#GerifiedPH: #PressPlay with Plana Forma’s #FormaOnline

Taking in a deep breath, the smell of doterra oil humidifying the room calmed my nerves as I place my closed fists firmly on the cool mat while gently transferring my weight in my elbows. As everything went stable (and by everthing I mean my clumsy self), I slowly raise my right leg up in the air with my foot tiptoeing like a graceful (at least in my head, I imagined myself to be a tutu-less) ballerina.


Everything’s in the shade of blue,

but it’s not so to make someone soul’s blue.

Go wear your socks, tie your hair back,

So you can sweat now, and shine later.



Plana FORMA is a barre technique that is an exciting synergy of dance, pilates and yoga. Dynamic and highly rewarding, every workout feels like winning a battle.



Yesterday, November 16, Plana Forma raised their proverbial thigh in the digital wagon as they officially launched their latest wellness campaign online, the #PressPlay. As a representative of the MVP Bellas Community, I get to sample the burn with Plana Forma’s 360 ABS & Glutes and a love affair with the chair in Ultimate Thigh & Seat Blast sample workouts.

It burns.

I felt the pressure slowly creeping up my not-so-ready, almost-always-sleepy thighs but I hold onto my position, embracing the mantra that I can be a thigh warrior myself. Because, why not?

What I like about Plana Forma is that it’s more on building up your strength while letting you burn, which, in the long run will help you loose weight. I also appreciate the fact that it’s safe for people with backache, and in my case, thoracic levoscoliosis. Plus, their 15-minute workout is perfect for people on-the-go including moms like me who juggle work, breastfeeding infant, a hyperactive toddler and a chaotic house full of men.

What’s more? You can now do it anytime, anywhere.



Raise your thigh and pulse with Plana Forma online by joining their online community.

Go to Plana Forma’s Official website, www.Forma-Asia.com and click STREAM A CLASS.14993507_1222137937829464_6194022083336194701_n.jpg

Fill in your details and get the free 7-day trial. To make it easier for you, I attached here the video on how sign up online:


Seven days will easily be over specially when you’re enjoying and I know you’ll want to have more.


So after your free one-week trial, grab another free 1-month subscription! Yes bellas, I am giving away free 1-month subscription that allows you to access extensive library of 15-30minute workout videos, stream workouts on 3 different devices and also, use the Monthly Plan that has different work out plan per week.

All you have to do is 1-2-3

  1. Like Plana Forma on Facebook
  2.  Like Gerilen and Jer Sons on Facebook
  3.  Comment full name and email down below



Plana Forma Studio is located at 17th Floor Frabelle Building, 777 Rada Street Legazpi Village, Makati City. 

Web: http://www.forma-asia.com/
Facebook: @PlanaFORMA
Twitter: @PlanaFORMA
Instagram: @PlanaFORMA


38 thoughts on “#GerifiedPH: #PressPlay with Plana Forma’s #FormaOnline

  1. Sounds like a great way to destress and strengthen your body! I do yoga every now and then but I can’t really do a lot of poses well because of wrist injury 😦

  2. I’ve been seeing lots of fitness sessions online and offline lately. Recently, I received a trial session for yoga, too. It looks like this is a sign that I need to start getting some exercise. 😀 Will have to check this out!

  3. Wow! this is cool. Now a days, there’s a lot of fitness sessions online, I enjoying my daily routine Aerobics, but in weekdays in Quezon City Circle meron din don zumba session. But this one is really cool and I would love to try it.

  4. I am so in dire need of a regular workout as I hardly work out at all this past year. I so long to take on my mat once again and sweat and stretch my overweight and over-rested body parts! Signing up to try their free streaming and try out their workout videos! Email is vixdotparungaoatgmaildotcom 😀

  5. I like the burning feeling during workout kasi feel na feel ko that I’ll be able to tone my body and lose weight. I’d better get back to workouts like this after I give birth.

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