#GerifiedPH: Beauty for a Better Life

If you would have to choose, is it beauty over brains? Or vice versa? Some smarty pants which definitely includes yours truly would question and argue, why not have both?

Beauty is good. Beauty with brains? Even better! I mean, every girl has her own unique beauty that we shouldn’t compare to others in the first place, but let’s face it, we ourselves can become more confident when wearing our natural crowns adorned; and by brains, I’m referring more to the possibility of being streetwise in making decisions and earning financial freedom with independence albeit I’m confidence as well that there’re ladies out there who are both brainy genius and pleasant to the eyes!


Beauty is good. Beauty with brains? Even better! And you can’t put a girl with spectacles down without an argument and by argument, I meant defending the possibility, the chances of having both the beauty and the brains, with social media nowadays, these occurrences are not that rare anymore.

One of the things I look up to are companies that put their social responsibility on their sleeves, and there are those who are genuine in empowering the women, those who believe that giving the women power meant strengthening the community, and in the long run, fortifying the nation!

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#GerifiedPH: BDJ Women’s Summit 2018


From an effective planner to an online all-female positive community, Belle de Jour Power Planner surely has come a long way! And the eye-catching beautifully illustrated girls in the front cover is always a plus!

Belle de Jour has been empowering more and more Filipinas while reaching out to help children, foundations, charities and causes that they know will surely help in improving the current states of our local communities!

To live life deliberately while finding balance in life – living life to the fullest.

This year’s BDJ Women’s Summit is all about the Millennial Movement.

Millennials are those who are in a sense, the generation experiencing the quarter-life crisis; and Filipinas from all walks of life, specifically the millennials, need proper guidance to look ahead of their future and be reminded of examples of the past generations who have faced and conquered such issues, to also realize that what they are going through (crisis, predicament, problems) is normal.

If you feel like you’re stuck on your current situation right now, then you are not alone. And you definitely have a Bella Tribe that will help you out via the Belle De Jour Power Planner online community! While we are all trying to find our unique place in this world, we need to be a part of a community that is supportive and can be our leaning shoulder, sister to cry on, teammate to cheer us up as we tackle on the mountain of life.

Trotting unknown water is dangerous – discovering one’s true self, role in society – and the anxiety that comes with the fear of knowing that it might be dangerous can keep someone in place, stuck in the status quo. Unwanted to leave the comfort zone can keep one’s light bulb buzzing until it flickered without knowing how bright it could be when forced to light the darkness. Belle de Jour Power Planner wants you to shine!

What’s more? We are stereotyped by the previous entitled generation of our parents, and just like how sons need to prove something to their fathers, our generation could prove that we too can provide groundbreaking and revolutionary contributions to the society!


Hosted by Ms. Janeena Chan, last March 11, Belle de Jour Power Planner held its 3rd BDJ Women Summit, Women Redefined in SM Aura’s Samsung Hall. Their mission, to inspire, empower and equip millennials in trotting the unknown water of the future. With empowering messages from strong women who are role models for the millennials of today, shedding light, helping them reveal their true self, encouraging them to lead an authentic life of their own.

Every woman has a story to tell. This year’s BDJ Women Summit focused on the inner voice of a millennial woman.

The talks are packed and meaningful. From the Opening Remarks of the brain child of Belle de Jour Power Planner, Ms. Dar to Transformative Females: Finding One’s Identity by Ms. Abby Asistio, Discovering One’s Passion with Blu Pingoy, Extraordinary Females: Overcoming One’s Circumstances and Maximizing One’s Blessings by Jover Laurio and Rachel de Villa and Resourceful Females: Paving One’s Path and Sustaining One’s Success with Kathleen Yu and Audrey Tangonan.


To be fair for us Millennials, we are dealing with a new kind of stress that the past generations didn’t experience – the blessing and curse of the internet.

“Our society has constantly bombarded today’s women – especially the millennials – with unrealistic standards regarding beauty and career, making it hard for them to find themselves and lead an authentic life. Through the Women’s Summit, Viviamo! Inc. hopes to empower them as they pursue fulfillment while being true to their identity,” shared BDJ founder Darlyn Ty-Nilo.

