Fisher Price Event for Expectant Moms: Great Mom in the Making!

Welcome to Motherhood Life-changing. Challenging. Emotional. Surprising. Rewarding. So many words to describe motherhood, all of them true. Yes, it can be crazy. And yes, it won’t be sunshine and rainbows every day. But for every trying day there will be many more joyous days. Like when your baby finally calls you “mama”. Or the time they smoosh you in a bear hug out of the blue. At those times, you remember why you’re a parent. Soon, your little newborn will become a toddler and before you know it, they’ll start school. Along the way, they’ll need your help to grow into person they’re meant to be.19956621_10156397034147995_7455801987711996022_o.jpg

Last Saturday, July 8, Fisher Price via Baby Company held its first leg of series of symposiums for expectant moms and moms with newborns and toddlers at SM Aura Premier.

Get the Best Possible Start with Fisher Price

As children are naturally playful and inquisitive, Fisher Price finds that the best way for them to learn is through play. That’s why Play IQ was developed, to give you a hand in your child’s Physical, Cognitive, Social and Emotional development. Read more below, you’ll find playtime ideas to help nurture your child’s development.

What is Play IQ?

An approach we use to help with your child’s Physical, Cognitive, and Social and Emotional development.

Physical Development
-Developing a child’s physical strength, coordination and confidence

Cognitive Development
-Inspiring a child’s natural curiosity and love of learning.

Social & Emotional Development
-Developing a child’s skills to express themselves, share, listen and lead.

Different ages means different stages, different play ideas and different play toys, all based on how the child is developing.

The Importance of Play by Dra. Irish Doris-Echaus


To enlighten parents and caregivers the importance of play and to discuss developmentally toys and books for kids

“Play is a window through which we come to understand the child from both inside and outside.” – Sheridan, 1995

Play is a natural activity for children. It provides opportunities to learn and grow physically, mentally and socially.

Toys are the child’s tools to play. Through toys, children learn about their world, themselves and about others as well.

Choosing Appropriate Toys

A good toy should be – Safe for the child’s age, well constructed and durable

– Appealing and interesting to the child

– Suited for the child’s physical capabilities

– Suited for the child’s mental and social development

Kinds of Toys

-Active Play Toys, these kinds of toys help in developing large group of muscles as they are being hauled, pulled or pushed

-Manipulative Play Toys, encourages hand and eyes coordination. These kinds of toys also prepare the child’s ability in writing, facilitates counting

-Make Believe Play Toys, usually starts at age 3-4, these toys encourages imitation

-Creative Play Toys, encourages imagination

-Learning Play Toys, helps in sportsmanship,

-Reading and Books, helps in sight movement, mastery of a particular sino and decision-making

How to Make Reading Fun:


Run your finger under the words as you read
Talk as you read to develop language skills
Read with expression
Use funny voices and animal noises to stimulate memory
Stop to look at the pictures
Ask questions about the things in the illustrations and about the story

Choosing Appropriate Books Infants 6-12 months -Brightly colored board books or soft fabric books Small books sized for small hands Books with pictures of familiar objects (balls, baby bottles, and more).

After Dr. Echaus’ informative talk. Games and raffle prizes surprised the audience.19756495_1458811477495441_2328554208896705523_n.jpg

After the giveaways, Chicco introduced their brand as a baby specialist brand



  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Professionalism and expertise
  • Innovation and Contemporaneity
  • Light-heartedness and transparency


End remarks by Ms. Samantha of Baby Company.

Another Symposium for Expectant Moms is now on the way! Which includes
Games · Raffle · Expert Talks · Workshops · Giveways for pregnant moms
Learn how to raise bright and happy children from the experts.
Venue: Bldg. A Level 2, SM Megamall (near Baby Company mall boutique)

Stay tuned for future events and everything fun and learning here, Richwell Club FB Page /.././


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