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Hafa Adai everyone! Do you want to be in the USA and Asia at the same time? Be in Guam! Guam, albeit a United States island territory in Micronesia, is located at the tropical Pacific, specifically 900 miles north the equator in the West side of Pacific.

Guam is The island’s Spanial colonial heritage is still evident as seen in the Fort Nuestra Senora de la Soledad on top of a bluff in Umatac and has distinguished summer beaches spread across the entire country with Chamorro villages and ancient latte-stone pillars.

Did you know? Hafa Adai in Guam’s language Chamorro means Hello.

Aside from the beautiful location, Guam is also known for their warm and hospitable people,


and yours truly had the opportunity to meet and dance some of them at the recently concluded #InstaGUAM event held at the Activity Center, Bonifacio High Street.

Disclaimer: I’ve never been to Guam. But last week, I was cordially invited to witness what Guam has to offer, and I must say, I want to discover Guam, for real!

Discover Guam the Local Way

Do not be just a tourist, be a traveler. And you could be a traveler when you roam around the the villages of Guam the local Chamorros’ way. The island is like an open water park with open playground for water sports enthusiasts from swimming to windsurfing, kayaking, snorkeling, jet skiing, kite boarding, parasailing and diving!

Skydive in Guam

Boost your morning with the jump of your life! Before diving in the sea, dive in the sky for adventure! Also known as tandem skydiving, the sport which was initially used as a military application offers visitors the extreme risk adventure of a lifetime! Get the adrenaline rushing while falling in the sky in style!

If you’re not ready yet to skydive, enjoy Guam’s Air in Parasailing! Peaceful ocean waters is a great view to plan your Guam’s itinerary.

Dive in Guam

Hundred varieties of colorful fishes, 300 kinds of coral species, 220 species of benthic marine algae and historic wrecks from World Wars I and II are the highlights of Guam’s seascape offerings. Guam’s open sea is not just home to diverse coral and marine life, it is also one of the most affordable place to learn how to dive. Tick diving off the bucket list in Guam’s diving environment fit from beginners to expert divers!

34480489_1788361841224564_4646124994647031808_o.jpgPhoto (c): Visit Guam Facebook

The best part in Diving in Guam is not just the vast sea creatures and beautiful corals, it is also abundant in history, from Apra Harbor to Harbor Dives only accessible by small boats like Blue Hole, Shark Pit, The Crevice, Barracuda Rock, Hap’s Reef and 11-Mile Reef, shipwrecks from WWI and WWII and hard coral reefs are a delight you would not want to miss.

Didi you know? Kitsugawa Maru  is a deeper water located in the west of Tokai Maru where two of the best shipwrecks are located.

Aside from the rich sea, visitors are encouraged to do dolphin watching, riverboat trips and visit the seven picturesque golf course paradises! Guam is all in one from, water, to land, and even air! Yup, you could skydive in the morning and dive in the afternoon in Guam! Skydiving is one of the extreme daredevil sports for visitors who seek adrenaline rush.

Roam in Guam

As a tropical country, Guam offers explorations from picturesque golf courses to historical landmarks to hiking!

Guam is a golfer’s paradise with its golf courses including Leo Palace Resort, Onward Talofofo Golf Club, Starts Guam Golf Resort, Onward Mangilao Golf Club, Guam International Country Club, WIndward Hills Country Club and Country Club of the Pacific. These resorts feature various degrees of dificulty and are located in magnificent spots throughout the island.

34192196_1781410221902230_6964188719121170432_n.jpgYours Truly with Miss Guam during the #InstaGUAM Fair 2018

Guam’s landmarks southern homes and villages across the island. That’s right, cities in Guam are called villages and they have a lot to offer! One of which is the Latte, also known as the foundation pillars for the thatched huts of the Chamorros and are found in parks and out-of-the-way jungle areas.

Did you know? Guam is the largest of the Micronesian islands with 4-8 miles wide and 32 miles long.

Since the island was formed by the union of two volcanoes, a limestone plateau in the northern and southern sections of Guam can be visibly seen, a remembrance from the extinct volcanoes. The Spanish Era are visibly seen in the graceful remains of Spanish buildingst like the Plaza de Espana where the Spanish governor reside, and stone bridges in Hagatna.

Did you know? Hagatna is the Capital City of Guam.

Northern Guam offers Mount Santa Rosa which is the highest point in the North, South Pacific Memorial Park. Central Guam includes Asan Bay Overlook, Sigua Falls and War in the Pacific Historical Park. Southern Guam on the other hand offers a sweeping view of the mountainous southern portion of Guam in Sella Bay, and the waterfall valleys, mountain ranges and Umatac Village below the I Memorias Para I Lalahita shrine.

Shop in Guam

Shopping in Guam is a lot less expensive.  You can even pick up luxury and high-end brands at relatively affordable prices plus, it’s tax free.

It’s a shopping haven if you want to buy quality brands for a lot less.

The best parts? No traffic and malls are open 24/7!


The InstaGuam Fair is the biggest Guam Travel Expo in Philippines. It showcased the best of Chamorro culture with traditional presentations from indigenous performers and authentic island cuisine straight from Guam.

The #Instaguam Fair gave visitors a taste if the locally made produce and products in Guam like the Chamorro chips and cookies, Chamorro Gourmet Pika Jelly, Hafa Adai flavored honey that includes coffee, cinnamon, pepper and ginger honey.

33987316_1781411658568753_9065434991185362944_n.jpgDelicious island dishes like Chamorro BBQ with red rice, Tinala Katne aka Dried Beef, Chicken and Shrimp Kalaguen all flushed down with CocoTap and shaved iced in blueberry and strawberry syrup!

More photos of the #InstaGUAM event here.

I had so much fun while learning about Guam in the #InstaGuam event. I danced, laughed and eat my heart out as I listen to performers sing and dance in the windy afternoon! But discovering about Guam for real by traveling there, sipping buko juice and tanning in the sun is the real deal! How to get there? Visa! Guam allows dozen of countries for a pass entry of without visa for a period of up to 45 days! this includes UK and Australia among others.

Visit Guam Visitors Bureau at 8491-A, Rockwell Drive Kalayaan ave. Corner Matilde St. Poblacion, Makati City

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/visitguamph/

Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/visitguamph/

Official Website: www.

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