Hey Sugar: The Sweetest Thing, made sweeter!

If only I could keep this detail to myself. But hey gals, I love y’all and all I wanted was to share information, and sweet information if the boots fit — and this time, it does! Hey Sugar as the blog title of this post connotes, is being extra sweet to the Sugababes, again!

iphone7 heysugar gerifiedph

Like love, some things in life are indeed sweeter the second time around and Hey Sugar, the most trusted, all natural and organic waxing destination across the Philippines, is up to spread this sweet, (and smooth) love once again with the return of Sweetest Thing Promo.

If iPhone 6 units were given away last year, Hey Sugar sweetens it up now with the newest iPhone 7 up for grabs.

Now, unwanted hair can be your ticket to the iPhone 7! iPhone 7 after all is

  • Water resistance
  • Better cameras (front and back)
  • Longer battery life
  • Great crisp display
  • With neat engine feedback

Anyone can definitely get a chance to win by simply heading onto any Hey Sugar salon nationwide starting from June 8 to September 30, 2017, avail of the exceptional signature services and for a minimum single receipt of Php 500, one gets to have one raffle entry. Three very lucky winners will be taking home the very sought-after prize.

It’s going to be the best time to get that smooth and hair-free skin with the Sweetest Thing 2 Promo. Watch out for more updates and exciting promos and giveaways from Hey Sugar!

Watering my underarm hair to grow and get them harvested at the nearest Hey Sugar! I might end up with iPhone 7 on my way out!

Check out the newest Hey Sugar Salon in Subic Bay here: Hey Sugar in Ayala Harbor Point

To get more details about the promo, visit www.heysugar.com.ph.


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