#CerelacNutripuffs: A Fun Healthy Snacking for Your Baby

A 24 month-old boy named Dabibot was seen rummaging a huge duffel bag..19814389_1800285836651435_1928225555_o.jpg


What Dabibot discovered was a treasure fit for a little prince’s tummy. Among fresh apples, oranges and bananas were star-shaped finger food called Cerelac Nutripuffs!


Whether you’re introducing solid food to your 10-month old baby or you’re just trying to help your baby discover the wonders of food while incorporating the good habit of eating healthy, Cerelac’s latest food innovation for toddlers can help you give them the nutrition they need in a fun and exciting way!

Eating healthy is a habit that begins early in life. But did you know that parents play a big role in giving a solid start for their kids’ nutrition?

Sure, toddlers can be fickle and unpredictable when it comes to their diet preferences and appetite, but can you lead the way towards building healthy and nutritious eating habits simply by giving them access to wholesome and nourishing solid food options – sliced and peeled apples, oranges, bananas and grapes (just cut the grapes in half and make sure that an adult is supervising the toddler to avoid choking).

To help make it fun and easier, be sure to add CERELAC® NUTRIPUFFS® into your child’s daily diet!

CERELAC® NUTRIPUFFFS® is a cereal-based snack suitable for children 10 months and above. A finger food that is developmentally and nutritionally appropriate for your Little Ones. What we discovered about Cerelac NutriPuffs?

It’s easy to pick up – tiny little stars for tiny little fingers! CERELAC® NUTRIPUFFS® comes in fun stars shapes, specifically designed to help babies develop their chewing and self-feeding skills, and is also a great way to allow babies to explore their food. CERELAC NutriPuffs is developmentally adapted finger food with just the right size for young children’s hands. Finger feeding requires the acquisition of sophisticated and interrelated gross, oral and fine motor skills. The size of CERELAC NutriPuffs supports motor development and new experiences via independent feeding.

Attractive on the outside, nutritious on the inside! Cerelac NutriPuffs’ high in iron, calcium, and vitamin B1!

Ingredients for Banana & Orange: Rice, Wheat Grain, Starch Corn, Palm Oil Olein, Sucrose, Banana Puree, Minerals (Calcium, Iron, Zinc), Orange Juice, Carrot Juice Concentrate and Vitamin B1. Contains Permitted Food Conditioner. All Additives Are Of Plant Or Synthetic Origin. May Contain Traces of Soy and Milk.
Ingredients for Banana & Strawberry: Rice, Wheat Grain, Starch Corn, Palm Oil Olein, Sucrose, Banana Puree, Strawberry, Minerals (Calcium, Iron, Zinc) and Vitamin B1. Contains Permitted Food Conditioner. All Additives Are Of Plant Or Synthetic Origin. May Contain Traces of Soy and Milk.

It is made with whole wheat and fruit bits, and is good source of iron, Vitamin B1 and fiber which are the important nutrient to support overall growth and development during a child’s growing years.

Did you know that baking foods can cut down on your intake of fats and calories?

Cerelac NutriPuffs is Baked, not fried! A healthier option than fried finger food or a drive-thru fries. In Banana & Strawberry and Banana & Orange flavor, Cerelac Nutripuff is the perfect baon for school and road trip snack! I also like that it comes in a resealable package that you could carry around all the time.

Gone in a jiffy! Apparently, we were not able to use the resealable feature of the package because the tasty banana-strawberry stars were devoured by these two in one sitting (10 minutes top!), I was forced to hide the second pack for tomorrow’s consumption because these two are like Pakyaw contractors (they will eat everything on site! Err, sight!)

Helping your child develop good eating habits early on

Cerelac NutriPuffs has Safe Texture!  Timely introduction of texture can enhance food acceptance later in life. Light and puffy, it easily melts in the mouth of young children and is also easy to chew. CERELAC NutriPuffs is a cereal snack Loved by Little Ones, Chosen by Mums.

Cerelac NutriPuffs has Great Taste! The perfect fruit pairs of CERELAC NutriPuffs Banana & Strawberry and CERELAC NutriPuffs Banana & Orange has exciting flavors that will entice your young kid’s pallet! Snacking is not just a yummy and delightful experience anymore but one that they will actually look forward to!

Finger foods, whether it’s a piece of soft-cooked vegetables like carrot stick, a piece of fruit, or a snack like CERELAC® NUTRIPUFFS®, allows your baby to have fun, experience varying textures and have an opportunity to raise their confidence during mealtimes.

Reinforce the benefits of healthy food by giving them options that they will love and look forward to having.

I didn’t throw it yet just because I put some leftover cookies in there, too and when I’m finally done adoring the colorful packaging, I saw Dabibot’s eyes brighten. He reached his arm and open his palm, “Ahm?”.

I guess I need to run down the grocery to get a new one! Good thing NEW CERELAC® NUTRIPUFFS® is now available in leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide. You can also buy it online through http://www.lazada.com.ph/cerelac-official-store

CERELAC® NUTRIPUFFS® is a solid finger food suitable for complementary feeding and is intended for children 10 months onwards. This product is not suitable as a breast milk substitute. Infants six months onward should be given fresh, indigenous and natural foods, in combination with continued breastfeeding.

Of course you don’t have to be a toddler to enjoy this snack, even grannies can munch on this lite snack as a complement dessert and in between meals!

Stop Mommy Shaming! I exclusively breastfed my toddlers until they self-wean, I’m proud of my fervent effort to take that path and achieve that milestone. I would probably advise you to breastfeed your child, too, but if you really can’t in whatever reason or circumstance it would be, I will not shove my opinion down your throat. All I’ll say is, as long as the baby is healthy and safe, go you!

Same goes to other things, I applaud moms whose effort on cloth diapers are phenomenal – saving cashings whilst saving Earth, but I can’t do it so I’m just happy there’s an invention of diaper pants.

Same goes to toddler’s snack. Go you if you can afford freshly-picked organic stuff in your backyard or delivered right on your foot doors, but not all can afford that and there’s some out there who barely make ends meet, and mind you, no mother would feed her child toxic food, but for whatever reason you can’t go whole food all the time, it’s Okay. Some days are GMOs, some days, its instant noodles, and on fine days, its freshly-picked fruits and fancy vinaigrette salad – it’s Okay.

If you’re grocery lists are organic, that’s totally fine, but stop rolling your eyes when someone pulls out the non-organic item and toss it in their cart. And if you’re the one pulling out the non-organic, don’t feel like you have to make an excuse for why you’re feeding them to your child. It’s OK.

Good things there’s food innovation that let’s kid eat healthier! I, as a mom appreciate effort from the food industry to develop nutrient-packed snack for kids, just like Cerelac Nutripuffs! When time’s not a friend and the toddlers are hungry, I can just unzip a Cerelac NutriPuffs to keep them accompanied and away from hunger while we beat traffic whether its oozing hot out there or raining cats and dogs.


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