraging me to drive-career wise and literally to step on the gas pedal, to put the shift stick to quinta. Well, I surprised him, myself even, on charging down that long and winding road of Bukal Bypass Road in Laguna-that was when the breastfeeding child is fast asleep and one time, was when he’s too busy with the passing truck loaders to miss me.

And now, I surprise myself even more, by accepting a work that is out of my comfort zone of designing with a constant battle of applying sunscreen because it’s hot, or not because it’s hot – but that’s another story.

Honestly, I’m quite happy being the bella boss sitting on the passenger side – holding the baby, keeper of the toll gate ticket, tracking location with GPS map, being the Radio DJ, and now, with our DVD player installed (taped) on the dashboard, a movie usherette.

If I had all the money in the world, I would travel the world with my family and share my blessings along the way.

If I had all the time in the world, I would still travel, but this time to the controversial planet-or-not Pluto that is roughly 4.67 billion miles if it was on the opposite sides from the sun, which will take 9-12 years using the latest technology.

But for now, roadtrips will do. My heart’s desire is to travel and the heart, my lass, is never content – that dashcam and vacuum would be a nice touch and will add glamour to our fabulous road show (I love to call it that because the things that’s happening inside our car is hilarious it could pass as a reality tv episode, if not a series) ! Vroom! Vroom!


We might as well buy two more sets of these so that our babies (vehicles) will have each of their own. What’s more? I can earn from it instantly. Yep, the magic that is called Shopback!

Shopback is the #1 Online Cashback and Rebate Site in the Philippines today. It gives you cashback for your online purchases, on top of the many discounts available when buying from an online retailer. Not believing me are you? Yes, Im skeptical too. What I did? Register!

I created a Shopback account. You can too, via email or link to your personal Facebook account at

I did my usual online shopping.


ShopBack has over 300 partnering merchants like Lazada, ZALORA, Agoda,, iTrueMart, foodpanda, Aliexpress & more. Then, I received this:


Learn more about Shopback by watching this video:

Here’s my personal Shopback.PH account:


Easy peasy! Now, you won’t be a peasant after shopping, you’ll feel great about the items you deserve and you’ll feel rich in cashing back!

Enjoy Shopbacking!

Geri ❤


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