#gerilenmbf: Coupons will Stretch your Money Long

Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are mine.


Stretching isn’t just for sore muscles, you can also stretch your financial quotient, and you better be. Whether you are born with a silver spoon or just want to make ends meet, it is always crucial to be wise when it comes to money, because you can be born in gold and eat diamonds for breakfast and die in the mud, naked, if you are not careful. Shivering, right?

Okay… That escalated quickly, but in a less morbid way, all I really wanted to say is that, if you are earning big, stretching your money means more opportunities to save for the future and invest on passive income, to again, keep your gold working for you. And for those who are at the end of that no-sweat sparkling spectrum, stretching your financial assets may mean having a complete 3-meals a day and covering your utility bills.


Just like the title of this blog post, I’ll be sharing to you tips on how to stretch you moolah using Groupon Coupons! Yes, shopping wisely can make you stretch your hard earned money or in other cases, you can flush it down the drain dramatically.

It may sound ironic at first, but you can actually stretch your money when you are shopping.

Shop online. – No need for fares or parking fees. No traffic jams and long queue. Everything is at your finger tips.

Shop on trusted stores. – Choose reliable online shops and websites like Groupon.com

Bebe.com (Clothes)

  • Save from Email Sign-Up
  • Dresses under $100

Use Coupon Codes. – Aside from selling electronics, home appliances and whatnots, Groupon.com also offers exclusive Groupon coupons from online stores like

Care.com ( Housekeeping, Child, Senior and Pet Care Online Community)

  • Exclusive 20% Off Membership Fee

Grab Freebies. – Grabbing freebies here and there won’t hurt your pocket at all, if your hesistating. In fact, it could make you decide on what or which to get because of that free samples and trials.

Care.com (Housekeeping, Child, Senior and Pet Care Online Community)

  • Free Search for Care in Your Area

and finally, if possible, like you know, if you don’t live on top of the mountain or let say a deserted island…

Look for Free Shipping. – Some Groupon coupon stores offers not only good  goods, but good goods on your door steps, too.

Bebe.com (Clothes)

  • Free Shipping for $100+
  • $7 flat rate for $100 or less Orders

With secured online websites like Groupon, you can stretch your money just by finding your favorite retailer coupons! Now, you can shop ’till you drop because you know you got good deals wearing just your PJs on your lounge because the storm’s brewing outside and you’ve been itching to get it.


Follow Groupon on SNS.

Website – https://www.groupon.com


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