L’Oréal Professionnel proudly reveals the trendiest hair color this season, #FrenchBrowns by Majirel, with a grand hair show featuring a live demonstration of hair cuts and trends by L’Oréal Professionnel International Portfolio Artist, world-renowned hairstylist Berni Ottjes complimented by a fashion ensemble by celebrated designer Francis Libiran.

Eva Green for L'Oréal Professionnel Majirel French Browns

Renowned Filipino designer Francis Libiran collaborated with L’Oreal Professionnel to produce a breathtaking fashion collection to complement the brand’s new #FrenchBrowns color service.

Berni Ottjes 4

A premium line-up of 10 bespoke browns applied by L’Oreal Professional’s salon experts, #FrenchBrowns takes the most signature brown shades from L’Oreal Professional’s Majirel line and reformulates them to mimic the effortlessly natural shades that French girls are known for.

The idea behind this charming hair color collection served as Francis’ Libiran’s inspiration in coming up with #FrenchBrowns’ fashion counterpart: “We wanted to design pieces any French girl would wear from day to night. French women are particular about the colors and textures of their clothes and so are we. We went through a careful selection of colors and fabrics that would complement #FrenchBrowns colors,” the Francis Libiran design team explains. Indeed, the fashion collection is poised to be composed of pieces a quintessential French girl would wear: short dresses in pastel and dove grays will go well with #FrenchBrowns-colored hair, especially since each piece is designed with the French girl’s minimalist aesthetic in mind, mildly infused with Francis Libiran’s signature Art Deco details. To wit, it’s a fashion collection that’s out to highlight the beauty of subtle, effortless and natural #FrenchBrowns hair.

The Francis Libiran #FrenchBrowns collection was crafted especially with the French girl in mind, and with the 10 effortless copper, chestnut and brown hues in mind. The team made sure each piece fit well with any hair color in the range. “#FrenchBrowns work perfectly with the Asian skin tone. On a designer’s perspective, we felt like it’s not limiting as it allows us to play around with color. Brown may come in different tones and, more often than not, it blends perfectly well with any shade. We want to ease [clients’] selection process so we created pieces in hues that complement the color brown. After all, we believe that hair should not limit what you wear.”

This statement emphasizes the hair’s role in making a fashionable statement that’s as important as clothing, and this collaboration between L’Oreal Professionnel’s #FrenchBrowns and Francis Libiran is testament to that. Francis Libiran drives the point home: “Hair, just likes clothes, can be a statement. It can reflect your personality –from your choice of cut to your preference in color. French girls are known for their polished, sophisticated, and totally laidback hair styles. Gorgeous hair can guarantee to turn heads whereas bad hair can make or break an outfit.”

L’Oreal Professionnel, as a renowned Parisian hair brand, is well known for its close links to fashion, establishing its reputation as the Parisian House of Hairdressing (La Maison Parisienne de la Coiffure), and regularly crafting hairstyles for major runway shows in Paris, New York, Milan and London. That’s why it was a natural step for the brand to commission one of the Philippines’ most well-known designers to create a line that perfectly matched its most stylish hair color collection yet. “L’Oréal Professionnel inspires salon trends and helps hairdressers recreate the on-trend looks most demanded by women,” the L’Oreal Professionnel team stresses. Of the collab, Francis Libiran couldn’t be any more pleased: “It is very rewarding on our end to collaborate with an international brand dedicated to inspiring women, improving their well-being, and restoring their self-esteem.

Francis Libiran’s fashion collection for #FrenchBrowns will be showcased in an exclusive presentation on August 9 at a grand hair show, where L’Oreal Professionnel Interntaional Portfolio Artist, world-renowned hairstylist Berni Ottjes will be doing a live demonstration of the newest cuts, colors and hair trends, highlighting the #FrenchBrowns line.

The #FrenchBrowns collection is an in-salon hair color service done by L’Oreal Professionnel hair experts, where they apply a specific brown shade to fit clients’ needs and preferences, using exclusive hair contouring techniques.

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