#GerifiedPH: Tickle your Mind with Riddles for Eyes

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Moieciu de sus, Romania – beautiful scenery, a challenging puzzle set

What’s puzzling me about solving puzzles is that, you see the whole picture, break it away piece by piece and start assembling the pieces to complete the picture again – and you do it all the time in that cycle. Amusing, isn’t it? But working the all-time favorite jigsaw puzzle is actually more than playing games and fun-sake, it is actually a verified beneficial recreational activity for all ages.

A very curios mystery for kids


Completing a small puzzle sets a goal to be achieved. For children, this involves problem solving skills, reasoning skills and a skill for developing solution which they can actually use to be street wise in their adult years.

“You can do it!”

Their natural curiosity to fit pieces together provides mental learning benefits and opportunities for their actively growing brain. What’s more is that when they finish even a simple puzzle, it actually gives them a sense of accomplishment and hence, enhance their self-esteem building self-confidence; making them more open in accepting challenges for personal growth.

A healthy addiction for adults

One good thing about doing puzzles for adults is that you can see how people attack the problem in different angles and approach. One might look for edge pieces first and work outside in, others may group the pieces by color or shapes perhaps, and assembly their way from there. All of this notions and tactics are good, it makes them think outside of the box that’ll yield to innovation, creativity and enhanced precognitive and efficient problem-solving skills, that one may use in various fields and aspects of life – work, camping and even surviving – game-of-thrones, hunger-game kind of thing!

A puzzle a day, can keep the neurologist away!

Just like how it affects the kids’ brains, working out a puzzle is actually a good exercise for the brain as it reinforces connection to already existing brain cells and boosts new generation of neurons; making new mental connection and stronger moving train-thought process.

Yuppies can beat their natural malleable mindset and the seniors can hold on to their precious mementos while fight back against their vulnerability to recall.

Feeling down? Pick the pieces one by one.

Feeling down and depressed? Don’t sulk in the dark corner – it will rotten your stagnant brain. Instead, pick up the pieces and connect the puzzle! It significantly assist the brain to produce dopamine  a neurotransmitter that improves motor skill, increase concentration power, enhanced recollection, confidence and lastly, makes someone depressed, optimistic.

Puzzling is like eating the chocolate without the calories.

Solving puzzle is a healthy addiction as when it increase the dopamine in our system, it encourages us to practice solving puzzles, making us competitive with an intense desire to keep up with increasingly challenging set of pieces. Now, you have no time to idle.

Spa for brains: puzzle-solving!

If you are a technical guy, or in my case, a tech-gal, you tend to be mentally burnt out. What to do if you can’t balance the formula anymore? Don’t snap the desk and instead, take a break -relax. For although puzzles invigorate our brain, it is also helping us to relax at the same time. Looking for the next piece let your brain rest and release toxic stress and narrowing it down to basic meditative state. Finding the piece? Dopamine aka long term tranquility and self confidence! After solving a set, you can go back to work with renewed strength and determination to finish the job on time – an overall increase in production and stress management!


Of course you can buy the puzzle, a set, a collection even. And you’re a freelance work-at-home mom like me, you’ll let the children borrow (if not give) and raise heavy hell like the sofa or the bed when looking for the missing piece.

Lucky you, if you’ll still have a complete set (no kids in the house?), but the picture might not interest you, or your kids (if they’re young adults) anymore. The colors aren’t that vibrant? Coffee stained or the edges are dog-eared? The four-legged pal munch a piece?

Save the penny, your keeping-space and your sanity intact (because lifting the bed for some, may mean finally finding the remote control or that opened bag of chips from last week’s midnight snack and may mean more than just picking up the piece – if it really was there).

Just use your technology! You’re paying the internet bill already (you might as well fully-used it especially on the much needed recreations), why need to buy another (if not expensive) future junk?



Mobile Mode: Puzzle for June 04, Sunday

JSPuzzles.com is what it is – a puzzle website with hundreds of random jigsaw puzzle ranging from nature, places, animals, sceneries and more. It also contains cartoon characters and anime from your/their favorite kid’s show like Gumball, Spongebob, Disney characters, even Doreimon and many, many, like 23,745 many more puzzles to choose from and that’s from the For Kids section tab only!


Not bad for a first timer. 😛

Every day, you get to wake up to a new unique puzzle, and of course, you can always set the mood right. Missing the beach? View the gallery; look for that beautiful beach-perfect photo to complete. Beat the record and entice your brain; now you can make it look forward to that weekend at the beach while surviving your Monday in the concrete jungle.


Complete this and comment down below if you beat me!

I tried playing using iPhone5s and it did not disappoint – aside from keen eyes and swift mommy fingertip, you may also like to unlock the portrait orientation on the control center so you could tilt the iPhone 90 degrees and viola, more space! Because seeing the bigger picture means shorter time!

My latest goal? Beat the average time!



What’s more? You are not limited to one puzzle cut; currently, there are 6 different cuts to choose from. There is also 10 different set of pieces to choose from ranging from 9 pieces to 225 pieces; and each set of pieces has a respective average time to beat.

Actually, short puzzles, just like the ones from JSPuzzle.com is useful for short-term memories because it helps your ability to recall shapes and colors that connects what pieces fit together and uses your imagination to see the bigger picture.

The website is clean with its white background, and very user/child-friendly – even the tech-savvy grannies will enjoy. You can easily navigate the page easily with just a tap and drag the pieces smoothly.

The best part is, the website is FREE! Even the Registration is free. Just pick your best puzzling name, your JSPuzzle secret password and your email address and your in. Now you could upload your own photos to make puzzles!

One of the best ideas I could think of is, uploading your Positive Pregnancy test and video the husband connecting the pieces! Or let the hard-working parent complete the puzzle of your A+ final test? or your SO’s tickets to Rome? Priceless moments, endless possibilities!

You can actually vote for the photos that you like most if your registered and see how many times it has been solved; save your favorite puzzles, load them and even use the guestbook – where puzzlers can exchange chat and express comments!

Are you up for more brain teaser? Another form of puzzle uses numbers, safe benefits, new challenges – Sudoku!


Puzzles showcases different characters of its players and it can perform wonders to a wandering human mind. It can significantly improve memory, brain chemistry (dopamine), disposition in life and overall creativity.

Now there’s another educational way to keep the kids from their infernal yapping when it’s hot, humid and traffic!


What are you waiting for? Snap those fingers and head on to these Brain Teaser Games for Free!

JS Picture Puzzle – JSPuzzles.com

Live Sudoku – LiveSudoku.com



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