#gerilenmbf: Holding Hands While Dancing to Forever

The universe aligned as he kneel down and popped the question. “Will you marry me?”

A video played back in your head. You vividly remembered how he fell asleep in your lap, you softly chuckled as you mentally mimicked his snore. His awkward laugh like a seal running out of breath was funny. His mental to video games and to answer “Dota o Ako”, him kneeling down meant you won the battle.

Tearfully nodding, you whispered a sobbing but convicted yes.

You looked into each other’s eyes foreseeing the future as you exchange “I do.”

The planning was a heck of once-in-a-lifetime roller coaster ride and the wedding, albeit it’s imperfection, was amazing. Your future was sealed.  And you live happily ever after… or do you? Let’s look in to the details of that three dots that came after those promising words

And they live the happily ever after…


The Honeymoon years

There’s no nightlife for a newly wed husband; the wife is eagerly awaiting his return. Here’s a poem I wrote for newly weds.

#gerilenmbf: “A Waiting Romance”
I’m cold and I’m alone,
but I’ll be waiting here at home
come, caress me tonight
Darling, embrace me tight
Rule over my body,
Complete my being, baby…
I’ll show you what I’ve got,
I’ll take you to my spot.
These… exclusively yours,
and so are my heart and soul…
Make me sweat, make me shout…
Husband, slow it down, hush me till the dawn…

The master’s might be sizzling but the honeymoon stage is also the adjustment stage. The fact that you’re cohabiting means you’ll start hearing him snore every night. The OCD in you will wail in protest when you’re mate’s lazy slob attitude (opposite attracts, remember?) kicks in. This is also the time that’ll be revealed to what does your mate look life when he/she woke up aka the reality, which translate to farts and rainbows, or in a more sensible way, the good and the bad, the imperfections. And in this stage, you both should adjust, compromise and decide not just for yourself’s interest but for the both of you.

wpid-IMG_20131016_223404.jpgGive flowers just because.

Never expect that just because you exchanged wedding vows, and live on the same address means you’re spare to the drama of complications and an instant experts at married life. Yes, you might have acquired valuable social skills when you were single, and they might have improved while you were dating. Marriage however is a whole new challenge, it will test those skills in new ways and will very much require that you gain new ones.

Settling in the nest

Whether with kids or not, this is where the line in the graph will back drop a little but will continue on a more steadier pace – like spoon sleeping and waking up on each other’s back. You can fart and not mind it.

A video played back in your head. You vividly remembered how he fell asleep in your lap, did you softly chuckled or snorted in dismay as you mentally mimicked his snore? His awkward laugh like a seal running out of breath was funny, was it funny now? His mental to video games and to answer “Dota o Ako”, him kneeling down meant you won the battle, or did you? And does it bother you?

Very much settled in the nest – comfortable and warm. And sometimes, boring. This is where we temptation to look for others, or giving up on your mate happens when you’re not happy anymore. Like formerly stated, we must compromise and meet half-way to make it through.

Look to God for a Happy Relationship – After all, the originator of marriage is God. Genesis 2: 22, 23 described the first marriage. Eve, the first woman was brought to her man, Adam.

“This is at last bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.”

The husband is the head of the family.—Ephesians 5:23.

If you are a husband, it is expected that you care for your wife tenderly as she was made to complement you. She was from your side to protect, not from your feet to step on. Shower her with dignity and love and as much as possible, put her interest in front of yours.

The wife on the other hand needs to respect the head of the family deeply and support him to fulfill his role. Support wholeheartedly, cooperate and suggest for the betterment of the family. With this, you will not only be beautiful to your husband’s eyes, you will also be beautiful to your Creator’s.

Forgive Fluently – Do not expect perfection of yourself or of your mate. No one is perfect, including your mate and your marriage. Do not nurture bitterness on your spouse’s mistake and zealously work to overcome your hateful remarks – this will be the key to your road of recovery and happier days ahead.

Make love grow – Like growing a plant in a pot, good communication is like drizzling refreshing water to the dried dying crop. Work hard to speak respectfully to each other and be more emphatic by being more understanding to your SO (significant other)’s feelings and thoughts. Through good communication, you can solve the problem easily and peacefully.

Holding Hands while Dancing to Forever with DelFabcon

When you’re loving someone, you remember everything about that someone – the outline of hair, your favorite trait, tone of voice, even the smell.

Did you know? Smell is the oldest sense.

Just like smell, marriage is the oldest and the smallest community of humans. Even when eyes closed, you can smell and determine your loved ones. Check out how how Team Kramer is trusting Del to keep their clothes mabango all day.


Scents can make you nostalgic.

It can make you remember treasured memory with a loved one in the past and with Del Forever you can make memories more special because Del Forever Joy and Love now has 15x longer lasting bangooooo vs a regular detergent brand based on consumer test in Metro Manila.

Wearing perfume is so luxurious but expensive, but with Del Forever you can smell like a million bucks for only Php 4.00 SRP! Even when drying clothes, the laundry area where your clothes lines are and your closets were your folded clothes are will definitely smell delightful.

Not just that, because it’s 15x longer bango than regular detergent brand, you can smell beautiful and handsome even at the end of the day! Now. you don’t have to cuddle your loved ones after work while worrying if you’re smelling like smog or a PUV exhaust!

DELDel Fabric Conditioner will keep the sweetness long-lasting and keep the relationship fresh!

Forever is a myth, while Lifetime is rare.

Marriage is tough. It demands constant effort and teamwork for both husband and wife to make it work. One secret of having a long-lasting relationship is to keep God as the center of the marriage.

Marriage, for me is like holding hands while dancing to forever. You can step on your partner’s foot, miss a rhythm and skip a beat. But with the right determination, and continuous practice, you and your partner will perfect the steps and will fluidly dance to the music – two beings being one.

Marriage is tough but can succeed, and to keep forever alive, I’ll end my post with this cute #TeamKramer #CudDelForever TVC:

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