#GerifiedPH: Kenwood just made History!

I gave out my name and a security personnel confirmed my identity. They opened the gates and gestured me to enter. Inside was a front-man in white uniform holding a white umbrella. “This way, Madam.” – He smilingly ushered me to the red carpet. I felt like a Royal!

Upon the entrance was the iconic British red booth and the men who guards the Queen of England – the Foot Guards wearing a full-dress uniform of red tunics and bearskins hats! I felt like a Royal!


British-brand Kenwood finally made its way to the shore of the Philippine island – and they did it with a bang!

kenwood history #gerifiedph

Kenwood mixer is pulling a minicooper.

Since the 1950s, Kenwood has been famous the world over for innovation, quality and great design, with many of its products, in particular the Kenwood Chef kitchen machine, surviving as much-loved kitchen heirlooms for the next generation.

It’s no wonder Kenwood snatched the majority of awards on Red Dot Design Awards, yearly! It was a tradition, Kenwood is a legend. Read more about Red Dot Award 2015 here.

Kenwood mixer is pulling a minicooper. Not just a minicooper, a minicooper full of passengers! Including the British Ambassador to the Philippines, Honorable Asif Ahmad, which is by way a darling in the kitchen.


This was made on the spot, by the British Ambassador himself.

red wine #kenwoodph #gerifiedph

The food, scrumptious; wine, overflowing. And such lovely fine people behind the event. Enjoyed the night with my flight mates, found new friends, & took home a generous prize!

Not just that, Kenwood lavishly provide Kitchen Appliances to Top Culinary Schools:





Looking to the future, Kenwood’s aim is to carry on serving the needs of people’s changing lifestyles — setting the standard for affordable, high quality innovation for millions of customers all over the world.

Functional and stylish. Emotionally engaging. Sleek. Durable. I want Kenwood my kitchen!

And the british guards on my front yard,

and the red phone booth on the patio

and Mr. Bean’s cooper on my garage! Ha!

For the meantime, I’ll be daydreaming about my Mini Cooper while working on my deadlines with the Queen of Heart’s voice in my head shouting “Off with his head!” #wahm

Over and (passed)out,



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