Campaign aims to help achieve the right height and weight with the help of proper nutrition and fortified milk.
According to the 2015 Updating of the Nutritional Status of Filipinos developed by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Philippines (FNRI), 1 out of every 3 children in the Philippines aged 5 to 10 is suffering from stunted growth. Similarly, 1 out of every 3 children aged 5 to 10 years old  is underweight.
The World Health Organization (WHO) defines stunted growth as the “failure to reach one’s full potential for growth.”  Poor nutrition is one of the many causes of this. This can also result to being underweight or when a child weighs less than the average for their age and height.
Stunted growth as well as being underweight are problems that should not be ignored.  If not addressed early, stunted growth may lead to lost productivity and opportunities, and to nutrition-related diseases later in life.
Taking the lead in this campaign is Alaska’s new Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk Drink which is loaded with Vitamin D, it’s also high in calcium and iron and a good source of protein. Milk has always been essential for growing children to have enough and consistent nutrient intake to ensure maximum growth potential. That is why Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk Drink, combined with proper nutrition and an active lifestyle, will help children reach the tamang tangkad at bigat (right height and weight) for their age.
This event, dubbed as the “Batang Alaska School Milk Program”, also marks the first public appearance with Alaska Fortified’s new Nutrition Advocate –three-term senator Sen. Loren Legarda, who has authored many pieces of legislation aimed at improving the lives of Filipinos and promoting inclusive, sustainable and resilient development.
Alaska’s new Mom ambassador was also introduced — renowned actress, singer, TV host and one of Philippines’ favorite mumshies, Mrs. Jolina Magdangal-Escueta.
“I am so happy to be here with the kids. Tulad ng mga mumshies, mahalaga sa aking masiguradong tama ang growth at development ng aking mga anak.  Kaya naman I make sure I give them proper nutrition. At siyempre, painumin sila ng gatas every day – at di lamang po basta-bastang gatas. Ang gatas na dapat inumin ay yung puno sa sustansiyang kailangan para tulungan maabot ang tamang tangkad at bigat para sa kanilang edad.  Kaya I am glad nandito na po ang Alaska Fortified.”, said TV host Jolina, a mother of two kids.
(“I am happy to be here with the kids. Similar to the mothers, it is important for me to make sure that my children undergo the right growth and development. That is why I make sure I give them proper nutrition. Of course, make sure that they drink milk every day – and not just ordinary milk. They should drink milk that is full of the nutrients they need to reach the right height and weight for their age. That is why I am glad that Alaska Fortified is now here.”, said TV host Jolina, a mother of two kids).
During the event, children were brought to the Alaska Tamang Tangkad and Tamang Bigat Station so they can know if they have the right height, right weight for their age. Alaska also provided everyone with samples of the Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk Drink, which when combined with a balance diet, is able to help children obtain their age’s proper height and weight.
“Alaska Milk’s mission and vision is to promote affordable nutrition in the Philippines because through this, the Filipino youth will be able to achieve their full protential and grow up competitive in life. To support our goal, we have launched the new Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk. It has essential nutrients that will help every Filipino child  achieve the right height and weight for their age. We encourage everyone to drink milk everyday and to also partner it with an active lifestyle. Dahil wala pa rin pong tatalo sa batang may tamang tangkad at bigat –  wala pa rin tatalo sa Alaska.”, (“Because nothing beats  a kid with a right height and weight – nothing beats Alaska.”), said Isabel Ruiz, Alaska Milk Corporation Marketing Manager, right after the Ceremonial Milk Toast.
To support this campaign, one of Alaska’s key trade partners, Puregold, joined the event to announce a special and exclusive promo that will make buying a pack of Alaska Fortified truly of superior value for consumers.
Reward prizes were also given by Alaska’s distribution partner, OTO-GMA, to Santolan Elementary School for being the winner of the Batang Alaska label generation activity for the school year 2017-2018.

