#GerifiedPH: Pampers’ World-Class Care for Babies!

21016003_1501050886604833_4089161122887195411_o.jpg행복한 아기는 밤에 숙면 사람들이다. #아기#기저귀
#dabibot is in lalaland! 🎈#gerilenmbf 

Cranky mommies on the other hand was a result of a cranky sleepless baby due to irritation (from overexposure to wet pee, rough and saggy leaky diapers!)

Pampers Premium Care, Pamper’s Best in the World, guarantee babies superior skin protection to ensure restful sleep and happier mornings!
***436415A_91001058_front_01.jpgPampers Premium Care, Pampers’ Best in the World, guarantee babies superior skin protection to ensure restful sleep and happier mornings.

Unfortunately, some moms I know actually thinks that you should sleep like a daddy if you want a good night sleep. Their connotation is apparently based on their actual experiences -daddy sleeps in the entire night unbothered by the unearthly hurls of their irritated baby.


Dabibot’s Bum

Filipino moms want to give nothing less than world-class care to their babies. That’s why I only use Pampers for Dabibot’s sensitive skin.

What I noticed from using Pampers, compared to other brands is that I don’t need to use bum creams and anti-rash creams to protect him from irritants – even at times when I forgot to change him on time (he had to remove it and show me as if saying “Mom, it’s too heavy I can’t walk around without it falling.”), or whenever he gave us a surprise (poop on the road, and he had to wait a little longer so we can safely stop over and change his nappy), because Pampers Diaper is efficient when it comes to absorbing wet – pee and runny poop.

Pampers Premium Care: Cutting-Edge Japan Technology for World-Class Carel

Pampers, the best diaper in the world, makes the standard even higher by stepping it up a notch with Pampers’ Best in the World, Pampers Premium Care!

It is deliberately designed with babies’ healthy and happy development in mind. Its innovations have been added to enhance comfort and dryness providing the 5-star skin care every baby deserves.

“The skin plays an essential role in baby’s emotional, cognitive, and brain development, as they learn many things first through touch.” begins Nina Gerodias, Assistant Brand Manager,Pampers Philippines. “Giving the best care for babies means providing them with superior skin care protection and comfort that embody their mother’s unconditional love.”

Born from Pampers’ commitment to be moms’ partner in giving world-class care for her baby, the Pampers Premium Care line features diaper innovations that provide 5-star skin protection. Quality materials and breakthrough technology made in Japan ensure softness, dryness, and comfort for babies’ sound sleep and happy mornings.

Made in Japan

Did you know? Pampers Premium Care is developed and enhanced by Japanese craftsmen at Proctor and Gamble Akashi Plant.

“Japanese craftsmanship is regarded as the most exquisit and masterful in the world. Pampers Premium Care made in Japan embodies our comimitment to providing the best in the world for every baby. Our relentless devotion to perfection and excellence drives us to constantly improve and enhance our products. Our products are a constantly evolving piece of art and an object of pride for our craftsmen at the P&G Akashi plant,” says Nina Gerodias, Assistant Brand Manager, Pampers Philippines.

Magic Gel Channels

Now available in the Philippines, moms can say goodbye to wet and saggy diapers that wake a sleeping baby during the night. The Magic Gel Channels, unique to the Pampers Premium Care line, allows even and fast absorption that will prevent sagging and discomfort.

What’s more? Unlike other brands, the entire Pampers diaper is sulit because all the areas (front and back) holds pee without the leak. No more guilt – when you throw away half-full (front full for boys, back full for girls) diaper because sayang the dry parts (the baby only used half of what you pay for) nor when you go against your instinct and decided to change the baby a little later to make sulit of the dry parts (wear it in reverse or wait for another pee until ma-distribute sa dry area) but makes the baby prone to irritant like rashes and the bulky uncomfortable feel.

Did you know? You can use soiled (pee only) diapers for longer water retention, as soil expander and as fertilizer for your house plant.

Skin Protection Lotion

We are living in the tropics, and as much as I would want to splatter and marinate their skin to au natural organic lotions, the baby can only take so much – in fact, their bodies are hotter than adults. Hence, at times, when it’s too hot, I only apply pea size on all four limbs and concentrate on the rough parts like siko (elbows), tuhod (knees) and sakong (ankles).

How about the covered parts of the body? A pea size of lotion if the room is cool enough, or skip it altogether and only trust Pampers features – breathable cloth-like diaper and a layer of Skin Protection Lotion. Yes, Pampers Premium Care has also upgraded diapers with Skin Protection Lotion to wrap babies in silky softness that is gentle on skin.

Absorb Away Liner and S-Flex Feature

Pampers Premium Care has also imparted innovations especialy designed according to babies’ lifestage. For newborns, the NB and S sizes come with a specially designed top sheet called the Absorb Away Liner. This quickly absorbs runny messes, and helps reduce the risk of skin irritation.

For babies who transition to Pants variants, a unique S-Flex technology protects the skin from friction, moving with the baby so he can crawl and walk comfortably. The pants variant also allows ease when changing so babies’ movement is uninterupted.

Only the Best!   

For more than 50 years, parents have trusted Pampers to care for their babies. Pampers is a part of The Procter & Gamble Company (NYSE:PG) and is the #1-selling diaper worldwide. Every day, more than 25 million babies in 100 countries around the world wear Pampers. Pampers offers a complete range of diapers, wipes and training pants designed to provide protection and comfort for every stage of baby’s development.

With Pampers diaper innovations made with the cutting-edge Japan craftsmanship, it’s no surprise that the Pampers Premium Care is the most preferred newborn diaper by Manila’s top hospitals. In addition, Smart Parenting—the parenting authority in the Philippines—has given Pampers its seal of approval as the diaper “Best for Newborn Skin.”

Did you know? Pampers also has a line for Preemie Babies! Although not yet available for public, Pampers Premium Care for Preemie Babies are exclusively distributed to selected hospitals nationwide.

The brand is also recognized as the No. 1 Recommended Brand for Newborn Skin by the Mother and Child Nursing Association of the Philippines (MCNAP), a duly-recognized specialty professional nursing organization with solid national presence.

“As the No. 1 Diaper Brand in the World, Pampers is committed to delivering on the needs of both moms and health care professionals. The various expert recognitions given to the new Pampers Premium Care line reinforce the brand’s capability to be Filipino mom’s partner in giving world-class care to their babies,” concludes Nina Gerodias, Assistant Brand Manager, Pampers Philippines.



ありがとうございました (^-^) Pampers Japan for creating the best #Pampers line up, the Pampers Premium Care! And ありがとうございました (Arigatogozaimashita) #PampersPh for sending over#PampersPremiumCare!

Visit http://www.pampers.com to learn more about Pampers products, and find ideas and information to help your baby get the most out of love, sleep and play.

Stay tuned as we’ll about to put this Japanese made craft to the test! Can’t wait for our demo? Buy it online atwww.lazada.com.ph/pampers-official-store


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