Absolute share tips on how to prepare for a fuzz-free kiddie party

Planning for a kiddie party need not to be too much of a stress, especially having the end goal of making it fun, memorable, and simply giving your kid a knack of a good time.

The first thing to remember is that any kind of party-planning requires work, but good planning with a timeline tracker makes it a whole lot easier to handle. Here’s a basic checklist of what to prepare and expect from three months down to three days before the main event.

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Two to three months before the party

  • Start discussing with your child the kind of party he or she wants to have

Involving your kid in identifying the theme will help narrow down the list of ideas in your head. Plus, it allows creativity and decision-making to start earlier on in their lives.

  • Set a budget

This is the most important part in any party-planning. Managing the party theme, the number of guests, and the activities will depend once your budget is set, and work your best to stick to.

  • Identify the time and date, and the invitees list

It’s important to get on a date that your guests will be free to attend – will it be after school? On a weekend? Or during a holiday? You can ask around and secure the schedule at least two to three months prior. Also try to work on a time schedule that is not in conflict with your kid’s afternoon nap pattern.


Four weeks before the party

  • Prepare the entertainment and activities

Once you’ve identified the kind of entertainment and activities you want to have, start booking them already. Get tips and referals from people who used the entertainers recently – so you are secure that they deliver and perform and there won’t be last-minute surprises.

  • Start sending the party invite

Creativity and coordination are two crucial aspects in any party invitation. Make sure complete details are indicated from the date, time, venue, and if the parents are welcome to attend. It’s important you put the RSVP note, so your guests know you are expecting a confirmations before the party.

  • Prepare the program

A party program allows you to track if the event is going as planned. This also gives your guests the idea on what to expect during the party. A two-hour event is a good start for a kiddie party – it gives enough time for your guests and yourself to enjoy the event.


Two weeks before the party

  • Plan the party menu

It’s time to get your grocery list ready. Bear in mind that you are preparing meals for two guests – the kids and the parents. For the kids, make sure it’s something easy to eat and prepare; go for finger food like hotdogs, pizza, or smores; and don’t forget to order that cake.

It is important to always have a clean and safe drinking water available. As much as sweetened drinks are best prefered by kids, keep in mind that they need to be hydrated during the party. More so, we balance as well their intake of sugar.

  • Prepare the masterlist

The party masterlist is comprised of the following: (1) the supplies you need on the event; (2) the people who can help you out with clear specific roles; and (3) list of people who have confirmed – continue to keep track with follow ups as the date nears.


Three to five days before the party

  • Clean the house

Make sure you’re come prepared with a clean house. Plot the areas where the decorations will be placed so you can rearrange some furnitures if needed.

  • RSVP follow up

Do the final guest confirmations, just to make sure you are aligned with the correct number of party guests you are expecting.

  • Prepare the cameras and the loot bags

Make sure all cameras are working properly – charge it and double check if the memory is enough to hold all the memories to last a lifetime. Avoid last-minute packing of the goody bags – prepare them early especially if you have more than 20 guests to accommodate.

On the day of the party, relax and do not stress it out. Focus on the most important thing – your kid having the most wonderful time of his / her life yet. Trust that you are ready for the big event, and that your friends and family are there to support you. So enjoy the event and make sure you give all the love and attention to your birthday celebrant.


Absolute Distilled Drinking Water comes in Disney Character Packaging

Absolute Distilled Drinking Water now comes in kiddie bottles with everyone’s beloved Disney characters on them. Parents can now give their kiddie parties a healthy twist by serving Absolute Disney bottled water; ensuring kids are kept hydrated throughout the whole celebration.

The collaboration with Disney is part of Absolute’s campaign to promote the habit of drinking water among children. It is an effort to change the way children see drinking water; that water can be part of the fun. More so, it teaches kids and parents on the importance of drinking water for proper hydration.

Although kids’ parties are meant to be an all-out celebration, parents should still instill the importance of  healthy eating and drinking to their children. Letting them have their go at their favorite treats should not compromise their daily water consumption requirement – with the simplest way of making safe and clean drinking water available at such events.

Let Absolute change the way you throw kids parties and inspire other parents to do so as well, with the Absolute and Disney kiddie drinking water bottles.


About Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water

Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water is certified and approved by the Bureau of Food and Drugs for meeting the country’s highest and strictest bottled drinking water standards. It is a member of the International Bottled Water Association, and it is the water brand in the country to receive a National Sanitation Foundation International certification (an independent, global certifying body for food and beverage safety standards).

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/AbsoluteDistilledWater.


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