#ColgateMinions: Nuffnang and Colgate’s Despicable Me 3 Movie Treat

I’m gonna hold my breath until you say I have long lasting Colgate cool fresh breath like a good #ColgateMinions!



Last June 17, Colgate Philippines and Nuffnang Philippines treat moms and kids to the movie premiere screening of Despicable Me 3.

Ba-ba-ba-brushing is fa-fa-fun with the #ColgateMinions!

You will not cry or whine or laugh or giggly or sneeze or burp or fart. No annoying sounds, just gurgle and brush and kiss and laugh and hug and sing and dance like a troll!

Aside from the movie treat, guests indulged to free movie snacks – popcorn, hotdog and lemonade plus a surprise minion inspired plushies and a bag of Colgate products!


What’s more? Kids with the best minion costumes and inspired outfits win a special Colgate loot bag!


Clyde as a lemonade drinking construction minion.


Dave as a popcorn eating construction minion.


It’s so fluffy! My breath’s so fresh, you’ll gonna smile! #ColgateMinions. It’s a remarkable experience for the kids, it’s Dave’s first movie and we, including the parents, all had a blast! Thank you so much Colgate and Nuffnang for this family treat!


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