Make Gift Giving Hassle-Free with GC Regalo!

We decided to go traditional when it comes to our wedding gifts…

We regretted it.

We had two rice cookers a cream one and a green leprechaun one, six sets of fancy drinking glasses, three sets of fancy drinking glasses with fancy looking pitcher, another three sets of fancy looking bowls, two power blenders, three power juicers and several bed covers – the worse part, of different sizes – King size, queen size and a double.

The Receiver’s Dead End

I don’t want to sound like an old brat hag, we did appreciate that receiving gift is a privilege. We knew for a fact that these items are well-thought of, but having several of these all at once for all these years, we’re in our 6th year of marriage and there are still some gifts fancy wrapped, hidden behind cupboards and closets and nooks around the house.

Honestly though, it did felt more like a burden than a blessing when you’re out of space for new stuff (gifts or purchased) coming in (Hoarding 101: You can’t give away something that someone gave, it has a sentimental value.) or when you had to get through all the jungle of stuff to get that particular item hidden behind.

The number of things you possess but don’t need is equally proportional to your stress.

That’s one of the downside of receiving unsolicited advises and in this particular topic, gifts.

But alas, giving and receiving gifts is one of the Filipino traits of showing generosity that it makes the celebration more special and exciting! Opening of gifts is usually the highlight of the event for the celebrants. The delightful and warm feeling of giving gift even just because is what makes life full of fun surprises and memorably kilig – the fancy wrapping and the process of unboxing aka solving the mystery of what’s to unravel. Things escalate (when the gift is presented) and rise steady from there or it can deescalate very fast – in my case, peaking through enough to see it’s the seventh set of another fancy drinking glasses.

The Agony of Giving

Take it from me, gift giving is a challenge. It can be exhausting – it may actually make a weakling nauseous and out of breath.

Now let’s get our perspective straight on the giver’s end.  It’s better to give than to receive. And I solemnly believe on this virtue. One Japanese man volunteered to evacuation sites after the tsunami hits and took away his livelihood along with his entire family. The act of giving his self to others made him strong enough to move forward.

But giving an actual gift is another story, for it can actually be a pain to endure as well.

After troubling yourself in the budget section, you move forward to what to buy and how to buy it, and from there you’ll learn that:

Delivery charges are costly especially when it’s either light but bulky or small but heavy. Charges also depends on where you will actually send your gift. Will it be catapulted in the middle of nowhere? Is your receiver living under a rock on top of the mountainous forest in the middle of Bermuda Triangle or in one of the anemones passed the Australian east current?

It doesn’t matter, you’ll have to pay a good chunk of money so even if you get a steal deal, it’ll be stolen back to you. Or worst, the package would pass the scrutiny of a corrupted agency giving you extra charges, extra hours or months of waiting whether it already arrived, received or worse, missing! #beentheredonethat

You can also squeeze the creative juice in you if your up for it (that usually happens after your daily dose of caffeine) and do a more personal touch to your gift, but that’s a 50-50 chance for it can only be either extremely artistic or extremely ugly. Plus, aside from money, you need a lot of time, effort and stress-free brain cells. #truthhurts

Come to think of it, we really aren’t sure what’s out there – the slimy thingy that touched your toe when you submerged in the water, whether his complement is sarcastic or truthful, and the mystery if the gift is a handy blessing just in the nick of time or an unbearable curse they will passed on to their next generation. Unless you get it from their wish list or they plainly blurt it out when you asked them – which kills the surprise factor.

A person can have panic attack triggered at times when the due (event or celebration) is nearing and still you don’t have time to think about what to get and time to actually shop or browse to get it.

There is also an underlying stress in handling your gifts as you can’t travel all gifts as easily like the others. Cold gifts will melt on the way, hot gifts will cool down on the way. Fragile might break, heavy might make you sweat a bucket, some may spoil and some may pull on one of your legs in the process.

Aside from the fact that some private commute services are still suspended. You can’t carry it carefully and marathon your way to the MRT, fight your way for a seat in the bus, and sleep your way inside the jeepney without the risk of waking up empty handed. The worst, the remote parking area is ten blocks away from the fancy shabby place.

GC Regalo: Philippine’s Number 1 Online Gift Certificate Shop by Sodexo & SM

These challenges are so familiar that Sodexo and SM came up with GC Regalo, Ang Gift Certificate ng Bayan!

