Book Review: Pan de Sal Saves the Day!

Tuttle Publishing is generous enough to send me books of my choice for a review. I spent hours and hours of scanning their list of delicious eye-catching books and finally picked my Top 3. The first that caught my attention (I’m not actually sure why, but maybe because I’m craving of hot pan de sal with salted butter lately) is this children’s book entitled “Pan de Sal Saves the Day” by Norma Olizon-Chikiamco.

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About the Book

This catchy book is a First Prize Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature winner for Short Story for Children, it is the most prestigious literary competition established by the heirs of Don Carlos Palanca Sr. to commemorate him through works of literature that encourages Philippines’ cultural heritage. I got the Bilingual edition in English and Tagalog, with beautiful pictures illustrated by award-winning freelance illustrator and graphic designer, Mark Salvatus.

The Poor Man’s Bread

Pan de Sal also known as the poor man’s bread is in fact, Philippines’ National Yeast-Raised Bread. Made of flour, yeast, sugar and salt, Pan de Sal is a Filipino staple food for breakfast and afternoon merienda that is usually oval in shape, slightly sweet, soft and chewy in the inside, and lightly dusted with crumbs on the outside.

The Filipino way of eating this Hispanic era bread is by dipping it in a hot drink- usually coffee.

The Girl Named Pan de Sal

The book named its characters based on breads and pastries. Basically, Pan de Sal is a young Filipino girl in the midst of foreign breads – Croissant, Danish and Muffin to name a few.

The book tackles Pan de Sal’s inner battle of insecurities – her humble steamed rice, fish, adobo and bananas over chesseburgers and pizza, and on how she conquered them all.

She accepted her uniqueness – flat nose, dark skin, where she lives, the games she plays and her background – herself being a Filipino and suddenly, everything turned around, fall into its right place and now, she’s proud, happy and contented.

This beautifully illustrated book is a must-read for children, it teaches kids to embrace their uniqueness, and be contented on what they have. This book’s bilingual edition is also a plus!

Books to Span the East and West

Tuttle Publishing’s core mission is to create books which brings people together one page at a time. Tuttle, now a leader in publishing variety of books are now welcoming readers to explore the wealth of information available on Asia.

Reading is the human’s way of upgrading its software. Let’s raise readers! Check out Tuttle Publishing on


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