BDJ Fair 2016: #RiseAbovetheWaves


Creating my own Istorya power word bracelet was the highlight of my BDJ Fair 2016 experience. As I carefully nip the ends of my bracelet strand, I thought about the word I’ve chosen – SIMPLIFY: to be happy and contented with what I have, to see not what I don’t have, but what I have and to be grateful about along the way. To count not what others have, but to count the blessings along the way.


Last October 16, Belle de Jour Power Planner held its BDJ Fair 2016: Rise Above the Waves in relation with their launch of new Viviamo products including the BDJ planners for 2017.

What’s cool aside from the fact we learned a lot, had fun playing and winning in our booth hopping is that as we purchase a VIP pass, we did not only enjoy the fun-filled pack event, we also were able to help and give hope to the women and children as the proceeds will be given to the Literacy for Peace and Development Project (LIPAD) and most of all, Pay it Forward to Grace to Be Born, Inc., a support group for pregnant women in crisis.


Surf Rider


Bungee Jumping


ETC: Embrace the feeling of your lifestyle by striking a pose

Jergens: Jump in the ball pit to get moist glowing skin


Today, I will rise above the waves by Simplifying! ❤

Thank you so much Belle de Jour Power Planner for empowering women!

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