#GerifiedPH: Baby Company’s Grand Baby Fair 2017

Well, at least the toddler tried, but failed miserably. Pagod na daw siya, momshies. Lowbat na raw. I can do it on my own dahil BIG na daw ako. Seriously though, hindi ko alam if matutuwa ba ako o maiiyak but yeah, truth will set you free and for this instance, the toddler was freed.




Today, Friday, is the first day of the 3-day weekend Grand Baby Fair, January 27 until Sunday, January 29, 2017, 10 AM to 10 PM at at The Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall. For seven years, Baby Company open its door to the frugal-but-sosyal-smart mommies and daddies to score big steals, overflowing freebies and huge slash-from-the-tag discounts!

Today, Friday, is the last day of the weekday, most parents still have work in the office so I’m not expecting too much crowd, I’m actually thinking that it’s a good day to shop there without the extra chaos aside from my children wanting to ransack the place but lo and behold, my first reaction to Mommy Dette of Millennial Moms PH when she asked me “How was it?” was


Sabi ko nga sa Counter 19 around 5:45PM, “Kota na ba?” “Kotang kota na Ma’am.”

Ang sabi ko pa, “Good luck bukas!”

Grab the Key: Mom Card

First thing you need to look for when you reach the 5th floor of Megamall is the Departure Area. They stripped down the Megatrade Hall and turned it into an airport with world-class destinations. Yes, an airport! Believe me when I tell you that you will see pilots and stewards and an aircraft in that place.


Upon entering, you will be greeted by the stewardesses behind the Check In Counter. They asked me if I already have a Baby Company Mom Card (I had one before but it already was expired, and I’m happy to report that I did use my points) and assisted me to have a new one.

For Php100.00 you’ll get a Baby Company Mom Card.

Baby Company Mom Card Points-Earning and Redemption:

Upon purchase and receiving your Mom Card, you can start earning points. Points can be used to purchase any Baby Company item at SM Department Store and Baby Company Stores.

Redeem points upon card activation with a minimm 20 points balance.

(Php100 = 1point)

The best part, you can start using the Mom Card right away!



Start Your Engine

Prior to your visit, I suggest you eat heavy – more carbs. The only food stall in the area was a hotdog stand that you can only access after checking out the counter.

But I suggest you get easy with the drinks. The food is rare and so are the comfort rooms. Or else you’ll hold it in, wet your pants and run away. I have no idea where the rest rooms are, hindi ako nagtanong. (TIP na ‘yun.)

But then again, bring a bottle of water. Exhaustion will prevail and that potion will be your oasis in the desert. I suggest drinking the elixir of life in the desert land of Cetaphil para may feels.

Another tip, make the trip to the comfort room before you check in. #nobrainer

Choose Your Battle Gear

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Magcotton ka bes, ‘wag na irampa ang satin blouse you got abroad.

I know it’s a no brainer, but just in case the mommy brain hits you, avoid stiletto and wedges. Ke 1 inch high pa ‘yan, remember, flats are your friends but sneakers are your best friends.

The place is well ventilated but you’ll sweat a little or feel hot from the strolling and pushing a heavy cart while avoiding the crowd – persons with carts, toddlers in strollers, future toddlers in the belly, stalls, toddlers on the loose and last na, toddlers on the carrier.

Don’t forget to bring your patience when you get out of the door especially sa mga Daddies. Patience from walking (diba nga nagtayo sila ng Airport, hindi nila nakalimutan ang EDSA), comparing prices, discovering new brands, waiting for your turn to buy, waiting for your turn to pay and going back for the freebies. The latter part is a blessing or a curse depending on your navigational skills and the flow of the crowd.

TIP: Leave the kids if possible. Be there earlier in the day because mas jampacked ‘pag pa-hapon.

Enjoy the Ride!

I’m like riding the roller coaster kanina. Grabe ang adrenaline, you know the rush when you see something magical like 70% off, plus freebies pa, tapos your wallet will pat your back and say, “OK lang ako bes, katapusan naman na eh!” tapos sasabihin ng Mommy Brain mo “Oo nga naman, tsaka teka ‘diba kailangan ‘yan ni Dabibot… Buti na lang hindi mo pa nabilihan si Kulay-ot.”

Lesson Learned aka TIP: Make a list of what you really need to buy.

Another TIP: Bring extra cash, basagin na ang piggy bank ni bunso or just don’t forget your “plastic” card friend. Mine was lost in the land of pillows and bed sheets since na-open ang bag ko last night. Sorry na sa HSBC girl na kausap ko kanina. Handang handa na siyang iabot ang freebie ko, but I just told her “It’s not you. It’s me.” #TMI

More photos here.


I did may cardio and lifts this day walking around carrying heavy sulit deals! Plus, I took home the SWAG! What’s inside the loot bag?

Hurry this grand fair is until Sunday only!


If hindi mo reach ang Php5000.00, but you need to buy your bub something na nasa fair naman, gumora ka pa din. Below are the lists of “eggs” you can get when you visit the Grand Baby Fair.

EGG 1: Points from Mom Card. Be it diapers and wipes only, points are points bro. And Mom Card points are as good as cash.

EGG 2: Freebies from each stall you purchase from. (Once you reach the required amount, you’ll be eligible to get a token. Just show them your receipt)

EGG 3: Games. Losing means at least you had fun. Winning means more freebies!

EGG 4: Trials. There are a lot of new brands giving away sample products.

EGG 6: Experience. You can’t cross the same river twice. Whether it’s your first time or not, the juicy talks, creative trivia and lessons from celebrity moms, dads and experts are gold.

This event is for all the preggies, parents, babies, kids and overrated but love na love na #titasofmanila!

I just wish next year perhaps, may map na sila ng mga booths para sa mga walang sense of direction like me tapos naging nanay pa. #mommybrain

Magkaroon din sana ng stalls ng milk, wala akong nakitang milk stalls.

And benches for the pregnant with humans, pregnant with beard (Seniors) and disabled, operadas, and breastfeeding mommas.


#PhotooftheDay: Amidst all of the chaos, my little prince finds serenity in #breastfeeding#normalizebreastfeeding  #breastfeedinginpublic #JamielElizabethph

Overall, masaya, maraming mascots, themed ‘yung ibang booths. Belo Baby pak na pak, Cetaphil ladies game na game magpose and Goon diapers are worth the hype! Review soon! Tulog muna ako mga momshies!


Visit Baby Company’s Grand Baby Fair at 5th floor Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall until Sunday!

Like them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/babycompanyph/


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