GC Regalo is basically an online gift certificate store made by the largest retailer in the Philippines, SM and the largest gift voucher company Sodexo in the Philippines. It offers hassle-free solution in sending gifts to family, loved ones, even business partners all through out the Philippines via gift certificates that caters more than 9,000 establishments nationwide!

PP-5001.jpgSodexo Premium Pass/Sodexo Gift Check/Sodexo Gift Certificate

You can buy SM Gift Certificates online and send it directly without the hassle. Now, even Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) can skip the delivery charge, extra taxes and long waiting for only a minimum worth of Php 2,000.00 gift certificate which entitles the gift giver a free delivery charge!

What’s more? Since GC Regalo is directly producing the gift certificates of SM and Sodexo in the Philippines, when compared to other online platforms, GC Regalo has the lowest price offer. This is definitely the real deal!

You will never find it difficult to choose or buy a gift, no worries whether they’ll like it or not; with GC Regalo, your beloved recipients now have the freedom to choose the gift they want. GC Regalo’s online platform surely fires up the way of making the Filipino habit of giving gifts a happy occasion on both the giver and receiver. #WinWin

Fool proof your gift with GC Regalo! Enjoy Gifting!


Fisher Price Event for Expectant Moms: Great Mom in the Making!

Welcome to Motherhood Life-changing. Challenging. Emotional. Surprising. Rewarding. So many words to describe motherhood, all of them true. Yes, it can be crazy. And yes, it won’t be sunshine and rainbows every day. But for every trying day there will be many more joyous days. Like when your baby finally calls you “mama”. Or the time they smoosh you in a bear hug out of the blue. At those times, you remember why you’re a parent. Soon, your little newborn will become a toddler and before you know it, they’ll start school. Along the way, they’ll need your help to grow into person they’re meant to be.19956621_10156397034147995_7455801987711996022_o.jpg

Last Saturday, July 8, Fisher Price via Baby Company held its first leg of series of symposiums for expectant moms and moms with newborns and toddlers at SM Aura Premier.

Get the Best Possible Start with Fisher Price

As children are naturally playful and inquisitive, Fisher Price finds that the best way for them to learn is through play. That’s why Play IQ was developed, to give you a hand in your child’s Physical, Cognitive, Social and Emotional development. Read more below, you’ll find playtime ideas to help nurture your child’s development. Continue reading “Fisher Price Event for Expectant Moms: Great Mom in the Making!”

#GerifiedPH: Canon Pix Mommy Weekend x Pixma E Series Launch

First day of school was a success, no separate-anxiety symptoms, no cranky I-want-my-mommy attitude. Crying hormone is nowhere in sight, just a little hyper-activity running around, wiggling in place and voice in high pitch – what a promising first school year! Then I opened his assignment notebook. First sentence in the first page of it- a homework. A simple whole image of Kulayot in paper. Wow! I never thought kindergarten school would punch parents like this on first day. Punch is the term, but its not that violent, just a tad of hyperventilation and panic. Is it due tomorrow or the next Monday?

Apparently, it was due next week. That was a relief. I read the notebook halfway from falling asleep and preparing for tomorrow’s work.

The thing is, school today requires current technology which includes  a laptop/desktop, a printer and an internet connection.

Canon Pixma E Series

Canon introduced their latest addition in their line up for Ink Efficient All-In-One printers—the PIXMA Ink Efficient E410 and E470. These are the latest printers equipped with low-cost, high yield ink cartridges to ensure affordable cost of operation.

Wireless and Mobile Printing

Any home within a local wireless network can easily connect to the PIXMA E470 through its built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. Even without a wireless router, the PIXMA E470 is able to support direct wireless connection to mobile devices or laptop computers using its Access Point Mode.

Canon PIXMA Ink Efficient E410 SRP Php3,695.00

The PIXMA E470 is also cloud-aware, offering true print-from-anywhere mobility when paired with the Google Cloud Print*1 service. Users can now connect to the printer via the Internet through supported applications such as Gmail or Google Drive, or from the Google Chrome web browser on PCs and laptops running on Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Chrome operating systems.

Canon PIXMA Ink Efficient E470 SRP Php4,375.00


Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY App

When paired with the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app, users of the PIXMA E470 can print and scan documents and photos using any mobile device running with an iOS or Android operating system with wireless connectivity.

From the app, users can monitor ink levels, adjust printer settings, and register their printers to new cloud services, while the remote copy function allows them to make a document copy even when they are not physically beside the printer.

