#gerilenmbf: Of being a Photographer of Thought

“Writing is being able to take something whole and fiercely alive that exists inside you in some unknowable combination of thought, feeling, physicality, and spirit, and to then store it like a genie in tense, tiny black symbols on a calm white page.” – Mary Gaitskill


Aside from the smell of books, I find peace and nostalgia in re-reading my own thoughts. It’s in no way near being narcissistic, I like to think about it as a way of reliving precious mementos.

gerilen planner

Amidst the advancing technology offering electronic gadgets, organizing apps and online planners, still, nothing beats writing down everything with all the different strokes and curves…


I like writing and learning, for in these two, there is no end, and it is always fun, exciting and thrilling to the soul.


Self-studying Hangul.

In my field of digits (engineering) and dusts (construction), writing is my way of releasing mind toxins and built-up stress from the exact science and technical nature of my job.

Stroking a stenographic curve to form my thoughts – in a watercolor canvass no less, is indeed soothing and therapeutic.


“My happy place.”


I write better than I talk.

I can only say an awkward Hi or a nod perhaps, but I most certainly can paint the rain in different forms and shades – drizzling, pitter-pattering, thunderous, hypnotic.

And in my journey of writing, I stumble upon a printing service that does it all.

CTG Printz Enterprise: Your Partner in Events, Advertising, Marketing and Promotional Items


CTG Printz Enterprise is all about printing. They provide full service, from concept design to final output, printing.

Inclusive but not limited to prints on Cloth, PAPER, PVC/PLASTIC like Bags – Messenger, Business/Name Cards, Acrylic Covers on Notebook, Bags – Convention/Envelope Calendar, Acrylic Display, Bags – Non woven / EcoBags, Catalogue/Directory, Baller, Caps Fan, Ballpen, Face Towel, Flyers/Brochure, Buntings, Folding/Twist Fan, Folder, CD Direct Print, ID Cord/Lanyard, Giftwrappers , ID – PVC, Greeting Cards, MousePad, Jersey Uniforms, Hangtags Mugs, Katsa/Canvass Bags, ID, PVC Keychain, MousePad Invitation, ShirtTags (Satin/Taffeta), Polycanvass Bags, Keychain (paper Insert), Stressball
T-Shirt, Letterhead, Tarpaulin, Umbrella, Memo Pad/Sticky Notes, USB Card, Gallery Wrap, Menu USB Stick, Notebook / Notepad, Xintra Board/Standees, Paper Bag/Wine Bag, Paper Cups/Tray,Placemat, Posters/Postcards, SouvenirProgram, Sticker – Barcode/Labels, Tickets, Tumbler (paper Insert) and photobook.


What writing is for me?

Writing reminds me that I am alive. Writing is a gift and a privilege, that it will never be a right, but a privilege to claim. So even if my hands turn frail and my letters crooked. I will write and write and write some more.

Writing gives a sense of freedom and notebooks for me are like door passages to different dimensions, vessels revealing secrets and treasures of the soul.

Writing also transforms tenuous matters – such as our thoughts and emotions – into something more concrete and substantial like words forming poems, or a story perhaps, short or a novel.

Writing can make a blurred memory into a vibrant today and it can also be like riding a time machine, a set of blueprints of hope and endless prediction for the future.

CTG Printz Enterprise Notebooks and Planners:


Notebooks are like folds of clean white sheet faithfully waiting on becoming a masterpiece,17361679_1813207795599080_5019505785004592757_n.jpg

and planners, planners are for organizing chaos while anticipating the morrow.17308999_1813207835599076_8191918571199013470_n.jpg

Aside from having different sizes and colorful selection – timid and vibrant, that could cater vast demand and different personalities of the writers, CTG Printz notebooks and planners are sturdy.

Now, you won’t have to worry about anything else than what kind of pen and color will your thoughts be like.


CTG Printz Enterprise:



Official Website: www.ctgprintz.com
Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CTGPrintzEnterprise
Email Address: ctgprintz@gmail.com
Telephone Number: 208.7398
Mobile Number: 0925.8284284



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