Minola Premium Coconut Oil: The Truth Shall Make You Healthy Information Forum

Last February 28, Minola Premium Cooking Oil held Coconut Oil Information Forum with Keynote Speaker Dr. Fabian M. Dayrit, a professor chemist of Ateneo de Manila University, Acting-President of National Academy of Science and Technology and Chair person of Science Advisory Committee for Health, Asian and Pacific Coconut Community. The blogger’s session at The Oracle Hotel and Residences in Katipunan, Quezon City.


The event started with an opening prayer by Ms. Rose Rivera.  Ms. Ruby Rodriguez welcomed delegates and briefly introduced  Minola Cooking Oil and introduce the Guest Speaker before giving the floor to Dr. Dayrit.

Dr. Dayrit talked about the Coconut Oil. Here’s an excerpt of his


Coconut Oil: The Truth Shall Make You Healthy

The coconut tree (Cocos nucifera) belongs to the Palm family (Arecaceae) and is the only member of the genus Cocos.

Through the process of a natural selection over a period of perhaps 80 million years, the coconut developed a great capacity to disperse across vast expanses of ocean. The nut has the capability to survive up to 120 days floating on sea water and germinate with no special treatment when it makes landfall. The nut has no dormancy, enabling its rapid spread into new habitats.


Yours truly with my sister-mommy blogger, Elizabeth of Girly Mom Raising Boys. (Photo Courtesy of Minola Cooking Oil Official Facebook Page)

“The cocoa-palm offers the greatest means of sustenance to the natives, for they obtain from it wine, fruit, oil and vinegar”. Captain Artieda (around 1564)

DNA analysis suggests independent origins of the coconut in Southeast Asia and South India.

The coconut is one of the most robust and useful members of the plant kingdom. It can be found on practically all tropical and sub-tropical coastlines worldwide on a variety of soils. The coconut is a major part of the diet in over 90 countries.

“In all these islands are great numbers of cocoa-palms…. The cocoanuts furnish a nutritious food when rice is scarce.” – Miguel de Loarca

In 1898, copra and coconut oil were exported to Europe as raw material ingredient of soap and margarine. Copra export comprised 5% of the total commodity export of the Philippines. The US market dominated the coconut industry during the US period. By 1926, more than 90% of US demand for desiccated coconut was supplied by the Philippines.

In 1930s, the US imposedtaxes of US$0.05 per pound on all coconut products imported to the US. The excise tax collected was returned to the Philippines on condition that it will not be used for the coconut industry.  After WWII, coconut exports to the US declined due to the lobbies of the US industry.

“A remarkable and exceedingly useful tree… is a tree called commonly the cocia-palm….” – Pedro de Alfaro, 1579
After the brief history, Dr. Dayrit unraveled the truth about saturated fat and its link to Heart Disease. Questions are entertained along the discussion and the audience were very interacting.
“Death rates were related positively to average percentage of dietary energy from saturated fatty acids” – this study only covered saturated oil from the animal fats which is considered as long-chain fatty acids.
Ms. Rudy Rodriguez
Humans have natural saturated fats, and that includes lauric acid, a medium-chain of saturated fat that can also be found in breast milk.
Frying with unsaturated oils produces free radicals and trans-fat making them carcinogenic and could cause inflammation. Olive oils are for salad, not for frying.
Does Cholesterol cause Heart Disease?
  • The brain contains about 20% of the body’s cholesterol.
  • The liver makes about 0.6 to 1g of cholesterol a day. This accounts for about 70% of daily cholesterol.
  • Cholesterol is converted to bile acids needed for digestion and is excreted in feces as homeostasis.
  • Cholesterol is converted into Vitamin D with sunlight. Vitamin D is essential for health.
  • Cholesterol is converted into male and female sex hormones.
  • Cholesterol is an essential component of cell membranes.
After the talk, Mr. Anter Libanan and Ms. Ruth Concepcion facilitated the games and raffles.
Closing remarks was delivered by Atty. Jun Nario.
The event ended with the Awarding of Certificate of Recognition to Dr. Dayrit by SPMC Mancom.
I’ll end this post with my two #HealhtierAngRelationships short stories in a prose.
He’s A Freak
Stop the belly turmoil of the beast;
Turn that gargoyle into a prince.Let him taste the fried juicy flips,
Serve only the hearty fish&chips dish.Stop his arteriola from the spoil,
Cook only with #MinolaPremiumCookingOil.

His heart would be placid,
Thanks to Minola’s Lauric Acid!

He’ll surely take you to see the eclipse,
In his manly flashy spaceship!

Dili Siya Dilis
Sawang sawa ka na ba sa hilatsya ng mukha niya?
Huwag ganern mga besh! Ikaw ang mahal, Diba?Turn that ugly gargoyle into a prince once more.
Enjoy healthy cooking like it is not a chore.Use only #MinolaPremiumCookingOil
Made with Lauric Acid,
A mid chain saturated fat found in breast milk.

Bago mo I-serve, go and slay that Hugot:

Dilis ka ba?
Kasi dili ka maalis sa isip ko, kainis!

Eto naman panangga ni pangga:

Hindi. Sugpo ako dahil nguso’y humahaba,
Sa twing naaamoy ang luto mo sa hapag!

Magsaing ka ng marami, dahil sa pagod kong heavy
Mapapaextra rice ako, but please don’t judge me!

And they eat happily ever after!


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