#GerifiedPH: Smart Parenting’s Money Strategies

My boyfriend let the fire ants scrape away an unopened (just a poked hole on top) coconut husk. A month later, he saw a rectangular hole in it and made me my very first authentic coconut coin bank. Until now, we are using it as Clyde and Dave’s piggy bank.


Smart Parenting held its first Smart Money Strategies last Saturday, 9am at the Cafe 1771 in El Pueblo, Ortigas.

Our first speaker is an Investment Advocate, TV Show Host and the man behind Peso and Sense, Mr. Aya Loraya.

Why do save?

1 Lotto Mentality : that basically mean that when you have a lot of cash whether on hand or in the bank, you are secured.

2 Retirement : Money to used in old age

3 Own House: Filipinos is a house owning culture

4 Education: For yourself, offspring or a loved one

5 Travel: Pocket money and souvenirs

How to be effective in saving?

1 Learn and know what you want

2 Realistic budget to make savings a regular habit

3 Discussion with the family as savings should be a family matter

4 Consult with Β the right competent people

5 ACT – Action. Changes. Things. Use technology wisely.

Our second speaker is none other than Ms. Rose Fres Fausto who talked about Raising Money Smart Kids. It’s important to acknowledge our children’s IQ (Intellectual Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient) and FQ (Financial Quotient) with the use of the Basic Laws of Money.

The Basic Laws of Money

1 Pay yourself first.

2 Get into a business you understand. Seek advice to competent people.

3 May your gold work for you. Make an army of gold before you buy luxury.

We should change our ways in finances from Income – Expenses = Savings to

Income – Savings = Expenses.

Always remember to buy luxury if you can afford buying ten times of it. And finally for parents, we should remember these:

1 Open a child’s bank account the day after their birth

2 Save regularly no matter what

3 Go beyond savings, invest in growth like stocks, business, pooled/index fund

4 Make Individual Balance Sheet of Assets and Liabilities

5 Cut financial umbilical cord once they graduated

More about this event here.

Thank you so much Ms Jen of Smart Parenting for having me. πŸ™‚


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