Feeling stinky when you perspire? Don’t sweat it!Nico Bolzico and Alex Gonzaga puts New Downy Sports to anExtreme Freshness Challenge

More and more Filipinos are living an active lifestyle, and getting into various sports and outdoor activities. The Philippines being tropical and humid in nature – it is very challenging to remain smelling fresh all day.
Some even shy away from extreme physical activity because of fears that they won’t smell good from all the sweating. But don’t sweat it! Downy, the world’s best-selling fabric enhancer, recently launched the New Downy Sports – the first and only fabric enhancer in the world with 24-hour odor protection technology for your clothes. It is designed to provide active individuals engaged in extreme physical activities the confidence of a long-lasting refreshing scent even on sweaty days.
Proving that smelling fresh and feeling great can be possible despite prolonged physical
activities, Downy Sports recently held the 24-Hour All-Star Freshness Challenge, an afternoon of intense basketball games pitting celebrity-led teams headed by actress and vlogger Alex Gonzaga, as well as soccer player and fitness enthusiast Nico Bolzico.
In one intense afternoon, members of Team Alex and Team Nico gathered at the Kerry
Sports Plaza over at Shangri-la at The Fort to test each others’ basketball wits and
sweat in the court. Making up Team Alex were Thirdy Ravena, Michele Gumabao,
and Maricel Laxa – Pangilinan. Team Nico, on the other hand, had Kianna Dy,
Joanne Villablanca, and Anton Del Rosario. Each all-star team was coached by
professional basketball stars including LA Tenorio, JC Intal, Asi Taulava, Jeff Chan,
Marc Pingris, and Robert Bolick.
Members of each team wore jerseys rinsed with Downy Sports, whose innovative
malodor-removing technology is activated by friction. Rubbing the clothes releases
perfume bubbles that keep the fabrics smelling fresh all day long.
After hours of intense action, including lay-up matches, a dribbling obstacle course, and
a basketball game, the players hung their jerseys in an all-star freshness gallery. The
players were astounded that despite the tremendous amount of sweat accumulated
from the afternoon of intense action, the jerseys smelled amazingly fresh.
“This is just awesome. My jersey still smells great even if it’s drenched in sweat. And the
best thing is that I feel fresh. Considering my lifestyle, I’ll definitely make sure that my
clothes are washed with Downy Sports so that I’ll always smell fresh. Definitely,
wifezilla-approved!” said Nico Bolzico.
All Star Team.png
Alex agreed. “I can’t believe that my jersey still smells good even after those sweaty games. Downy Sports is really a refreshing discovery, and now I know I’ll get to stay fresh all day – whether it’s for sports or for the everyday hustle with tapings, vlogging, events, and shopping!,” Downy Sports’ extreme malodor protection is expected to benefit millions of Filipinos who want to continue living an active lifestyle with the confidence of having 24-hour odor protection, even through sweat!
“The Philippines is a tropical country with high humidity so people tend to sweat a lot,
especially when they engage in physical activities and sports. Many complain of the
stench in their clothes whenever they sweat. We are confident that with the New Downy
Sports’ 24-hour deodorant protection, Filipinos will be assured that they will smell and
feel fresh even in extreme sweaty situations in their daily routine,” said Cedric Le Goff,
Country Category Leader for Downy Philippines.
Don’t sweat the small stuff. Make the most of an active lifestyle as you stay fresh and
confident with Downy Sports.
Downy Sports is now available in all major retailers nationwide, and online via Shopee

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