#gerilenmbf: Holy Carabao’s Holistic Farm


a six-inch scar across my back… and now that I have two sons to take care of, this scar will be a reminder to not just be thankful for my second chance in life but to always pursue a more optimistic perspective, to appreciate and give back and to look out for healthier choices including quality of friends, work, time and for this particular post, quality food. Sharing to y’all my impromptu poem I made for @holycarabaofarm just today.

In this fast paced lifestyle, my life was a blur

of puyat and stress and a series of burr…

Slave of gluten and food – processed, instant and fast,

a promise of real extracts, and the infamous saturated fats.

That’s why, Oh my cow! Ako ay napahiyaw!

Farm to Family, Holistic Food in Holy Carabao!

You see my heart’s broken, physically

Survived a surgery through a pump of chemical steroids periodically.

Local Organic farm? Growing food from the heart?

It tickles my ears,believing I could restart.

No fungicides and no synthetic pesticides sa soil.

Only means delicious and nutritious food without the spoil.

Parti pris, I’m  a self-proclaimed environmentalist,

I think we are meant to be, you promote to segregate waste!

I’ve been thrown to the abyss, but now I’m in bliss.

I think I found forever in your hearty Holy Carabao dish!


Holy Carabao’s Clean Eats Harvest Box (Php1,500.00)

Stay tuned for more!

For the meantime check out Holy Carabao here:

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/holycarabao

Shop online at https://shop.holycarabao.com/

Book an Educational Farm Tour in Sta. Rosa Laguna! For inquiries or to reserve a slot, please contact Bernie at bernie@holycarabao.com.



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