#gerilenmbf: When You Dread Being Beautiful!

Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are mine.


No guts, no coconuts. No pain, no gain. And in this particular post, gain is all about the state of being vain. Even in this high technology world we are living in, we still can’t have everything in an instant – and that includes being healthy, presentable and well. When it comes to physical aspects, women should be earning it, it’s a never ending process, a cycle, a routine and to some, it’s a lifestyle. Sometimes, the process people undergo in the name of beauty is not always sugar and smiles, others even go under the knife and some , which includes yours truly, just had to feel the pain first, before feeling better about myself. Don’t get me wrong, I can go to public with my naked face on, but sometimes, it’s fun being vain!

While looking in the mirror and liking what we see is good, when it’s time again to do those routines – dreadfully painful, ridiculously time-consuming, or absurdly expensive, we tend to question our judgments.

Down below are the things I personally did in the name of beauty. I loved it, raved about it and dreaded it all at the same time – women are complex creatures! I’m not saying I will never do it again, but I’m not denying the fact that these are dreadful! So here goes my love-hate beauty routines:

Eyelash Extension – The end result was divine! But the almost an hour process is too long for my liking and the every two week visit to maintenance is too expensive and dreadful! The adhesive stings while they put it on and every time I wet my face, the water from my lashes irritates my eyes. The fact that I can’t dive or swim and put water directly in my eye area like when washing face or showering is just too much for me. I miss rubbing my eyes, too. So for now, I’ll stick to falsies again if I have time to wait for the eyelash glue to be tacky before putting it on, and I also love wearing eye-shadows and sleeping on my tummy! Plus, there’s a possibility of loosing your real eyelashes in the whole ordeal if you’re like me whose not careful and clumsy!

Hair Extension – I have natural thin fine strands of hair and hair extension is just one of those things that tempts me. I can’t resist saying yes to a voluminous hair, who could? So I bought and tried putting on hair extensions on myself but just like eyelash extension,  the process is too long and it’s actually not good for your hair and scalp. Whether sewn in, glued or clipped, hair extension is damaging to the mane that in worse cases, it can lead to Alopecia! Because yes, too much tension placed on the hair roots, pulling out the hair strands and damaging the follicles can be permanent. For the time being, I will just use non-sulfate organic shampoo, be religious in applying hair conditioner after every shower and hair serum once a week while eating keratin rich food to achieve glossy healthy hair.

Nail Extension – Aggressive nail treatment can actually expose women to various infections, rashes and even skin cancer, but in the nail department, I’ll focus on the nail extension section. Basically, nail extension is placing of artificial nails (usually longer than your natural nails). It usually won’t hurt you if you’ll just use it for an occasion and remove right after. I tried using nail extension on a wedding and all I got to say is that, it made everything difficult. Extra long nails won’t help in holding things firmly, washing your cracks is more like scratching it and you can easily pick your nose, and dirt along the way. So for now, I’ll stick to my natural nails – neatly trimmed and clean with frequent hand washing with lotion afterwards because holding a breastfeeding infant doesn’t require glamorous nail extensions, it requires comforting hands that includes clean short nails.

Eyebrow Threading – The trend now is eyebrows-on -fleek! And I still consider myself a virgin when it comes to my eyebrows. My hair like I said, is naturally thin and fine which basically mean that my eyebrows are not so bushy, barely there as well – but scattered. I tried eyebrow threading thrice in the span of my almost 30 years of existence, once and my first time was before my wedding day, and the two were because it was offered in a beauty counter and a beauty event. The process left me teary, the pain in every hair strand pulled out makes me want to run off and hide in the dark forever! Sometimes, threading was not worth the pain. So now, I bought castor oil in the hopes of having a more bushier eyebrows and luscious lashes and hoping for the best.

Waxing Everything – One of the things we do to maintain beauty is to keep our mane where they compliment us and remove them on places that are not-so-flattering. Waxing every nooks and crannies for the sake of smooth, flawless skin. I asked a sister a long time ago, if she’s wearing a leg stocking. She shyly said that she wasn’t and that she’d just waxed her legs. I was awed! One of the things I learned online on how to cope up and bear with waxing is you have to take a shot of tequila first. That is right after I just had my wax on! I asked the hair technician if she can just take it easy on me and she said that it would hurt more if she will slowly peel it off. I just close my eyes, hold my breath and let her take the wheel. I’m not into the art of tweezing, and waxing is not my strong forte. Good thing there is now what we call the hair destroyer – the  Laser Hair Removal. There’s these Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons that offers a bunch of laser hair removal in an affordable price. Groupon offers more than the savings, it can also make the experience even better with great money-savings resources and good deals on products and services! Save money and enjoy pampering and beautifying yourself!

Diamond Peel – According to Google, diamond peel treatment is a mechanical exfoliation technique similar to microdermabrasion. This noninvasive, cosmetic procedure removes excess oil, dirt and dead cells on the surface of the skin to reveal the younger, brighter skin cells underneath. And can I add that it’s painful. The suction won’t hurt a soul but the pricking part of the procedure freaks me out every. single. time. For now, I try to regularly exfoliate my face, cleanse and remove makeup before bed time to at least lessen the pain of the process.

These are as of now, the farthest I’ve been in the name of beauty. We our responsible to our body and we should always aim to be the best version of ourselves, not to please others but ourselves. We owe it to ourselves, besides, we only have one shell, so why not make and be the best out of it.





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