For more information about the new Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk Drink, visit

Prominent Asian implant surgeons in convention

GAOC_Prominent Asian implant surgeons in convention_Photo

Top implant surgeons from Asia: James I-Sheng Huang from Taiwan, Sok Chenh Chhean from Cambodia and Gary Brillo from Manila were recently featured as key speakers at the 27th PhilippineAcademyofImplantDentistry(PAID) Annual Convention and Induction Ceremony at the Okada Hotel Manila. Convention theme was “Honing Skills towards a Wider Horizon.” The implant experts share their knowledge and expertise on dental implantology and the latest developments in the field. Also at the convention was PAID
president Dr. Levy Louie Villaruel (seated at the center).The convention was co-resented by Straumann, the world’s leader in implant, restorative and regenerative dentistry, exclusively distributed by GT Industries in the Philippines.

Filipino kids get a better shot at college education with Troo’s college savings plan

Filipino parents work hard to set up their child for the future. And they know that a good college education is key to ensuring their child’s success. But with tuition fees increasing yearly at a rate of about 10 percent, sending their child to the college of their choice might just be a dream for many.

Life insurance firm Troo recognizes this need and is helping give future changemakers a chance at a better future. That is, through its latest financial solutions offering – Troo Graduate, a traditional life insurance policy that insures the child as well as acts as a college savings plan.


“In creating solutions, we always have our customer’s needs in mind. And to most Filipinos, a college education is the most important stepping stone to a better life. We designed Troo Graduate to be affordable to the average Filipino so that more Filipino children can get the college education they deserve.  With Troo Graduate, we believe that the next generation of Filipinos will have the opportunity to change their world for the better,”  Troo President & CEO Hans Loozekoot said.

Troo Graduate is designed to be K-12 compliant and offers parents a way to cope with rising college fees with the guaranteed five (5) annual payouts. The annual payouts increase every year while the child is in college, while the premium payments remain the same for the entire term of the policy. And for a minimum cover of ₱250,000, parents can pay as low as ₱11,094 annually.

With Troo Graduate, parents can start planning their children’s college education as soon as their child is 30 days old until age 11. It’s always better to start planning as early as possible. This gives the parent more time to save up for college. It also means lower premiums.

“Education is a priority for Filipinos, and for many, a college education is a sure step to a better future. We have a deep sense of responsibility to see our children get to college and realize their dreams.  We want an assurance of a better future for them,” Milot Valencia, Chief Bancassurance Officer of Troo, said.

On its third year of operations, Troo continues to create financial solutions to help Filipinos plan for tomorrow so they can live their best life today. The life insurance company is a joint venture between Ageas, a listed international insurance group with a heritage spanning over 190 years and EastWest, one of the fastest-growing banks in the Philippines.

Education Trailblazers collaborate at Inaugural Philippines Canvas LMS User Group

Recently, Canvas held its first community user group in the Philippines at the De La Salle University Henry Sy, Sr. Hall. The meeting connected the first Canvas customers in the Philippines to discuss their use of education technology to transform education provision in their institutions. Principals and senior leadership from Baliuag University, University of the East, Jose Rizal University, De La Salle Lipa, Centro Escolar University and other schools were present, such as the host College of Computer Studies department at De La Salle University and EdTech leadership from Far Eastern University.

Technology has allowed other industries to compete globally and education is no different, with each institution sharing their strategic visions of how they can and will use education technology to enhance teaching and learning as well as compete for students in the region.  Through their use of the Learning Management System Canvas, each of these Philippine institutions are deepening their adoption of the latest innovations in teaching and learning, such as blended and flipped classrooms, which allows for greater focus on student engagement and personalized learning.

Roselle Basa, Program Coordinator for ICT at UE, was among the attendees who were new to Canvas. UE faculty have been training with the LMS since March, and the system will be deployed in full this year. “Canvas allows us to develop courses that are geared to student-centered strategies. It pushes the envelope of teaching strategies development and helps us avoid being confined to the classroom in a very enjoyable and engaging manner,” Basa said.

Photo 1_Education Trailblazers collaborate at Inaugural Philippines Canvas LMS User Group.jpg

Canvas from Instructure was created in response to poor user experience of legacy LMS software by its founders as graduate students. They wanted a more flexible and personalized learning experience, one that was mobile and easy to use and extend with a wide variety of learning resources.

