Nail-a-holics Nail Salon and Spa

One of my blogger/PR friends, Ms. Leomy of Crownless Beauty Queen invited us for a pampering day at Nailaholics, and I just gotta say yes! What’s more? I got the chance to bond with my Mommas (Mama Ellen and my MIL, Mama Luz) and unica sistah/blogger Beth in this relaxing must-have pampering sesh!



The Location

Located at the 3rd floor of Glorietta 3 beside Ooh La Lash and across Hey Sugar, Nailaholics ambiance reminds me so much of the beach, it’s kinda of like “salt in my hair, sand on my feet” feels.

A beach bum trapped in the urban? You don’t have to travel two hours or more because Nailaholics pride themselves for being accessible. With almost 70 destinations nationwide, Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa is now the country’s leading destination for pampering services that allows you to feel like you’re taking a short vacay, letting you walk out of their doors feeling like you got more than what you came in for.

See their branches here.

 The Interior



I, I mean, we immediately fell in love with their interior; quaint dainty Hamptons-themed decor of sea blue and algae green pillow cases with accents of whites including lantern and seashells, oversized lounge chairs and curtained nooks adorned this chic and urban nail salon, definitely a scenic relaxing ambiance that offers clienteles, gents and ladies an escape and a sweet safe haven away from stress.

The Service




Everyone deserves to be pampered, especially hard-working moms out there! That is why I dragged, heaved, hauled both of my moms as I’ve been constantly looking for ways to say “Thank You!”, you know like movie treats, road trips, body massages, and in this particular salon, a mani-pedi sesh with footspa!


Huge variety of high-end nail polishes

The Staff

Three things – approachable, accommodating and very professional from the Salon Supervisor to the Nail Technicians, that is how I would précis the warm people behind this store.


Miss Sigrid and Miss Palyn are the culprits for my now very fashionable nails.


Check out Nailaholics Nails Salon and Spa

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