Girlactik Beauty now in the Philippines!

A Hollywood’s IT brand finally reach the Philippine’ shore – Girlactik Beauty!


Hearing the brand name, I was actually curious if it comes in a spaceship-like packaging while thinking of an architect’s concept of crumpled papers… but what unraveled before our eyes was as ornately timeless and incandescent like that of a chandelier’s refracted illumination of pendant light.


Star Shadow (2.5g) – Slick, Pigmented, Can be applied dry or wet, Consistent, Matte Pigmented, Big Pan, Mirrored. These shadows are easy to use. Soft to the touch, blends well and glides on. Feels like cream but not powdery and can be used as top coat color.


Girlactik Beauty has been a savvy cosmetic brand that delivers both innovative and luxurious products for women of all ages! It was actually founded by a Los Angeles native, Ms. Galit Strugano in the late 2000.


Skin Tint Moisturizer (40ml) – gives moderate coverage, blendable, has anti-aging properties and moisturizing to the skin.

Star Blush (3.4g) – Silky. Versatile. Glows. Glides on well and can be used as shadow.

Working as a Hollywood makeup artist, she noticed that few if none were given attention to the makeup used on the red carpet, only the dresses and shoes, not to mention, she found herself frustrated by the mess that glitter makeup always make while applying it to her many celebrity clients. Determined to find a solution, she herself become innovative and decided to create and develop her own sparkle formula that’ll work for her and for her clients.


Galit’s simple concept: Sparkle makeup that actually stayed put.

She conceptualized a glitter crazed revolution in the makeup industry. I guessed it was named Girlactik to offer admiration to the glittering stars and the shiny galaxies where she got her idea.

More photos of the event here.

These metallic eyeliner babies will make him stare all day.. or let you cry your heart out with stars in your eyes.. whatever float your boat, baby.


SwanBeautyCentral‘s Girlactik Beauty Eye Glaze swatches  (left to right) in Glamour, Sexy, Fierce, Shine, Lilac, Chic and Night!

Girlactik Beauty has been around in Hollywood for a fairly long time. The line has attracted a huge celebrity following including Eva Longoria, Britney Spears, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Cindy Crawford, Paris Hilton, Marcia Cross and many more.

Girlactik has tapped the market as an elegant shimmering/matte brand that reaches all ages and what Galit calls “luxurious affordable beauty!”

But in 2008, Ms. Dursula Ito discovered this elegant shimmering and matte brand of connections that can be used by all ages but’ll still keep up with not only to the socialites but can also empower driven and dynamic life of every women. Girlactik Beauty was finally brought to the Philippines through Swan Dance International Trading Corporation’s Ms. Ito’s sophisticated collaboration and good partnership with the Girlactik Beauty founder, Ms. Galit Strugano.

17436056_10211516931506235_5709645751333587725_o.jpgMs. Patricia Javier signed a contract as the Girlactik Beauty Philippine Brand Celebrity Ambassador together with Girlactik Beauty Philippines President, Ms. Dursula Ito.

Over time, the brand has blossomed to become a true affordable luxury cosmetic with a customer demographic ranging from women in their early 20’s up to their 50’s. The line now includes pigmented eye shadows, blushes, glosses, shimmer dusts, waterproof cream creaseless shadows, tinted Moisturizers, matte bronzers, mascaras and more.


Girlactik Philippines gathered up beauty bloggers of the metro at their physical store to launch the brand over sweet refreshment, an on-the-spot discounts, makeup transformation and trial of products.

Girlactik Beauty sets bar to another level as it creates beauty through products that’ll work together to complement any skin tone of any ages. It creates innovative products that’ll give vibrant colors and texture while making sure that your skin is well taken care of – anti aging, hydrating, moisturizing, has anti-oxidants, and Vitamin E!

17799308_1357078451002078_3105598443259212451_n.jpgOn-the-Spot Makeup Transformation

Girlactik Beauty promises high performance make-up wrapped in attractive packages. Feminine, with a soft pink chandelier pattern decorated on shimmering pewter boxes. The componentry is a pewter metallic that is both elegant and rich. Galit explains, “I wanted a woman who was sitting at Barney’s for lunch to feel comfortable touching up her lips with a luxury gloss vial and I did just that. I love crystal chandeliers and that is where the inspiration of the packaging came from.”

17434831_967220036748103_72414719376084198_o.jpgMs. Patricia Javier with the beauty bloggers. (Photo grabbed from Girlactik Philippines Facebook Page)

What Ms. Javier has to say for Girlactik…

Of course, I’ll end this post with what Ms. Patricia has to say for yours truly!



Check out Girlactik Beauty Philippines:

Physical Store: Unit 04 Lower Ground, Swire Elan Suites, #49 Annapolis st., Greenhills, San Juan City

Official Website:

Official Facebook Page:

Email Contacts: and

Phone Contacts: 02-9457045/ 0932-8212512/ 0932-8212513

Official Hashtags: #girlactikph #beautyshopperph


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