#gerilenmbf: SPAM CAN’s #ALL4SPAM

Aside from the irrelevant lottery winnings (that I wished I could believe), explicitly inappropriate proposals (that sadly didn’t help in upraising my self-esteem), and inherited riches to-be-claimed (that I wish I could legally declare) messages I consistently receive on my spam folder, when I hear the word SPAM, I spontaneously remember the shiny aluminum cans we get from huge, heavy, full-of-stamps, amoy-imported balikbayan boxes from relatives abroad and grandparents in Hawaii! And I will no longer wonder why because

Did You Know?

1 Hawaii eats seven million cans of SPAM products every year! (to think that it was small islets of land grouped together)

2 Hawaii’s largest festival every year is SPAM JAM! (and I thought pineapple was the rave in that island!)

3 I finally realized, Hawaii with it’s SPAM madness, is the perfect #SPAMSquadGoals!

My stomach involuntarily growls, and my mouth reflexively salivates as I vividly recall the sweet whiff of delicious ellipsoidal pink meat fried to a crisp – just the way I like it.


This delicious American icon and global brand launched in 1937 as “The Meat of Many Uses!” and the world quickly ate it up. It was the arrival of WWII, and the need for easily transported & protein that did not need refrigeration, that fueled the SPAM® brand’s incredible growth around the world. Today, with over a dozen varieties sold in more than 40 countries, this 80 year old brand continues to ignite invention all over the world.

SPAM CAN! logo


The first ever activation event of SPAM® CAN in the Philippines was held last March 20 at the Glorietta Activity Center. It was led by Senior Brand Manager of SPAM® Brand, Hormel Foods International Division of Hormel Foods Corporation, Ms. Jaynee Sherman comfortably saniched (sandwiched) in between these SPAM.


Read more to answer your confusions, because I know you are. I’ve been there, too. And I asure you, you are not alone. *patting your back and smiling timidly

Media, bloggers and the public experienced SPAM® with different local twists.


There are 14 varieties of SPAM products sold in the Philippines. Classic, Lite, Less Sodium, Bacon, Oven Roasted Turkey, Hickory Smoke, Hot & Spicy, Jalapeño, Teriyaki, Black Pepper, Chorizo, Tocino, Garlic and With Cheese.

SPAM® Products can be found in leading supermarkets nationwide.

Next time you open a SPAM® Brand Can!, try something out of the box. Check out their website and try all the recipes here: http://www.spam-ph.com/

Did You Know? There is an entire Museum dedicated to the SPAM Brand in Austin, and  it is the top tourist priority when you visit Minnesota. (Just a reminder, you cannot eat the exhibits!)

What makes SPAM® Brand popular around the world?

The iconic taste and the premium quality is what makes the SPAM® brand so popular around the world. No matter what country you buy it in, you can be confident that it’s made with premium quality ingredients and has the iconic taste that has been known and loved for generations.

spam #gerifiedph

With the real ingredients finally revealed, aside from the iconic taste, I can now happily confess that the SPAM’s ellipsoidal shape that goes round and round always gets me; it reminds me of the elusive infinity we love to call “forever”. Ha. Got yah!

More about the SPAM® CAN campaign here.


The SPAM CAN event opened at 10AM with sampling booths for spam-ed local dishes, SPAM® Brand on-stage games and activity booths like SPAM CAN-aoke, SPAM® games, SPAM® surprises plus an exclusive cooking demo by Chef Sharwin Tee.

Everyone was excited as we, admittedly or not, are all just SPAM’s savvy fans! And the house is about to get down! SPAM Can revealed a shriek-inducing surprise because alongside spamazing dishes was the unveiling of the new SPAM® CAN! TV commercial, ALL4SPAM™ that you can now be seen gracing the online screens these weeks.

SPAM® can surprise your taste buds during breakfast, lunch and dinner. SPAM® can be served at tiny and upscale restaurants. SPAM® can inspire creativity; at meal time or anytime. SPAM® can even launch a boyband! Say what?

In 2014, Hormel Foods Corporation launched the “SPAM CAN!” campaign in the United States — an enthusiastic, simple campaign tagline to dramatize all that SPAM truly can do, from recipes to activities, partnerships to products. Every facet of brand communication, including website, social, advertising and video is expressed with the “SPAM CAN!” visual and verbal lock-up above and that includes a boyband!

Yes, SPAM launched a boyband because SPAM® CAN!

This year it’s “No other luncheon meat can do what SPAM® can do.” SPAM® wants to inspire everyone to come up with new ways to enjoy SPAM® in local recipes, and demonstrate how one can do real cooking with SPAM® products.

To also reinforce the campaign, SPAM® is launched its own boy band ALL4SPAM®.

Who is ALL4SPAM® Boyband?

All4SPAM®is 4-member group composed of: Pepper, Supreezy, Ace and Mad Mic. Pepper sings lead and is the boy-next-door that mothers’ dreams are made of. Supreezy exudes that bad boy vibe with his urban style and smooth dance moves that’ll make everyone swoon. Ace is the token irresistible heartbreaker, and Mad Mic is the zany one full of surprises.


And I thought SPAM was now over the top, until they teamed up with Children’s Hour!


Why is the SPAM® Brand teaming up with Children’s Hour?

For decades the SPAM® Brand has helped those in time of need. It is important that the SPAM® Brand continues to support areas that fight hunger, promote healthy eating and childhood development. Children’s Hour is a great fit and the SPAM® Brand is excited to be providing money to support this great cause.

Make Your Own Sandwich: Make a Hero Spamwich

The event also held a charity event with a donation of Php100.00, Spam fans customized and made their own SPAM sandwich at the Make a Hero Spamwich booth where they got a little creative in choosing ingredients and condiments available in the table.

The highlight? The total amount of donation received after the event was doubled by SPAM and donated to Children’s Hour.



Aside from the irrelevant lottery winnings, explicitly inappropriate proposals, inherited riches to-be-claimed messages I consistently receive on my spam folder, when I hear the word SPAM, I will now remember four boys abbreviating the word while eating their favorite SPAM dishes – Supreezy the bad boy obssessed with SPAM® Hot & Spicy, Pepper the boy next door in love with SPAM® Classic, Ace the lover boy cheesy like SPAM® Cheese and Mad Mic the goofball who just can’t get enough of SPAM® Bacon.

I’ll end this post with my very own spam hashtag, my #SPAMBaby because #SPAMCAN!



Visit Spam Website: http://www.spam-ph.com/

Official Spam Philippines: https://www.facebook.com/spamcanph/


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