#GerifiedPH: Disney Absolute-ly!

Did you know? Blood is thicker than water, but blood is 79% water!

Imagine yourself slowly releasing your breath, reaching for a hand… preparing yourselves to dance. The music started, you waltzed your way  in the tune of “Once Upon a Dream”.

I know you,
I walked with you once upon a dream
I know you,
The gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam
Yet I know its true
That visions are seldom all they seem
But if i know you
I know what you’ll do
You’ll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream…
Once upon a time, in a land faraway, a maiden with hair as black as ebony, lips as red as the rose and skin as white as snow walk into the spring, carrying an empty pot, followed by chirping birds, squeaking squirrels and galloping deers.

She scoop water up her hand and jug down the cold liquid, quenching her thirst from the summer heat before filling up her vessel to return back to the gnomes. Refreshed and invigorated, she carry her pail full of water back home.

And they lived healthily ever after.


Well, we do not do that anymore, not everyday, not in most places. When it’s hot and humid, or simply when we feel thirsty, what do we look for? We don’t usually fetch for water.

Unfortunately, water is the last of our choices because we reach and subconsciously choose cold soda or sugary crushed ice – and bottomless, at that. This behavior is adopted easily by no other than our kids and toddlers!

No kidding! The rate of soda consumption among kids continues to increase resulting to premature obesity. A child’s body constantly needs a supply of water to ensure that the body is able to carry out all of the functions to allow learning, growth and ability for various physical activities.

Did you know? Water is a nutrient for every cell in the body.

When our kids do not drink enough water, they may experience mild dehydration which in return can cause them to feel fatigued, easily irritated and hence will left them without any energy. How to know if your kids are dehydrated? Symptoms include dry lips and lack of urine.

18718328_1744382088908477_217738397_nTap here and see why parents should encourage kids to drink more water.


Bento By Kat


#AbsoluteDisney event was held last May 24 at the Happy Garden Cafe in Makati. The event started with a scrumptious buffet followed by a Bento Workshop hosted by Ms. Kat and Ms. Trisha of Bento by Kat.

Did you know? Small sips of water throughout the day is the smartest way to keep well hydrated. Keeping the bottle near will mentally remind you to reach for it.

Bento means lunch box in Japanese and it is proven be to a smart-creative way to incorporate and sneak in healthy vegetables and fruits in kids diet, especially picky eaters.

Ms. Kat discussed the techniques to keep the Bento interesting, fun and always fresh! Bento lunch box must have a balance of go, glow and grow food. It should be placed neatly and tightly secured.

Did you know? Water is keeping us alive, it can pull blood up narrow vessels in the body, often against the force of gravity. #AbsolutelyAmazing

We should also use leftovers from our carvings and stampings, and finally, we should opt for natural food colorings, like turmeric for yellow and spirulina for green. To keep the ideas coming, we could also create a Bento Diaries that can also serve as our guide.

18582069_1411639268879329_7024825389379375256_n.jpgMy Bento box kit includes a mini scissor, twisters, a spaghetti stick, spatula and some cutters, punchers, a plastic wrapper and a chopping board.



My Bento Mickey Mouse – not bad for a first-timer. 😛

Brought this home with one of Mickey’s ears out of place (because I dropped by on a construction site to inspect first – in my dress and heels – before heading back home), but Clyde still loved, enjoyed and ate everything – even the small trees and sweet-not-spicy peppers.

The Heart of the Filipino

What’s more? Aside from the overflowing buffet and impromptu workshop, friends from Philippine Airlines held the Best Bento Box Contest and a random raffle prize winners!


Best Bento Box winner of PAL Flight Manila-Cebu-Manila for 3pax


Raffle Winner of PAL Flight Clark-Caticlan-Clark for 3 pax.

Congratulations Mommies!

More about PAL’s Latest Clark Operation and latest promotions here.

Healthily Ever After

Aside from inspiring imagination and encouraging children to dream, Disney is committed in educating the youth to adopt a healthy lifestyle. One of its healthy commitment focuses on keeping kids hydrated. Absolute Distilled Drinking Water, in collaboration with The Walt Disney Company Philippines, promotes a “healthily ever after” for kids in their latest hydration campaign and launch of their newest Absolute Disney 250ml SKU.

Did you know? 85% of the brain is water!

18788271_1748166668530019_1698025015_nDecorating the bottles with their favorite Disney characters is an innovative approach, an effort to change children’s perspective on drinking water for proper hydration.

Miniaturizing the bottles to 250 ml makes it more appealing even to tiny little toddlers with tiny little arms, like Dave.

It sure is a fun way to build excitement for kids to adopt healthy drinking habit by choosing water over sugary drinks.


Touch to see Disney magic.

18699823_1411640818879174_5627223256860592837_n (2).jpg

For only Php9.00 SRP per bottle, treat your kids to something pure and wonderful! Surprise them with these cool #AbsoluteDisney 250ml kiddie bottles and start them young in making drinking water a habit.



Collect all six (6) bottle designs now –  Cars’ Lighting McQueen, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Aurora of Beauty and the Beast, father and son tandem Marlin and Nemo, Belle of Sleeping Beauty & Snow White and Frozen sisters, Anna & Elsa!


Saving Earth

One of the lessons I learned from Finding Nemo is that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone…

With that being said, sustaining a comfortable and healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to ironically destroy our planet. Aside from teaching kids good drinking water habit with Absolute Disney bottles. You could also help them save Mother Earth with these fun DIY activities!


1 Financial savvy Mickey – cut a small portion of the bottle to make a slit enough for coins to get through.

2 Elsa’s Glitter Bottle – Mix the glitter glue and hot water with the whisk in a container. Then stir in some extra glitter. Let the water come to room temperature, pour the mixture into the empty water bottle and seal the lid on.

succelent.jpgPhoto from Google

3 Green Thumb Snow White – Cut the neck part of the bottle. Poke holes at the bottom, fill with soil and place a plant or a succulent. Water.

4 Aurora’s Storage Trick – The neck part of the bottle that was cut to use in no. 3 can be use as an opening to food items in pouches. Just insert the opening in the bottle, snugly place the plastic on the mouth and cover.


5 Belle’s flower – Dissolve a paracetamol tablet in a glass of water. Fill the empty #AbsoluteDisney bottle with the solution. Cut flowers and place them inside the bottle.

6 Elsa’s Frozen Pot – Put pebbles inside the bottle and add faux flowers.

7 Nemo’s Treasure Tank – Remove bottle’s top part. Place crayons or whatever treasure that fits inside and cover it with another bottom.

18870907_1749568081723211_2101342214_n.jpgSecured with tape, this will be perfect as baby’s travel buddy and snack – a rattle while getting there, macaroni soup when you get there. Ha!

8 Lightning McQueen’s Telephone to Route 66 – Empty two #AbsoluteDisney bottles. Cut the neck area. Thread one end of string through the bottom of each bottle. Place a paperclip in the bottom of each bottle and tie the loose end of the string around it, this will keep the string from slipping through. Call Mater.


Absolute tips on how to prepare for a fuzz free kiddie party


Once upon a night,
I dreamed we’d be together
In love forever.
Once upon a night,
I was wishing for a never,
A never ending.
Once upon a night
Once upon a time
Once upon a wish
Once upon a dream.
Now, take a bow, catch your breath, and reach for that #DisneyAbsolute bottle! Because just like how water is universal, this drink is for adults, too! Pure water. Pure Love.
Visit Absolute Distilled Drinking Water

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