Doppelherz Aktivs’ The Big Reveal

It all started with a bang!19554119_1448407101869212_9138982879776696181_nAnd it’s not our love story.





I mean, it’s not JUST our love story, its also yours – it’s for the love of living healthy.

Did you know? Doppelherz Aktiv Calcium and D3 is lactose-free and gluten-free. Hurray for stronger bones!


And by bang I meant theatrical smoke, fog and glitters with spot lighting – an atmospheric effect to the chilling voice that serenades the guests. Followed by the live performance of Ballroom Twins, contenders in a famous talent search production.

Did you know? Combination of Glucosamine and Chondroitin is an effective tandem against osteoarthritis.





So many things to do, so little “energy”.

I won’t let my heart surgery and blood disorder to hinder me from doing what I want. It may slow me down, but it won’t never stop me.
With careful choices, and small but happy circle of true friends, I always put my foot forward when it comes to my passion and responsibilities – mothering of two, freelance designing, managing constructions and blogging on the side. One of my secrets, I don’t forget to take my supplements. #gerilenmbf

Did you know? Garlic with a dash of hawthorn goes hand in hand in keeping the pumping station (heart) and its fluid (blood) healthy. *Sorry for the technical term. I can’t help it sometimes. 😛 #techgal


Last Wednesday, June 28, Doppelherz Philippines was officially launched here in the Philippines. Hosted by actor Troy Montero, the event was held at the Diamond Hotel in Malate and was graced not just by the media and health and lifestyle bloggers but international delegates from Germany, and exclusive health personnel and group of doctors from various local hospitals.

Did you know? Aside from protecting your eyes in the blue light with proper eyeware, you can also protect your peepers from the damage it could get from your multiscreen lifestyle with Lutein!

My first selfie was with Doppelherz Germany Sales Manager, Mr. Abian Jama. My second selfie above was with Doppelherz Germany Scientific Consultant, Dr. Guillame.


Maintain Healthy Lifestyle with Doppelherz


The number 1 food supplement in Germany is now finally in the Philippines! Queisser Pharma, the makers of Doppelherz in Germany had built its trust with Shawill Corporation in the distribution of Doppel Herz products here in the Philippines.

Did you know? Folic Acid is not just for pregnant moms, its also an essential vitamin in maintaining healthy bloodstream and cardiovascular system.

Transition from Beauty to Physical and Health


Ms. Sharon Sy, CEO of Shawill Beauty Corporation shared how she brought Doppelherz here in the Philippines.

It all started in 2014 when she visited a friend in Germany that shared to her her Doppelherz products. She also the products everywhere in Germany. With friends and family in mind, she hoard Doppelherz and gave it as presents and remembrance from her trip to Germany. Few times passed and she received good feedback, that Doppelherz products are effective.

Since Doppelherz is not available here in the Philippines, she decided to bring it here via her beauty company, Shawill Corporation and help more people in maintaining healthy lifestyle while avoiding diseases.

Today, Doppelherz Aktiv first five (5) SKU products, mainly Calcium + D3, Lutein, Garlic with Hawthorn, Glucosamine + Chondroitin, and Omega 3 + Folic Acid is now available in the Philippines under exclusive distribution of Shawill Corporation.

This serves as milestone for Shawill Corporation in its transition from Beauty to Wellness. It successfully realized its vision to reinvent itself into a total wellness and beauty company after its success in the Philippine Cosmetics Industry.

The Filipino doctors from various local hospitals who graced the event also prepared several questions for the international delegates of the Doppelherz Philippines. Some of the questions and answers in bullet form are as follows:

  • Toxicity – Doppelherz Vitamins are measured in limited quantities with  a prescription on how to take the supplement, usually once a day.
  • Published Studies on the Supplement’s Effectiveness to Asian Patients – Data available as of the moment are from the European countries, there maybe a variation when it comes to the Asian ethnicity but overall standards are complied and common principles are applied for the product’s efficiency.
  • Pedia – Doppelherz products are for 19 years older and above, unless otherwise specified.

The German’s Queisser Pharma

Queisser Pharma was established in 1897 and has now produces five (5) global brands, distributed in sixty (60)countries. It generated a global turnover of over 160 million euros and was number 1 in the German market of vitamins and minerals. For the last 5 years, Queisser Pharma has an astonishing growth rate of 10% per annum with more than 400 employees working in the head-quarters in Flensburg and five (5) subsidiaries in Moscow, Kiev, Bucharest, Sofia and Istanbul.

Today, Queisser Pharma’s DoppelHerz is now available in the Philippine market via exclusive distribution by Shawil Corporation.

Note: Do not self medicate. Consult your health professional.


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