#GerifiedPH: Create More with Kenwood

Kenwood’s award-winning products are driven by quality, innovation and design.

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Founded in 1947 by Kenneth Wood, this company has fast become a respected global leader in food preparation appliances, now trading in over 40 countries around the world. Kenwood products inspire confidence to create fantastic food for all occasions at all skill levels. The company joined the De’Longhi Group in 2001.

Kenwood is

We are proud to have always been a very British company. We have been based near the coast in Havant, due south of London, for almost 50 years and it is important to us that all our central operations and product design capabilities remain located here. From this site, our products have developed a truly global appeal and the Kenwood name is internationally known and respected.
All Kenwood products are built to stand the test of time. We select only the best materials to support and enhance each product’s role in the kitchen. We never compromise on the materials we use. We make performance and durability the cornerstone of each product.
At Kenwood, we have spent over 60 years dedicated to developing kitchen machines and appliances to improve food preparation in every kitchen. Our unparalleled experience ensures we have the technology, the skills and the insight to genuinely innovative and bring completely new products to life.
Our commitment to excellence in design, and our passion for longevity of both function and fashion, has been integral to our ongoing success. In the last ten years alone Kenwood has won more than 30 awards for product design. Our products are regularly rated best in class among respected award schemes such peas IF and Red Dot.
Products for Life
Everyone who uses Kenwood products in the kitchen feels confident to better prepare and cook food. That’s because our products are engineered to be completely dependable, and designed to produce consistently high quality results with the greatest of ease.
In Partnership with Kenwood
In addition to domestic kitchens, our customers include experts in the food preparation sector including chefs, cooking schools and food opinion leaders.

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