#GerifiedPH: Mommy Mundo’s Mom Day Out!

14232013_1225571080847961_8605456162615201657_o.jpgTo be beautiful means to be yourself.

Photo above is a PLDT Artwork by freelance artist Samantha Abalos, the design depicts how technology influences and truly becomes part of everyone’s digital lives. As PLDT pursues its digital transformation, it constantly evolves to become more reliable, capable, and to better serve customers – that includes mothering in the modern world.


Being a mom starts from conceiving, or bringing up a child with care and affection even if they’re not your own… but once you are a mom, you’ll be a lifetime mom, for it doesn’t stop from feeding, burping, changing diapers, making sure they eat thrice a day and keeping them away from cold and flu.. not even after sending them to preparatory school and later to universities. Motherhood, it’s way more than that.


This event was not about the baby, nor the toddler, nor the teenager; it’s all about the mommy. Surprisingly refreshing, the event break one of the oldest wives tale ever told, shattering the huge proverbial glass wall into tiny insignificant fragments

that good mothers shouldn’t have time for themselves because they’re too busy taking care of her family and home.

Read on and that raised eyebrow and sarcastic glare will turn into a slow but steady nod making your lips smile involuntarily…


Mommy Mundo’s Mom Day Out was held last May 25 at Le Petit Souffle, Century Mall. It was hosted and facilitated by Ms. Michelle Alignay of Meaningful Musings, a registered Psychologist and Counselor and a mom of two.

Realities in today’s online world

14556741_1201608386577564_1115262826086908504_o.jpg PLDT artwork by Daniel Tingcungco

The constant and universal challenge for moms is how to manage time, energy and resources. Everybody needs balance especially moms and we all need to be efficient, not just to achieve our goals and to to secure the future.

“It’s not enough that we are busy, but the question is, “what we are busy about?” – Henry David Thoreu

And for moms, it is also to make the journey of motherhood worthwhile, happy and as fulfilling as possible; in modern technology, that includes parenting strategies for tech-savvy kids.


Where did my time go?

Personally, it went on for my kids, extended family, work and blog. Those it worth-it? Most definitely, it is. I am just lucky enough not to look for a support because I already have a supporting team I call my family.

Make yourself a priority once in a while. It’s not selfish, it’s necessary. – Unknown

As I’m trying to keep up with my freelancing work, blogging makes me look forward to the free time, and learning new languages and modes of writings are my quality “Me” time – aside from the occasional trips to the spa.

Parenting using technology – update your parenting style and go digital.

We worry how our life will be tomorrow, yet we forget we are someone today.

How to be mindful moms – be the mom you want to be; calm, focused, and energized.

For me, family always comes first before any work’s deadline, because I believe that I don’t live to work, I work to live and provide for the family, hence, them first – no questions ask. Motherhood is a lifetime responsibility but that doesn’t mean I know everything. With that being said, I am willing to learn, and adjust as I go along the way.

If you accept your own imperfections, then you would be mindful and tolerant about the imperfections of your family, other people and circumstances.

Meditation – Reconnect with yourself and learn about relaxation techniques to quiet your mind.

We also must not compare ourselves to other moms, we are unique, and we have our own time table for everything. All we have to do, is be patient while zealously praying and working our way. I also learned that we shouldn’t blame others on what had happen to us…

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become!”

Remember, we don’t need to be accepted by others. We only need to accept ourselves.



BeloBaby also sets a play station for toddlers and kids accompanying their mommas.

18766502_1418874794822443_6785029162203648160_o18891835_1418874991489090_4533134156310451477_oCertified natural ingredients and crafted with care,
Mommy knows no harmful chemicals will dare!

With shea butter and sweet almond oil, #belobabylove will keep his sensitive skin moist!

Visit BeloBabyLove

Official Website: https://www.belobaby.ph/

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/belobabylove/


A Mindful Mom…

  • Make matters matter – we can never bring back the time, so we have to invest it on things, people and events that matters to us. Simply putting it, investing time to matters that matter always creates positive return.
  • Mind her makeup – not just the physical aspect, but the things that made up her mind, spirit and soul.
  • Manifest the marvel in the “Mother” – we wear many hats, and we should manifest the marvel in the Motherhood so we could still have clear boundaries of who we really are without losing ourselves in the process.
  • Make “Me” a priority – At first, I was like “Are you out of your core?” It is pretty scary to think of making ME a priority. Self care is actually a gift to one’s self. Aside from proper sleep, conscious diet and regular exercise, self care may mean reading a book, learning a new language, watercoloring and blogging for some moms, like yours truly. What’s more? Self care also means setting healthy boundaries to our lovedones, friends and work.
  • Mindfulness is key to her wellness and wholeness – simply put, through mindfulness, we connect to our innermost self. The self is the core of our being, it’s the small, sacred place within us that houses our spirit and soul.

Celebrate being a mindful mom by being the true MOM you are meant to be!

The event held an on-the-spot Mommy Workshop created by Mommy Mundo, the Mommy Mundo #MindfulMomRetreat. I had been in one of its sessions, but believe me, hearing reassuring words from Mommy Ichel is such a refreshment. It’s my second time, and I still learned a lot.

One of which is the importance of practicing mindfulness as it helps in building awakeness and acceptance of internal events and external events that we cannot change.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

PLDT Home Fibr

Aside from the golden nuggets of motherhood journey that Madam Michelle Alignay shared with us, the event was showered with raffle prizes from PLDT Home Fibr and Belo Baby Love. The event was also graced by celebrity moms like Pole Queen, Ciara Sotto.

Prizes includes PLDT Home FAMCAM, PLDT Home Telpad, PLDT Home Smart Watch and PLDT Home Fam Zone!

PLDT Home Fam Zone is a top parental control device and it features a helping hand for cyber safety wherein you can monitor and control the kids’ internet usage and websites and activities. What’s more about it is that it also features Website restrictions, History, Time Setting to Start/Open and Sleep Time that automatically shuts down when the curfew arrived. The PLDT camera also has a built-in microphone so yes, you can hear the conversations at home, even when you are away! It also has automatic light adjustment to ensure video quality, has motion and sound detection and can pan, zoom in and tilt.

They’re on sale. Make the SWITCH to Home’s most powerful broadband!


50% OFF on your broadband bill for 6 months

No Cash-out – FREE Installation & WiFi Modem

Free Unli Fam Calls to 5 Smart/TNT/Sun numbers

We don’t have PLDT Home Monitoring System yet as our home in Cavite is undergoing renovation and I can’t wait to get one as we don’t live with a househelp and yayas for the kids. Looking forward to having the extra peace of mind whenever I need to leave them at home.

Visit PLDT Home

Official Website:  PLDTHome.com

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/PLDTHome/ 


18671157_1412661532110436_7599016196640976531_n.jpgWith Ripple8 Team: Sir Julius, Ms. Saab and Ms. Chen.

18620168_1412658165444106_404339203035868445_n.jpgWith Ms. Jing Lelano and Ms. Michelle Alignay.

Thank you so much for having me. ❤

Visit Mommy Mundo

Official Website:  http://mommymundo.com/

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mommymundo



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