Enhanced Operability and Productivity Features

The PIXMA E470 is designed for easy wireless setup and connection, switching easily between wireless infrastructure connection, and Access Point Mode connection.

Both the PIXMA E470 and E410 print at 8.0 images per minute (ipm) when printing black and white, and 4.0 ipm when printing in color. The printers also support intelligent power management in the Auto Power ON/OFF setting, allowing automated shut down during idle period and power up when a print job is received.  This setting can be configured easily using the printer driver, or using the PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app.


The event was held at Vask Tapas Room in BGC wherein guests from the media, influencers and bloggers were served with scrumptious servings like Pintxos, Tacos, Rabas (squid with basil mayo), Croquetas, Patatas Bravas, Mejillones Tigre, Tortilla de Chorizo, Callos a la Bizkaina con Chorizo, Sauteed Mixed Veggies, Paella, Pecado al Horno and Pollo Asado. They also served Cochinillo, Tarta de Calamansi and Torrija, which ended sweetly with White Chocolate Mousse and our very own set of Canon printers! You didn’t saw that coming, huh? Check out more photos from the event here.

What’s more is that this is only the beginning! Canon will held several #PixMom events and guests can be assured that every Canon purchase is an investment to fun and memories!


Aside from the delish dishes, guests were in for a quick workshop hosted by Ms. Alessa Lanot of Life after breakfast Blog. The activity demands creativity in designing a mosaic using colored pens and a watercolor print of floras and patterns. The mini workshop outputs were printed on a canvass using the latest all-in-one Canon Pixma E470.


The event also held series of mini talks from Bloggers Shari Macaraig of The Misty Mom, who showed us how to make our toddlers “pose” for the camera by dropping the cheesy word “cheese” and Ava Zabat of FartsyAva that shared us how her Canon Pixma E470 helped her documenting whatsnots, encouraging her tod’s art potential while being efficient in doing business – printing handouts, documents, calling cards, even labels and sticker names.


But there’s more! Download the Canon Red App, available in Apple Store and Google Play and get more freebies and rewards from over 150 partner brands! Buy Canon products and enjoy earning points, prioritized services, product loans, free workshops, camera cleaning services for the avid-Canon shooters and even extended warranty of up to two years! Canon even have special after sales services plus up to Php10,000 worth of credits with every purchase of participating products!

“We also prioritize rewarding and giving importance to our avid Canon customers. By simply downloading the Canon Red App available in the Apple Store and Google Play, exciting freebies and rewards from over 150 partner merchants await our customers when they earn points,” said Tin Dacanay, Canon Philippines marketing manager.

Head on over to Canon Philippines for more information.

Visit Official Websites: visit and


Foster Creativity and Enhanced Learning with Canon’s PIXMA E Series Printers



Moms find the perfect printer for the family in the latest Canon PIXMA printer series

Cooking, painting, and scrapbook-making are just few of the many activities moms let their kids do to further their holistic development. It can be said that kids nowadays are busier and moms play a more challenging role to be highly creative, making every experience a learning platform for their kids. With the right technology, now, moms (and anyone in the family who has a creative streak!) are more empowered than ever, especially with the right printer that helps foster creativity and enhanced learning for the family – the Canon PIXMA E Series printers.

“Technology plays a vital role in the development of children. As a company that aims to bring delight to everyone, we make sure that our products are part of every delightful moment,” shares Benny Yu, Consumer Group Director of Canon Marketing Philippines, Inc. “Family moments are delightful moments worth having memories of. Through the newly-launched series of Canon PIXMA E printers, we wish to make these moments count – from using our printers to produce work that will help enhance the creativity and learning of kids, to documenting these moments via photos.”  Through the Canon PIXMA E series printers, print quality is never compromised by its cost efficiency – making unending delightful moments happen.

There are many ways by which the Canon PIXMA E Series printers can help every family moment memorable: The Canon PIXMA E410 is perfect for moms who help put together her children’s numerous drafts of artworks, sketches and projects with its ability to print up to 400 black and white documents, and 180 colored pages. The design savvy student will enjoy the PIXMA E470’s built-in Wi-Fi features that can help print from anywhere to meet that deadline when paired with the Google Cloud Print*1 service. Teens in the family can immortalize their best photos on Facebook through the PIXMA MG3070s with its PIXMA Cloud Link application for remote printing of Facebook albums and online contents with mobile devices. While the compact PIXMA E480 model is best suited for aspiring entrepreneurs in the family with its on-the-go faxing and scanning features.

