BDJ Rendezvous: Art of Now

Came home late last night after an 8hour drive from an out-of-town site inspection. And today, I geared up (wear my boots, hardhat, personal protective equipment) and did what I’m best at – scraping my arms on the wedges of the improvised wooden ladder up and down the bare structure, all went well – I didn’t stump my toes or bump my heads on the scaffolding or rebars sticking out, until I looked at my watch – it’s already 12noon. I can either go back home for a second shower, change to the dress Im planning to wear and drown my made-up face in traffic OR just go straight to this girly girl event, boots and all.

The email saying “Come in your most stylish ensemble, strut it with attitude and be our BDJ Rendzvous #BestDressedBella” rings in my head over and over again while thinking of the shower…

Thank goodness we brought the truck, or else I’ll be walking down the registration booth like a lost construction worker with my hardhat instead of a clutch! I did felt awkward flaunting my steeltoe in the midst of full face makeup girls in their OOTD outfits, BUT ‘Im so happy I pushed through my schedule! I learned a lot at BDJ Rendezvous: Art of Now!


I already marked my planner. 6th of August is for Belle de Jour Power Planner’s Rendezvous – I need this, I anticipated this! Then, I received two emails requesting me for site inspections. I had to go, I braved two consecutive inspections and an event today,

and it was a success!


The rendezvous started with a games and raffles.

Moist beautiful skin is the most beautiful skin! – Jergens

The event contained four different talks, hosted by Mellow 94.7’s and one of my favorite faces, Tracy Abad.

The first speakers were the sisters behind Common Room Ph – Roma and Maan Agsalud who reminded us the importance of having a channel to let our creative juices flow! I’m proud of my humble blog – it kept me sane and recently, I found love in the ambivalence of water coloring!

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray! – Rumi

Nikki is so holistic, she intimidates me, until she opened up herself and shared her overall wellness and innovative fun ways of how she make sure she stay active. That sneaking in the office to do yoga really made me realize, if you really want it, you’ll find ways!

10 Steps to a Healthier You

1 Prepare yourself in life

2 Constantly lift your mood (music, run, watercolor, blog)

3 Breathe – 15 minutes in AM and PM could improve weight!

4 Quit obsessing over numbers (weighing scales and calorie counting!)

5 Sleep at least 6-8 times a day and do a 10minute power nap

6 Eat a rainbow! Fruits, veggies and nuts

7 Get your nutrition facts straight!

8 Get regular foot massages

9 Eyes off the screen

10 Make time for exercise

They serve delish food for the bellas and I wolfed it down like I’m in a middle of an apocalypse before thinking that I should’ve took a photo of it. The wasabi sauce is perf for that katsu!

After our 15minute break was The Better Story Project’s Isa Garcia and Bea Vergara that inspired me personally to celebrate my uniqueness and be the heroine of my own story.

How to be a Better You?

  • Try new things each month
  • Meet new people
  • Travel. Explore. Roam.
  • Explore a skill
  • Sign up for online courses, classes and workshops
  • Start a passion project

I place my heart in the line when I blog, its scary but it gives me a sense of pride.

You are the sum of the five people you hang out the most!·

Go ahead create your own narrative.

Lastly, Fashion and lifestyle blogger Nicole Andersson helped us have fun with fashion and be brave in wandering into new style in!


Label and clarify


Take inventory and find commonalities

Clean out

Shop smarter

Lifestyle check and goals

Find your strengths

Know yourself

and accessories!

Another raffle and that’s it! Everyone took home a prize- such a generosity, thanks BDJ! Not a single soul leave empty handed, the talks are juicy, very informative and fun, I chortled not just once!

Thank you so much Ms Dar and BDJ Team and congratulations to yet another sucessful rendezvous!

Girly girl in steel toe,



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