#gerilenmbf: Of Postiche and Tresses

Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are mine.


You know someone is glowing even when they’re not wearing makeup, or is not even turning their head on you, when their crowning glory is well maintained and healthy-looking… After-all, the scientific study of the human mind when it comes on how the hair actually affects our functions and behaviors are simplified and summed up in a modern cliche we like to call “A Good Hair Day”!

So the million dollar question is, are you having “a good hair day”?

Mom or not, I see this question as an eyebrow raiser. I personally like to mock and call it a silly term elusive – like the visit of the blue moon or a crumpled stash of paper bills lying on the ground that only I can see – but secretly wishing at the same time that I could honestly answer this on a positive way every time someone dared to ask.

But I have to confess, in all honesty — superficial or not — that I do know the familiarity of what and how it would feel like having a good day because of my gorgeous hair.

That being said, it is important for ladies, even for gentlemen to always keep our hair on its best youthful look, but we all know it takes effort, money and time.

And sometimes we don’t have the luxury of time, money and effort to spare – with our busy schedules in a fast-paced lifestyle, the first thing moms usually forget and neglect is our natural veil – the hair. Good thing there’s an online beauty company that offers wigs and hair care products of different hair needs for a wide range of clients- from professional stylists, to mothers, to students and to everyone worldwide, the Blackhairspray.com.

One of the things they carry are the lace front wigs, and they have all the latest lace front wig styles in the market, just like this:

Sensationnel Live Brazilian Keratin Remi 100% Human Hair Lace Wig – Yaki 20″

lace wig gerifiedph.jpg

If I didn’t tell, you won’t even know that the model is wearing a wig, a Brazilian Keratin Remi wig to be exact. What’s good about this, aside from the fact that it’s natural looking, is that it’s 100% human hair with comfortable mesh cap. Designed with contours to fit various head shapes and sizes, non-bulky, and lightweight. Blackhairspray’s wigs are also available in synthetic hair.

Aside from having vast variety ranging from short to long different full and ombre colored hair, and straight and curly styles, blackhairspray wigs are of high quality with natural curved parts and hand-tied laces.

BlackHairspray’s wide selection of lace front wigs makes looking beautiful as easy as ever.

Most of us accept that looks matter and we should understand that our physical appearance, whether we like it or not, impacts our personal and social interactions with others. We are also aware of “First Impression Lasts” so if how we feel inside can catapult to the way we take care of our-self today and in the future- how we look, how we act and how we interact, then only means that our hair has a big role in one’s beauty  self-esteem. Besides, self confidence, just like common sense and good humor can separate an appealing appearance among others, plus, it leads to good health and good hygiene greatly impacts and elevates our quality of living.

Yes, we must and we can make everyday a Good Hair Day! But remember, when all is said and done, at the end of the day, what we are inside is what matters most.


Visit http://www.blackhairspray.com/lace-front-wigs.html for more details.


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