#GerifiedPH: Unipak Mackerel

Life is randomly sad without chicken meat – fried, marinated, smoked, and whatnot, because chicken is life! But as carnivorous as it may sound, people tend to get sick of chicken meat. Sometimes, we look for something different in the palette. Whenever we end on this point, I always tend to reach out for something different but easy, specifically for something not too savory, but not bland and most importantly, healthy at the same time.

There’s just those moments when out of the blue, my mind would think of a mackerel straight out of can poured on a bowl… My mouth voluntarily salivates as I imagine gnawing on its white tiny soft fish bone while drenching my hot bagong-saing rice with its cold (room temperature) broth – it makes the hot rice cool enough for a big scoop of rice. Drizzling it with something sour (like lemon, if walang lemon, kalamansi. Walang kalamansi, vinegar! Naubusan ng vinegar, slice of kamias!) makes it even better!

Pak na Fact: Did you know? Canned fish is an ideal source of calcium.

The soft tiny fish bones is apparently rich in calcium and mackerels are among those fishes with natural source of Vitamin D that helps body in absorbing and using calcium. Vitamin D is also known in increasing survival rate for bowel cancer patients.

Pak na pak combo! Calcium for strong bones, Vitamin D for Calcium absorption.

Pak na Fact: Did you know? A can of sardines can provide you a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids.

Depressed? Eating mackerel can make you happy! According to research, those who consume high levels of Omega-3 have lower risks of getting depressed. Who needs antidepressant medicine when you can have yummy na, swak-pa-sa-budget Mackerel! No more mood swings!

Mackerel also helps in strengthening the immune system and supports the functions of organs weakened by sickness hence, its good specially for people recovering from illness and undergoing various treatments.

Pak na Fact: Did you know? Mackerel can help reduce diabetes and prevent cancer.

Mackerel has monounsaturated fatty acids and is rich in coenzyme Q10 that helps in removing cancerous agents attached to the cells. It also has antioxidants that can help in preventing removing free radicals in the body. What’s more is that, it is also low in contaminants such as mercury and poluchlorinated biphenol or PCBs and dioxins.

Unipak Mackerel

But remember,
kris aquino unipak #gerifiedph
“‘Di basta nakasanayan, the best na yan. Kaya basta Mackerel, Tatak Unipak”
Pak na Fact: Did you know? Mackerel can help reduce symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.
Unipack Mackerel has anti-inflammatory compounds which help ease the joint pain and muscle stiffness in people who have arthritis.
#PaknaPak Recipe: Unipak Mackerel Taco and Nachos Buffet
Unipak Mackerel is perfect for a less grease, healthier taco version. It’s the healthier protein alternative for salad, and in my case, taco. What to be extra in healthy, replace taco shell with fresh romaine lettuce or cabbage.
Pak na Fact: Did you know? Mackerel can help in regulating our metabolism.
Unipak Mackerel can help in reducing weight because it improves metabolism and reduce sugar level on overweight individuals.
#PaknaPak Recipe: Unipak Mackerel in Alugbati Broth
Another homemade recipe that the kids will love. #Kulayot and #Dabibot loved this simple dish! Perfect for stormy weather. Recipe here.
Pak na Fact: Did you know? Mackerel is loaded with DHA that reduces Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease.
You won’t have to say it again with Unipak Mackerel as it will keep your memory strong!
Pak na Fact: Mackerel has Electrolytes
Electrical processes in our bodies are due to electrolytes. Unipak Mackerel will make sure you have enough to power up your day!
Unipak Mackerel is under Slord Development Corporation, a HACCP accredited manufacturer of canned goods established in 1985.Unipak Mackerel in Natural Oil is available in 425g, 200g & 155g.
A can of mackerel is an inexpensive and high-quality alternative to fresh fish. And after knowing the health benefit of Unipak Mackerel, I know that you are excited to try it too! As a reward for reading this far, I’ll be raffling off one (1) Unipak Gift Pack.
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Chicken is life, but with Unipak Mackerel, life is #PaknaPak with better budget and #TatakUnipak healthy benefits!


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