Watch out for the upcoming Canon #PIXMom series of events in the malls nearest you in July. Families can visit Canon’s interactive booths: a back-to-school booth where kids can select icons of what they want to be when they grow up; a kitchen booth where guests can design their cupcakes; the creatives in the family can print their own coloring sheets and scrapbook in the arts and crafts booth; plus dads and kids can test the speed of taking sharp photos using select Canon cameras at the basketball booth.

Guests are assured that every Canon purchase they make counts. “We also prioritize rewarding and giving importance to our avid Canon customers. By simply downloading the Canon Red App available in Apple Store and Google Play, exciting freebies and rewards from over 150 partner merchants awaits our customers when they earn points,” shares Canon Philippines Marketing Manager Tin Dacanay. Registered users can enjoy discounts, prioritized service and product loans, free workshops, camera cleaning, extended warranty up to two years, special after sales services, plus up to Php10,000 worth of credits with every purchase of participating Canon products.

Don’t miss out on an exciting, artsy, and fun-filled weekend of activities and promotions by Canon. For more information, visit and


About Canon in the Philippines

Canon is a multibillion dollar company with one of the most extensive products lines of digital imaging devices.

2017 marks the company’s 31st consecutive year it has been ranked among the top five U.S. patent holders and the 12th consecutive year it has been ranked first among Japanese companies for the number of U.S. patents granted. It continues to enrich lives through technological innovation.

Guided by its commitment to its Kyosei philosophy of living and working together for the common good, Canon provides total imaging solutions to improve personal and professional lives. The brand ranks 8th in the region and 7thin the Philippines according to a 2016 study conducted by Asia-Campaign Specific and Nielsen thanks to its strong reputation on performance and good corporate citizenship.

Canon Marketing (Philippines), Inc. has offices spread across the Philippine archipelago supported by its vast network of authorized service centers. Recognitions and awards received include the Corporate Award and Gold Bagwis Seal of Excellence for providing distinctive service to customers.

In the Philippines, it is a strong leader in the camera, inkjet printer, laser printer, and copier product categories.

More information and images are available at the Press Center section at


Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa brings you to London

Sometimes, I daydream of licking a melting gelato while throwing bread crumbs to the bevy. Smell the authentic espresso of the west in the morning, and end the day with a rare medium steak and a glass half full of Cabernet Sauvignon.

But Alas! I’m only making ends meet and I’m having a hard time to save up, and filing for a European visa is not on the priority list as of the moment. If you’re having a hard time saving up for that European trip like me, c’est la vie!

Or should I say, say no more!

Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa can bring us to the Big Ben! Read more to learn how we can finally cross the London Bridge – for real this time! Continue reading “Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa brings you to London”

Hey Sugar: The Sweetest Thing, made sweeter!

If only I could keep this detail to myself. But hey gals, I love y’all and all I wanted was to share information, and sweet information if the boots fit — and this time, it does! Hey Sugar as the blog title of this post connotes, is being extra sweet to the Sugababes, again!

iphone7 heysugar gerifiedph

Like love, some things in life are indeed sweeter the second time around and Hey Sugar, the most trusted, all natural and organic waxing destination across the Philippines, is up to spread this sweet, (and smooth) love once again with the return of Sweetest Thing Promo.

If iPhone 6 units were given away last year, Hey Sugar sweetens it up now with the newest iPhone 7 up for grabs.

Now, unwanted hair can be your ticket to the iPhone 7! iPhone 7 after all is

  • Water resistance
  • Better cameras (front and back)
  • Longer battery life
  • Great crisp display
  • With neat engine feedback

Anyone can definitely get a chance to win by simply heading onto any Hey Sugar salon nationwide starting from June 8 to September 30, 2017, avail of the exceptional signature services and for a minimum single receipt of Php 500, one gets to have one raffle entry. Three very lucky winners will be taking home the very sought-after prize.

It’s going to be the best time to get that smooth and hair-free skin with the Sweetest Thing 2 Promo. Watch out for more updates and exciting promos and giveaways from Hey Sugar!

Watering my underarm hair to grow and get them harvested at the nearest Hey Sugar! I might end up with iPhone 7 on my way out!

Check out the newest Hey Sugar Salon in Subic Bay here: Hey Sugar in Ayala Harbor Point

To get more details about the promo, visit