#MothersLovingTouch: Cetaphil Baby

Healthy skin should feel like there is nothing on it – even after washing. Itching, pulling, and burning sensations are the skin’s negative reactions to certain products. Good thing there’s Cetaphil!

Cetaphil is gentler than water as it effectively removes dirt whilst leaving skin feeling healthy and moisturized.

What’s more sensitive than’s your skin? Your baby skin!

Our baby’s skincare needs may change as they grow, though the changes may be subtle and not easily noticeable. Baby’s changing skin only needs cleansing mildly, and moisturizing without the heavy hot feel!


Cetaphil recently celebrated their 70th Anniversary with the launch of new packaging and line, the Cetaphil Baby.

19223067_1530685483616370_7097733597419262392_o.jpgPhoto grabbed from Cetaphil Ph Facebook Page.

Cetaphil Baby products are:

✓ paraben free
✓ mineral oil free
✓ hypoallergenic
✓ dermatologist tested



Whoever you are, wherever you’re going, your skin needs that gentle clean and trustworthy protection. That’s why Cetaphil has a complete range of products made for every skin situation.

The right Cetaphil for you, here.

What’s more? Since I can’t still use hair regrowing serum because I’m still breastfeeding Dabibot, my toddlers and I share gentle shampoo and conditioner from Cetaphil Baby!

It effectively cleans the skin in the most gentle manner, as well as keeping it moisturized without the drying, hence it helped a lot on my dried damage scalp due to sun exposure and since it’s moisturized, it won’t easily break the follicle – less split ends and hairfall.

Cetaphil is not just for the baby, it’s for you, too!




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