Worklife ay Easy with #FernC!

The aircon is in full blast and my water goblet is perspiring from the fluid its holding. I wiggle my toes from the insides of my steel toe because it’s getting stiff and I want my blood flow back. The tense subsided when I finally released the breath I wasn’t aware I was holding after the question and answer portion about my presentation is over.

boss #gerilenmbf

Now it’s time to visit the site.

conference room #gerilenmbf

I drank my flavored water before leaving the conference room, bottoms up, (because I’m used to consuming everything from the last grain of rice on my plate to the last drop of liquid in my glass – thanks Granma!) numbing my throat downwards and making my brain freeze for a while. I mentally debated with myself whether it’s necessary – and yes, Geri, you needed that; just like the sunscreen that is now helping you fight the chill from the freon machine, and will lessen your uneven toast of epidermis (if not totally avoid it) later.

ook #gerilenmbf

Shrugged my way out, I revved up the engine, following the client’s car to the site.

hard hat #gerilenmbf

I slammed the truck’s door, placed my hard hat on my head a bit harder than necessary, grabbed my safety goggles and harness, and braced myself for the sun’s coup de main – the scorching heat, while dodging the reinforcing bars sticking out up the freshly dried concrete stairs right after bending my way under the steel web we called scaffoldings – all of these, while inhaling the welding smoke and the stubborn cement dust in the air!

That day, I left the kids to my mom inside the mall. I summed up the site progress as fast as I could and ran my way back to the truck, excited to treat them for dinner – the coupon I’m bound to use is nearing its expiry.


I’m stressed but happy (and I still can’t believe you could actually feel those emotions at the same time). Stressed from the traffic and extreme change of temperature, but happy from reaching my deadlines in time while keeping the kids safe.

big boss #gerilenmbf

I’m stressed but happy (and I still can’t believe you could actually feel those emotions at the same time). Stressed from the overwhelming work challenges (that eye to eye contact with my boss is longer than necessary and I can’t take my eyes off him – no malice, he clearly is challenging the capability of a lady engineer in this field dominated by men, and like a push up brassiere, it’s encouraging! I even imagined myself like Babydoll, hand gesturing the anti-protagonists to come closer while shouting “Bring it on!” with Mortal Combat music in the background) but happy that I have work which enables me to spend. Working, and still managed to have quality time with the family, what more can I ask for?

The satisfactory feel of finally ticking a coupon that I used!


site #gerilenmbf

Being a freelance, work at home mom, I juggle work and kids all the time and no, I will never accept the SuperMom title because I’m far fetched from perfecting my sinaing, I break a sweat ironing his long sleeves  and dressing the kids is not my forte – and the bed, it’s usually not made when I’m locking the door, which means, chaos is what greets us when we finally get home. I had to clean up first instead of immediately lying down after a day’s work. But, I have my support team I would like to call extended family beside me and there’re things that I personally do and use to lessen the worklife hassle and surprisingly at times, enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with it.

Plan ahead.

planner #gerilenmbf

I got my Belle de Jour Power Planner and my Mommy Mundo 24/7 Planner to organize my schedule, reach my weekly goals, refocus and declutter my head. Even the mundane task of raising the anticipated red flag is in there and those coupons will not go to waste!

Ask favors and return it.

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My circle of friends is small and they usually consist of family members, too. I’m good at asking favors because I return the favor proudly and at times, if time and budget permits, handsomely. Look back, be grateful and stay humble.

Gas up.

pickup #gerilenmbf

We might have the truck looking dirty, but I always make sure that the gas is at least half full, the tire pressure is checked, the brake fluid is okay, the engine oil’s in safe level and the radiator is filled. I don’t usually dress up but I gas myself up by trying to eat heavy meals during breakfast as much as possible, with a hot cup of coffee to kick start the day.

fernc coffee #gerifiedph

Load the guns.

You don’t walk to war in your birthday suit; you load the guns, wear your bulletproof vest and you make sure a backup is standing near by. Everyday, I walk to battle- a minute warfare between the good (immunity) and the evil (vicious disease-causing germs, bacteria and viruses) that’s why I load myself with immunity boosting FERN-C Vitamin C!

FERN-C is the First Non-Acidic Vitamin C in the Philippines and the only Quali-C Vitamin C made from Europe, ensuring quality to Millions of Filipinos.

I take 1 capsule a day. If we need to go out of town, or if I feel under the weather, I take 2 capsules a day, usually one in the morning and one in the evening. The best part, FERN-C is safe to be taken even on an empty stomach!

fernc #gerifiedph

I get things done while taking care of the family’s well being, and I had FERN-C to back us up. The stress is more bearable and everyday hassle is just a hustle. Subok na! Worklife ay Easy with FERN-C!

Amazing Health Benefits Fern -C

  • Non-acidic Vitamin C
  • Potent Anti-Oxidant
  • Faster Tissue Recovering
  • Promotes healthy gums, teeth, bones and skin
  • Fights stress
  • Immune system booster

Don’t let stress eat you up, take FERN-C!

Visit Official FERN-C website:

FERN-C Facebook:

FERN-C Twitter:

FERN-C Instagram:


steeltoe #gerilenmbf

I smirked inside and pat myself on the back after receiving a “You’re doing a good job!” from the big boss a week later. I danced my way out of the conference hall while mentally noting that his irish is the color of the sky when clouds aren’t around -pale blue.

Suckerpunching microbes and lobotomizing germs,


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