As an open, mobile and native cloud-based platform, Canvas allows students to easily access learning materials, take online tests, collaborate on the move, and drive their own learning journey. Teachers are able to deliver more personalized learning, choose from a wealth of learning resources to deliver a richer learning experience, grade tests more quickly, as well as use data in real time to give feedback on student progress.   This approach puts teachers and students at the center of the learning environment rather than the technology.

Regional Director Julian Yballe also took to the podium to explain Canvas’ view on openness and equity of experience. Instructure envisioned Canvas as endlessly extendable open APIs and the ability to add apps via the LTI standard.  This allows teachers to use the vast global resources that exist, exposing students to a huge variety of learning materials in a simple and easy way.

Along with this growing partner ecosystem, the Canvas community of global institutions, helps educators from around the world share ideas and experiences both online and at community events such as this user group session.  These leading institutions in the Philippines are now contributing to the community with their founding of the first user group in South East Asia.

Yballe underlined this specific focus on student-centeredness. “The feedback for Canvas from every stakeholder in this teacher and learning environment has been positive. And a lot of it is a combination of timing and how student-centered learning is becoming more of a focus due to two reasons, workforce preparedness, so graduates can contribute immediately, and a more competitive environment for a limited number of students, both locally and globally,” Yballe said.

What’s next on the roadmap for Canvas? APAC VP Troy Martin spoke of the company’s expansion plans in a post-conference interview. “We’re excited with the customers that have emerged over the last two years in the Philippines, particularly here in Manila, but we are excited to welcome some new institutions from Cebu City and we look forward to hearing from new institutions contacting Instructure about working with Canvas.”






#GerifiedPH: Beauty for a Better Life

If you would have to choose, is it beauty over brains? Or vice versa? Some smarty pants which definitely includes yours truly would question and argue, why not have both?

Beauty is good. Beauty with brains? Even better! I mean, every girl has her own unique beauty that we shouldn’t compare to others in the first place, but let’s face it, we ourselves can become more confident when wearing our natural crowns adorned; and by brains, I’m referring more to the possibility of being streetwise in making decisions and earning financial freedom with independence albeit I’m confidence as well that there’re ladies out there who are both brainy genius and pleasant to the eyes!


Beauty is good. Beauty with brains? Even better! And you can’t put a girl with spectacles down without an argument and by argument, I meant defending the possibility, the chances of having both the beauty and the brains, with social media nowadays, these occurrences are not that rare anymore.

One of the things I look up to are companies that put their social responsibility on their sleeves, and there are those who are genuine in empowering the women, those who believe that giving the women power meant strengthening the community, and in the long run, fortifying the nation!

What company make beautification of the local communities inside and out their business? Click read more to know more! Continue reading “#GerifiedPH: Beauty for a Better Life”

#GerifiedPH: BDJ Women’s Summit 2018


From an effective planner to an online all-female positive community, Belle de Jour Power Planner surely has come a long way! And the eye-catching beautifully illustrated girls in the front cover is always a plus!

Belle de Jour has been empowering more and more Filipinas while reaching out to help children, foundations, charities and causes that they know will surely help in improving the current states of our local communities!

To live life deliberately while finding balance in life – living life to the fullest.

This year’s BDJ Women’s Summit is all about the Millennial Movement.

Millennials are those who are in a sense, the generation experiencing the quarter-life crisis; and Filipinas from all walks of life, specifically the millennials, need proper guidance to look ahead of their future and be reminded of examples of the past generations who have faced and conquered such issues, to also realize that what they are going through (crisis, predicament, problems) is normal.

If you feel like you’re stuck on your current situation right now, then you are not alone. And you definitely have a Bella Tribe that will help you out via the Belle De Jour Power Planner online community! While we are all trying to find our unique place in this world, we need to be a part of a community that is supportive and can be our leaning shoulder, sister to cry on, teammate to cheer us up as we tackle on the mountain of life.

