OPPO F1S: A Day In The Life of A WAHM

Today is a Monday; and although we’re freelancing parents, which means we don’t need to get up extra early to beat the traffic, we did sleep extra late yesterday to watch over the nocturnal toddlers but that didn’t stop us from starting the first day of the week with a hustle.

hustle #gerifiedph.jpg


A Nursing Nurse.

Although breastfeeding may not be the best option to the parents, it is the best option for the baby. – Anonymous

Today, I am a nurse. Aside from nursing the second toddler, I nurse them both to health. They don’t have a fever or a flu, but our frequent out-of-town, job-related trips also took a toll on them, too – fatigue and weak lungs from lack of sleep. I fed them 10 times today if you include the almost every hour snacking. Although the Pedia gives a thumbs up on their health, we have to make sure that they have and maintain a strong immunity.

For breakfast, we make Dabibot take his Heraclene mixed in a bowl of rice with shredded fish submerged in a beef broth, while I encouraged JC to take the last piece of the green beans from the leftover Pancit Bihon the neighbor cooked for our JW Broadcasting last night.

I drank a 3-in-1 this morning because I didn’t have time to wait for the beans to brew- oh wait, the aluminum foil of the said coffee beans is empty, too. I list it down to our grocery list. I gulp the lukewarm fluid as I imagined myself like a shape-shifter halfblood. The challenge? I won’t be fighting monsters or solving crimes, I’m beating deadlines and doing housechores while keeping the toddlers alive.

Although cold, the effect of the coffee is still good. I’m now ready to be

A No-Sweat Plumber.

Today, I am a Plumber. The toilet bowl was clogged last night and that’s one of the things in our immediate things to do today and I’m happy to report that due to my husband’s rush, I successfully unclogged the throne without getting that nasty. Thanks, Google my friend.

How to Unclogged the Throne:
Wear rubber gloves—things can get messy—and follow these plunging tips:
  1. Make your first plunge a gentle one. Initially the bell is full of air. …
  2. Once you force out the air, plunge vigorously in and out, maintaining the seal. …
  3. Be patient. …
  4. Keep enough water in the bowl so the plunger stays covered.

I wash my hands with antibacterial soap like five times rubbing all the nooks and crannies emphasizing on the under nails that I felt that my hands are as rough as the sand paper they’re using in the garage to prepare Eg for a repaint. No, I didn’t pump the lotion after, I rub the alcohol in and yes, we name our transportation with delight.

An Enthusiast Cook.


The same ingredients I used.

I promise to cook my mom meals she would actually want to devour and not just taste, and so with a little big help from my Youtube subscriptions,


I managed to cook some Orange Chicken without getting crazy on the soy sauce this time (my first version is like Chicken Adobo, but forgivable to a famish stomach).


I tweak the coat a bit by adding honey to the eggs, replacing sugar with honey for the syrup and baking soda to the flour-cornstarch combo.


The deep fry process is the “coolest” part for me. I like how the coat solidify to crispy fry! Stay tuned as I will write a separate personalized recipe post for the sauce – or yeah, you could Youtube it, too.

An Optimistic Cheerleader.

Today, I’m a cheerleader. Okay, not really a leader, maybe a cheer dancer with the tutu-esque skirt and a pair of bright pink poms poms – at least in my head, I am. Just this very afternoon, I received a very bad news about one of my sideline gigs. The company refused to compensate our effort, but with positivism, I cheer everybody out, I even made someone say “hahaha” in our group chat. It’s still pending, but the “case” is in favor with us.

A Professional Engineer.

My instant coffee is lukewarm because I give way on accepting a rush job – a design job we received this morning should be delivered, signed and sealed within the day kind of rush, and we happily accepted the challenge.

We accept rush jobs because I like to think that we love challenges. I imagine myself tying a handkerchief in my head and gesturing the cahoots to bring it on. Seriously though, we can’t say no to our dear clients because we love them, and we really care about them which adds fun to the excitement.

A Detailed Narrator.


I used to do this every single night. Now, I am doing it every time I tuck them in to bed -day and night. Siesta time is after lunch time and also usually after business number 2 and bath time is done. Siesta time  means story time, and today, I narrate a courageous story of a man who sleep inside the belly bottom of a very-wide-mouthed whale. I believed that Jonas is a bit skinny because he didn’t choke the swimming mammal as he went down its belly.

A Dancing Dishwasher.

We successfully designed, printed and delivered the files to the client. To save time and do more, I was left at home with the”sleeping” boys, while the hubby drives off. Finally, I got the time to listen to my favorite Glendhill songs while scrubbing the plaques out of the china and pots like a good ole’ scullery maid that I am, Cinderella-ish with my apron on. And I got extra time to scrub the kitchen sink, and map the floor, too! I feel so accomplished today!


Oppo F1S Feature

Just like how myself hosts different characters in a day – cook, nurse, scullery maid, designer, narrator, and a plumber today (I’m also a doctor, a gardener, a driver and a singer in the shower sometimes), one of the features I like with Oppo F1S are the readily available Filters.

A host of plug-ins and filters gives endless opportunity for taking creative, share-able photos, and a new water-making feature allows users to imprint photos with time, date, temperature and more.

With Oppo F1S, I can project the characters I’m filling in with beautiful filters that fit the mood like Cafe in the morning for instance, or Soft when it’s Siesta time and Bright when I’m out laying foundation on the floor, taking selfie when no one’s looking, or when they pretend they aren’t looking. Ha.

I can’t also missed the fact that Oppo F1S has a 3GB RAM with 64-bit octa-core processor! Now, I can play my Youtube tutorial videos while waiting for my Candy Crush lives to fill, and for the writer’s block to clear away. What a smooth multitasking and seamless switch it would be between apps, movies, music and traffic!

As a work-at-home mom, I can say that each day is really unique juggling a house, 2 hyperactive toddlers and work deadlines. Given that we don’t have a regular schedule with our informal homeschooling, and a time-in and out of an office, we still find time to have fun and enjoy each of our unique days.

The highlights of today was the fact that I did make all of these things today while typing it down here on the blog, Dabibot ate his meals with less of a fuss, JC remained bruise-free from all of his whole day adventure and that we finished a deal and I, a personal blog post today. What’s more? The hubby made the bed twice! (That’s usually my task, so its a big deal for me because he did it, just the way I want it to be made.) And the kimchi’s already fermented! Yes, I helped make Kimchi yesterday! Hooray!

At times, it is really hard to meet both ends, but I still feel blessed to be able to provide for my family while looking out for them.

The hubby helped out JC on brushing his teeth and he’ll be tucking the both of them tonight. I will be publishing this post, relax my eyes for half an hour before finally taking a shower— I guess I’ll be a singer today afterall.


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