What can I do to be the change our country need?

Who wants flowery words if it would only mean empty promises? Everyone wants actions, results, beneficial changes as quickly as possible. But the million dollar question is, do you do your part in being faithful while fervently begging your mate to be faithful? I was inspired by what our Chief Executive is presenting the public in his first month in the office. As for me, I’m just a single ripple in this tide of men… but great tides are made of ripples turned to waves… and a simply act will ripple waves that would eventually make a change – and in faith, I know that it would.


breastfeeding #gerifiedph

This is me.

As a self-proclaimed breastfeeding advocate, I would simply breastfeed my children and encourage other moms to do the same. It’s natural, cheaper, helps healed mom, has antibodies formula milk doesn’t have, encourages bond and environmentally-friendly. 

Breastfeeding may not be the best option for parents, but it’s the best that is out there for babies – and we want what’s best for our little bundle-of-joy. If compared, the most expensive formula milk is like the free plastic ring you’d get from a cereal box while breastmilk, its a diamond ring.

Vertical Garden.

Even if you’re living in a condo or a small apartment, plant. There is no excuses now when it comes to planting, make a vertical garden. Why planting? A small seedling turned to a plant is small but it fights back against climate change, and if you plant a fruiting seedling, you could even feed your family real food (amidst the fake food circulating in the market) and if you’re a healthy buff, you could even make your harvest organic!


The process of recreating discarded materials in such a way of making it higher than its original value. Back of the calendar turned into an ABAKADA chart is one example of the gazillion things you could do if you would only use your imagination. 🙂

I have a lot more in my head, but in my place at this moment in time, these are my Top 3 to help make a change that we need.




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