#GerifiedPH: Keep up on your Multiscreen Lifestyle with Crizal Prevencia!

When it clock hits 6 AM, my hands automatically search for my phone to put the alarm on snooze – which only mean, that the moment I open my eyes, I face a screen. And unfortunately, same goes at night, it’s a screen I’m facing before calling it a day. I’m basically living, what everyone knows as a multiscreen lifestyle.

Essilor_Give your eyes a break_photo

I design using a program in my laptop. I play games on my tablet during queue and I write blog posts on my smartphone when in traffic.

Keeping up with the technology has its up and down. Benefits include faster communication, saving time on transactions, convenience, etc,. but, as the blog title connotes, we will focus on the disadvantages of multiscreen lifestyle and how to keep up with it.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Did you know? Computer Vision Syndrome aka CVS is becoming a common illness not just for adults working on screen, but for kids staring on tablets and phones for a long period of time.

Computer Vision Syndrome, although not yet proven to cause any long-term damage to our eyes can lead to discomfort and eye strain. I know, because I’m actually feeling the symptoms which include blurred vision, dry red eyes, easily irritated eyes, headaches, double vision, constant headache and upper back and neck pain.

Aside from CVS, harmful blue light from devices and the sun can cause long-term damage, such as cataracts and Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

Good thing advancement in technology also means solution to this problem!

Tom Rodriguez

Last Thurday, June 8, Essilor Philippines presented its most technologically advanced protective lenses yet – the Crizal Prevencia. The event was held at Milky Way Cafe, in Makati where they also introduced their newest endorser, Tom Rodriguez.

Essilor_Tom Rodriguez shares vision_press kit photo

Hot in his suit, Tom Rodriguez wowed the crowd not just because of his heartthrob appearance and very quirky personality, but also through his display of digital artworks.

Tom’s ardent passion in digital art is evident in many of his Instagram posts. Many of his artworks comprise of creatures from Philippine folklore, plus superheroes and characters from anime, games and comics. He sketches and sculpts in between takes during drama filming or photo shoots.

Samples of his artworks here.


More about Tom Rodriguez’ Multiscreen lifestyle here.

Essilor is the world leader in corrective ophthalmic lenses to take care of their eyes against harmful blue light with Crizal® Prevencia™.

Crizal Prevencia

The event was hosted by RX 93.1 The Morning Rush DJ Rica who wears an Essilor Crizal Prevencia lenses all throughout the event. Dr. Emelita Roleda, Essilor General Manager also graced the launch wherein she explained their new campaign – to promote healthy eye sight and protect eyes in blue light from gadgets and digital devices.

Dr. Kyle Gallas, Manager for Commercial made the crowd think about devices as part of our daily lives. Today is really,  different, we face screens – TV, computers, laptops, smartphones, smartwatches, even devices inside our cars are screens.

Crizal Prevencia is designed for a multiscreen lifestyle. Crizal Prevencia has two major components, the ESPF and Light Scan.

E-SPF – is the front and back protection for harmful Ultra Violet light from the screen.

Light Scan – on the other hand, is blocking the harmful blue light while letting essential light pass through.

These are what makes Crizal Prevencia the most advanced technology in eye protection. All in all, it has (7) seven basic elements:

(1) Protection from blue light which is the light scan

(2) E-SPF, front and back UV Protection

(3) Anti-reflection – perfect for driving

(4) Scratch Resistance – when dropped, scraped or grazed with things around. In my case, toddler tossing it around.

(5) Dust Resistance – when not inside its case.

(6) Smudge Resistance – from sweat and baby’s fingertips.

(7) Water Resistance – from taking a bath

Even if you don’t need eye correction & prescription or that your vision is 20-20, if you face a screen whatever your lifestyle is, you are still in need of Crizal Prevencia. It also comes in Transitions – clear glasses for indoor or at night use that when you step outdoors changes color to protect and shade your eyes.

Crizal Prevencia is available in all leading optical clinics and optical stores nationwide, just ask for certificate of authenticity.

Ms. Jinky Navo, Marketing Manager, talked more about Essilor’s latest campaign – our everyday exposure from the sun, gadgets and artificial lights. We sometimes are not aware that our eyesight is older than our age because of our longer exposure to blue light.

The event had an overflowing buffet of Filipino cuisine and social media giveaways!

Crizal® Prevencia™ is the only clear lens in the market to effectively filter harmful blue light from the sun and digital devices while maximizing essential blue light for healthier vision.

Tom Rodriguez’ latest Crizal Prevencia TVC, wherein he is seen going through his everyday routine. It will be available in cable TV, billboards, social networking sites, magazines in the Philippines and other parts of Asia like Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea and India.

There’s no running from the blue light, but there’s always protection with Crizal Prevencia.

The latest campaign is hoping to convince more Filipinos to use eye protective lenses on their daily activities – from gaming, working, or recreations.

“With Crizal® Prevencia™, I can protect my vision, and also prevent blue light from harming my eyes.” – Tom Rodriguez

What’s more? It lets in good light that regulates sleep and mood and boosts brain activity. It also provides complete protection from glare, scratches, smudges, dust, water, UV rays and harmful blue light.

Learn more about Crizal® Prevencia™ by visiting your preferred eye care professional or leading optical shop, or by logging on to www.essilor.com.ph.


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