#GerifiedPH: Hair Makeover at Vivere Salon

Katy Perry bullied Britney Spears a couple of times because she bald her head.

Recently, a video of a pixie haired Perry crying because of depression is circulating online.

Bottom line, I want a Katy Perry blue hair for a change!

Kidding aside, (although I really am eyeing a cotton candy blue set of locks for that extravagant transformation) when you can’t control the situation you’re in, cutting your hair is a good way of getting in control again.

You’re hair won’t complain (unless you want blue hair when in fact, your hair is previously treated. Did I popped your bubble? More of this later) or deny you, it will just follow.

It’ll somehow make you feel better.

That being said, if you feel bored or want a new adventure, enter the proverbial chateau of change, the Vivere Salon. There currently are 10 stations of Vivere Salon, one portal is located at 3F, Glorietta 2, Palm Drive, Makati City with Telephone Number: (02) 812-3364.


Vivere Salon team members are globally trained under the Vidal Sassoon Academy to create bespoke cuts that fit the taste and lifestyle of each of Vivere Salon clientele. Each stylist has an instinctive understanding of the science behind hair, complemented by an understanding of fashion and trends. Vivere Salon trademark is instinctive, visual, modern and natural feel for what works, combined with a great sense of style and extensive cutting experience. At the end of the day, Vivere create cuts that you will love.

It’s guaranteed, you will never get out the same way you enter.


I daydreamed of wearing a white cropped top, big pleated A-skirt with large print, high heels, with sunglasses on top of my blue hair while drinking pink lemonade, riding the shores of California (think of vintage themed Teenage Dream), when I was invited to try Vivere Salon at Glorietta 2. Finally, having blue hair is a tiny little step towards that road tripping dream I’ve been fancying about.



My hair was rebonded November last year and apparently, you can’t bleach your hair much when your locks are previously treated. It kinda dim the light and tone down the excitement so I just let my hairstylist take the wheel and do what she think would suit me best based on my facial features and current hair condition.


After settling down, my Senior Hairstylist, Ms. Meg Mendoza approached me and  evaluated my hair – thin fine hair, and moderately dry from previous treatment.

Shampooing to remove oil and dirt came next before a haircut.

My face framing layered haircut was made to volumize and heighten my flat crown.


She made a diamond highlight using Dark Blonde Chocolate Gold color on my top to create an illusion of volume. This highlight will compliment the layered shape of the haircut.

Base color was applied afterwards using Golden Dark Blonde color.


20106491_1468389653204290_5500142844485722640_n.jpgThe highlight color was toned down using Dark Blonde Chocolate Gold.

The service ended with a deep repair treatment for colored and chemically damaged hair.

The experience for me was relaxing. My hairstylist is very-friendly, her assistants were accommodating – offering me drinks, upper back massage during my waiting time and several gentle mindful hair-washes – no tagging of hair, or pulling of roots. My top didn’t have drips of water nor did I have to towel my face dry because they made preventive measures (sorry for my safety officer terms used as that is what I really think that transpired) – extra careful on washing my hair to prevent water from splashing on my face, a towel on my back and a towel ready whenever I rise on my seat. These small simple gestures makes a huge difference when it comes to visiting salon, and I really appreciate their careful effort in making sure that I am comfortable all the way.

20376043_1478034705573118_4904628427130284561_n20265071_1478034555573133_5792089740661759711_n20375973_1478034518906470_5331548151939066747_nMy hair condition didn’t allow me from having my blue hair dream and after watching a Youtuber’s over-bleaching epic fail – the kind of fail where finger-combing her hair is like pulling a piece  of cotton.


My appreciation for my hairstylist’s caring, honest and correct evaluation of my hair made me more happy about this change.

You know what’s great about hitting rock bottom, Eddie? There’s only one way left to go, and that’s UP! – Buster Moon, Moon Theater Producer



I didn’t get my blue hair – not yet at least. But I really love this drastic, about-time change in me. I can’t wait for my new adventures!

“At the end of the day, it’s still about creating a cut that our clients will love. It’s finding that right balance between wash and wear as well as unique and edgy; confident in the knowledge that every day, they will wake up with hair that doesn’t have to get blown out or ironed or set to look great.” – Ramon De Ubago III, CEO of Vivere Salon


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