#GerifiedPH: Preserve Memoirs with PhotoBook Worldwide!

Do you want to give someone a personalized gift? Do you want to record your baby’s (real baby, business, passion) milestone? Or just like me, do you want to preserve your loved ones’ precious memories? Then you may want to consider the online services that Photobook Worldwide offers.

29214583_1698116993564887_810122070015868928_oI like how sturdy the hardbound covers are. The photo book comes with a paper box for extra protection and it is also bubble-wrapped!

If you want one of this all you have to do is:
First, download the app in Apple Store or Google Play.


Launch the app and select from the following: Simple Books, Hardcover Photobooks, Photoprints, Home Decors, Calendars, and more!

Personalise your project and tap to upload your project and that’s it!

What I like about Photobook Worldwide?

7-Day Guaranteed Shipping. I got mine in just 3 days after I ordered online.

Free Express Shipping Available.

100% Quality Guarantee.

100,00s FREE Personalization Options.

Photobook Worldwide is now available on these countries: Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Malaysia, Europe, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, UAE, Brunei and in the Philippines!

Aside from personalized photobooks, you can also get creative with cards, canvas, calendars, metal prints, photo prints, layflat photobooks, notebooks, posters, insta cards and even business cards.

Check out Photobook Worldwide official website at www.photobookworldwide.com




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