Trotting unknown water is dangerous – discovering one’s true self, role in society – and the anxiety that comes with the fear of knowing that it might be dangerous can keep someone in place, stuck in the status quo. Unwanted to leave the comfort zone can keep one’s light bulb buzzing until it flickered without knowing how bright it could be when forced to light the darkness. Belle de Jour Power Planner wants you to shine!

What’s more? We are stereotyped by the previous entitled generation of our parents, and just like how sons need to prove something to their fathers, our generation could prove that we too can provide groundbreaking and revolutionary contributions to the society!


Hosted by Ms. Janeena Chan, last March 11, Belle de Jour Power Planner held its 3rd BDJ Women Summit, Women Redefined in SM Aura’s Samsung Hall. Their mission, to inspire, empower and equip millennials in trotting the unknown water of the future. With empowering messages from strong women who are role models for the millennials of today, shedding light, helping them reveal their true self, encouraging them to lead an authentic life of their own.

Every woman has a story to tell. This year’s BDJ Women Summit focused on the inner voice of a millennial woman.

The talks are packed and meaningful. From the Opening Remarks of the brain child of Belle de Jour Power Planner, Ms. Dar to Transformative Females: Finding One’s Identity by Ms. Abby Asistio, Discovering One’s Passion with Blu Pingoy, Extraordinary Females: Overcoming One’s Circumstances and Maximizing One’s Blessings by Jover Laurio and Rachel de Villa and Resourceful Females: Paving One’s Path and Sustaining One’s Success with Kathleen Yu and Audrey Tangonan.


To be fair for us Millennials, we are dealing with a new kind of stress that the past generations didn’t experience – the blessing and curse of the internet.

“Our society has constantly bombarded today’s women – especially the millennials – with unrealistic standards regarding beauty and career, making it hard for them to find themselves and lead an authentic life. Through the Women’s Summit, Viviamo! Inc. hopes to empower them as they pursue fulfillment while being true to their identity,” shared BDJ founder Darlyn Ty-Nilo.

The event in whole is designed to tap and bring out potential as positive difference-makes especially to others – the underprivileged women, children and far-flung communities. Some of the booths that caught my attentions were:

Foundation Foundation

One of the booths is a venue for helping others have confidence on their selves through the help of makeup. Belle de Jour Power Planner set up a donation place for new and lightly used cosmetics such as lipstick, eyeliners, eyeshadows, blushes and stains, foundations, toiletries, feminine products and nail polishes and more to be given away.

Likhaan Center for Women’s Health

This organization responds to womens expressed need for sexual and reproductive rights and health services. They offered intercourse advises to the young wives and gaveaway contraceptives while emphasizing the need for protection.

Trek Itogon

A group of volunteer mountaineers helping children from hard-to-reach communities accepted school supply materials such as pencils and papers during the event. They are also selling bags wherein each purchase guarantee one bag to be donated to the children in suburb communities they are supporting.

The Pahina Project

Yours truly had the priviledge to help in working towards quality education just by buying a Pahina Project Notebook – for every purchase, one will be given away.

Attending a BDJ Women’s Summit is over top win as always. We get to support local organizations that strive for the betterment of our community, we learned from inspirational talks of living success, we get to meet other women who we share the same vision with, and lastly, and no one go homes empty handed!

As for me, I won the Sun Life Financial prosperity card giveaway and I’ll be sharing with you my latest financial goal unlock through the help of BDJ on a separate post! Make sure to keep an eye on that!

The 3rd BDJ Women’s Summit was co-presented by Chinoy TV, Lipault and Sun Life Financial. Major sponsors include Food Panda, Modess, Wacoal, GCash, Style Genie, Biore, Caronia, Celeteque, Cinnabon, Fitness Gourmet, Jergens, Jollibee, Kipling, Liese, MegRhythm, Parisian Shoes and Bags, Serenitea, Zenutrients, Features and Shades, and Award Extremes Inc., Ace Water Spa, Chef Tony, Frankie’s, Goldilocks, and McDonald’s provided loot bags and raffle prizes, while Adobo Magazine, Rappler, and When in Manila served as media partners.

Thank you so much BDJ for having me. I can’t wait for next year’s BDJ Women’s Summit!