#GerifiedPH: Chocolate for Vitamins?

Seeing me getting a spoon and the bottles of multivitamins, both Dabibot and Kulayot will run as fast as they can to get away. They will hide in the nooks and crannies of the house, and usually end up hiding their faces behind their dad – which is a very wrong move.

With arms and legs trapped by dad, mom will push the syrup down their throats. The trick is you have to slowly remove the spoon so they will not have time to spit it out, and will instead gulp down faster to not make the weird taste linger in their mouths longer. Albeit their sour faces, our daily mission is a struggle that could break a (parent’s) sweat and (child’s) tear but always complete – to drink multivitamins.


Even a little rubbing of candy wrapper creases could make the sleepy toddlers and children alert like pack of wolves. The rustling sound of a crumpled candy wrapper could make a can’t-hear-my-name toddler’s eyes wide; it’s a proven head-turner!

And believe me, they could hunt down the treats just by the motivating image of finally adoring the surprise of colourful packaging and themselves finally munching the sweets. The delightful whiff of sweetness and the mouth-watering reward when they lastly find it could tear their cheeks from smiling while chewing. Always make sure to have water around as this could also lead to anticipated choking.


See the difference?

How many children love to drink vitamins? Hardly…

How many children love chocolates? A lot!

How ironic for children to take vitamins daily and avoid chocolates as much as possible! (Of course very dark bitter chocolates are healthy but how many kids actually love it?) And every parents primary concern is the total health of his/her children, physical, mental, socio-emotional and even spiritual health Good thing, some genius bloke from Iberica-Verheilen Pharmaceuticals Group, a German company, thought of turning chocolate into a multivitamins to solve the dilemma of both parents – on how to make kids drink multivitamins without the risk of spilling the precious fluid and children – on how to eat chocolate as often as possible. It’s like these lads are the fairy godmother turning chocolates into an elixir of health.

Introducing ChocoVit Syrup Multivitamins with Zinc.

chocovit gerifiedph.png

The delicious benefits of ChocoVit includes:

B-Complex – One of the ChocoVit’s strongest suit is its B-Complex formulation. ChocoVit’s unique formulation contribute to a wide range of crucial functions which include among others:

•a healthy nervous system

•proper focus

•supports memory

•emotional calmness and sleep

•promotes growth and strong bones

•strong heart for growing children

•increase oxygen uptake and production of red blood cells

•supports of the immune system

•maintaining healthy skin

Zinc – is one of the most important trace elements our body needs. It supports a healthy immune system and hence prevents colds among others. Even when one has colds it helps shorten the period and increases recovery time. Zinc is also given during diarrhea and aids in creating a healthy digestive environment.

Fatigue? Recovery? Zinc plays a critical role on both. Of course it goes without saying that zinc is an important antioxidant. In fact, there are studies that suggests zinc can help prevent cancer.

Vitamin D3 – also known as the “Sunshine Vitamin”, Vitamin D is for overall good health including a robust immune system, anti-oxidant, strong heart, strong bones, balance hormones, nerve health, strong muscles and supportive growth for teenage kids.

Truly, growing children need a supplement of Vitamin D3 even those living in the tropical countries like the Philippines!

Vitamin A – Healthy eyes, strong lungs, immune support and lovely skin, these are the key phrases and imagery Vitamin A conjures. Indeed, Vitamin A is one of the truly important Vitamins one can have. Unless your child loves to eat half a cup of carrots which is the best source of Vitamin A, better supplement him with ChocoVit!

15626219_1503985906281431_3404314513249935418_oDabibot, the carrot baby.

Vitamin E – A powerful anti-oxidant, Vitamin E is touted to fight free-radicals in a very potent manner. It is good for the heart, skin, hair, immune system, brain and even lowers cancer risks.

Last week, October 27, ChocoVit Philippines invited mommy bloggers and kids to a fun-filled afternoon of exciting games and scrumptious meals at the La Marapili Restaurant at the Ayala 30th Mall. Inside there were areas for coloring their favorite anime characters and a face painting booth, too!

chocovit gerifiedph kulayot.jpgKulayot with his arms full of stars!

This was our first time to try ChocoVit and Kulayot’s first reaction… “I want more!”

Mary Poppins flew down from London to give a live performance, and ChocoVit’s very own Teddy Bear gave children fun selfie time! While hosts Mr. KG Magtoto and Ms. Jen introduced us to ChocoVit, its Philippine Manager, Mr. Edward Isaac and held several giveway raffles and on-the-spot contests to the audience.

More photos of the event here.”

The best time to give ChocoVit is before bedtime to make the goodness of ChocoVit work inside the body, replenishing and repairing while at sleep. It is also best to incorporate ChocoVit during sickness like flu and fever. What’s more? You could use ChocoVit as a chaser for bitter-tasting medicines like antibiotics!

There is no overdosing in ChocoVit, so aside from giving it before brush time at night, you could also turn ChocoVit into syrup on their pancakes! ChocoVit will not stain your toddler’s teeth, so why not make it as a reward for a job well done be it on school or after helping in the household chores!

You can let them adore the yummy packaging of ChocoVit without the worry of breaking the bottle because ChocoVit is in a child-proof PET bottle!

The chocolate flavour in ChocoVit is hypoallergenic hence doesn’t cause coughing and is generally safe for children with allergies and kids with G6PD.

chocovit gerifiedph dabibot.jpgDabibot with ChocoVit smudges on his face giving a thumbs up!

Ending this post with a cute video on how ChocoVit is the best chocolate:

For more details and amazing ChocoVit Syrup promos, visit their Official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/chocovitforkids.

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