#GerifiedPH: Zoom Courier

In a developing country like the Philippines, courier services are imperative in improving the economy status of the nation as it assist in building businesses (including and most specially those small start-ups whose presence are in the online market only) in transporting goods – important documents, all kinds of stuff that can now be bought online, and the likes.


Zoom (/zo͞om/) – is to express sudden fast movement.

Established in 2016, one of the rising courier service in the Philippines is the zoom courier. Zoom, as described by the dictionary is a word to express sudden fast movement, and zoom courier has been operating for two years now and they offer more than just delivering your packages.


Zoom courier offers the cheapest shipping rates. It has unlimited weight for small and medium packages within Metro Manila and has free pickup within Metro Manila and GMA areas as well, hence no need to go elsewhere to ship.

Zoom Celero Couriers Inc. was established in February 1, 2016.

Through their easy to navigate website (www.zoomcourier.ph), you could conveniently book a scheduled pickup even for multiple delivery transaction, this is a very convenient way to ship items for your online shop!


Well, I have been using this courier service every now and then, and what I instantly liked about zoom courier is that its way cheaper than the leading courier service which basically do the same thing – to deliver package.

I haven’t lost any packages nor received damaged/broken items but I did experience several days of delay. The delivery time usually laps a day to a week, sometimes depending on the weather (I used to live in Baguio) but usually, it’s because of either increased volume than usual or that the destination is hard to track.

I know that what we always look for is the ideal – the perfection, but in reality, there’s no such thing as perfect hosting provider. And I must admit knowing subconsciously that, and the fact that the holiday season during the last quarter of the year indeed have had effect on their efficiency as volume of deliveries may have doubled, if not tripled, but more or less, it’s good enough for me. Why?

Despite the downtime and issues that caused the delay, the customer service support team always respond to my ticket in a timely manner. They explained politely what causes the delay and they always see to it that the matter be resolved quickly as possible.

And there’s always room for improvement, and I must say, the company strives and improved a lot and here are some of the aspects where zoom courier has been striving to continuously develop and how it can be your reliable partner in growing your business or your start-up brand.


Routing and Directional Abilities – Zoom courier has online and mobile tracking systems that provide periodical updates on delivery status. With this technology, zoom courier services are now more efficient when it comes to tracking down the receiver’s end. Upon pickup from shipper, notifications are also sent wherein onsignee/buyer get on to informing the delivery status. It’s reliable tracking system-online and up-to-date on their website gives status updates even on your mobile, making them a sufficient fast courier service in Metro Manila.

Integrate Zoom’s API – Have an online store? Zoom courier is the best courier provider for online sellers. Automatically schedule a booking on Zoom’s system when someone orders directly from your online store. Update your customers with the package delivery status right on your website for a better user experience.

Payment Methods and Service Fees – Zoom courier offers Cash on Delivery option for Metro Manila and GMA consignee/buyer at only 40 pesos add-on COD fee. COD transactions payment deposited within 2 to 3 banking days to the shipper’s account makes it very convenient for both the seller and buyer. What’s more? Zoom courier as mentioned earlier, attracts small businesses as it offers the cheapest door to door services with the lowest shipping fee rates. Affordable and easy.

Zoom Courier offers the cheapest services and lowest shipping fee rates.

Delivery Time and Booking Cut-Off Time – Booking cut off time daily is 2pm for same day pickup and next day delivery within Metro Manila. Beyond 2pm shipment is for next day pick-up and it will only take at least 3 to 4 days delivery nationwide.

Package Insurance – Zoom courier offers free shipment or package insurance for items declared at Php 1000.00 below and very low fee for items above Php1000.00 through Valuation Charge (courier insurance).

Operative Documentation – Since couriers are receiving data from their customers, keeping track of delivery records on each of their turns will help them become for effective when it comes to retrieving information such as client’s contact number, home or business address and even the number or frequency of their service. This documentation makes notification for both shipper and consignee easier tracking of confirmed pick up delivery date and time, and it’s just an email or a text message away.

Customer Service – Since document and package delivery is a service business, it will only follow that couriers should have at least a customer service line and zoom courier can be conveniently reached via mobile, email and Messenger. Aside from timely delivery, zoom courier customers could expect polite assistance from all of their staff – from online representatives to delivery guys with proper knowledge of payment methods, service procedures and firm support to problems with client’s interest as their priority. A pleasant attitude despite problems makes zoom courier one of the best.

The crucial purpose of a courier is to transport goods from sender to receiver; and being in a third world country, we are used to few options when it comes to delivering packages; it will cost you an arm and a leg with expensive fees and the service, aside from delayed deliveries, the deliverable are sometimes either damaged, broken or worse lost, lost without even the possibility of tracking!  But the future in e-commerce is very promising as sending and receiving something is a little more fluid nowadays especially that new and improved Zoom Courier is on the rise!

Visit official Zoom Courier website: www.zoomcourier.ph

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/zoomcourier/

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