The event in whole is designed to tap and bring out potential as positive difference-makes especially to others – the underprivileged women, children and far-flung communities. Some of the booths that caught my attentions were:

Foundation Foundation

One of the booths is a venue for helping others have confidence on their selves through the help of makeup. Belle de Jour Power Planner set up a donation place for new and lightly used cosmetics such as lipstick, eyeliners, eyeshadows, blushes and stains, foundations, toiletries, feminine products and nail polishes and more to be given away.

Likhaan Center for Women’s Health

This organization responds to womens expressed need for sexual and reproductive rights and health services. They offered intercourse advises to the young wives and gaveaway contraceptives while emphasizing the need for protection.

Trek Itogon

A group of volunteer mountaineers helping children from hard-to-reach communities accepted school supply materials such as pencils and papers during the event. They are also selling bags wherein each purchase guarantee one bag to be donated to the children in suburb communities they are supporting.

The Pahina Project

Yours truly had the priviledge to help in working towards quality education just by buying a Pahina Project Notebook – for every purchase, one will be given away.

Attending a BDJ Women’s Summit is over top win as always. We get to support local organizations that strive for the betterment of our community, we learned from inspirational talks of living success, we get to meet other women who we share the same vision with, and lastly, and no one go homes empty handed!

As for me, I won the Sun Life Financial prosperity card giveaway and I’ll be sharing with you my latest financial goal unlock through the help of BDJ on a separate post! Make sure to keep an eye on that!

The 3rd BDJ Women’s Summit was co-presented by Chinoy TV, Lipault and Sun Life Financial. Major sponsors include Food Panda, Modess, Wacoal, GCash, Style Genie, Biore, Caronia, Celeteque, Cinnabon, Fitness Gourmet, Jergens, Jollibee, Kipling, Liese, MegRhythm, Parisian Shoes and Bags, Serenitea, Zenutrients, Features and Shades, and Award Extremes Inc., Ace Water Spa, Chef Tony, Frankie’s, Goldilocks, and McDonald’s provided loot bags and raffle prizes, while Adobo Magazine, Rappler, and When in Manila served as media partners.

Thank you so much BDJ for having me. I can’t wait for next year’s BDJ Women’s Summit!

#GerifiedPH: Great Things Start from Small Beginnings

On the court or in the classroom, champions are out to win. But you can’t just be a champion overnight. You need determination, discipline, and the gut to win among others. The path will be hard, but Milo is ready to back you up!

#Kulayot trying out for Futsal with Coach Jhen.
Success is never about entitlement. You cannot tip-toe to success. You cannot sneak up behind it. You need to own it. You need to put in the work through discipline and consistency. –  Mr. Lester Castillo, Sports Executive, MILO Philippines
To help school children maximize summer vacation and further the importance of sports among kids, MILO® created its Summer Sports Clinic. Starting with only 5 sports clinics, it now has 18 that teaches your children both champion sports skills and values. Read on to know more!

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#GerifiedPH: Grow Happy with NestoKid!

What everyone really wants in life?

Happiness. If you’re going to ask a loving mom, it’s all tied to the happiness of her child.

Am I  happy?

I’m the happiest whenever I see my children sleeping soundly while I continue my work late at night. I’m the happiest whenever I saw clean simut plates during meal times. Whenever they drink they’re vitamins without a fuss. Whenever they met a milestone. Whenever I receive gestures of appreciation. Sticky hands around my neck. Wet pecks on the cheeks. Tickles, crazy laughter. Hide and seek. Peek-a-boo.

These are some of the mundane things that makes me happy as a mother.

Happiness. It is the state of being happy. But alas, state has a lot of aspect. Physical. Mental. Emotional. Material. This state of well-being can be defined only by those who experience it. It is after-all a positive, or, better yet, a pleasant fusion of emotions ranging from small curving up of the timid lips of contentment to warm tears immensely due to the intense joy, a happy cry as they say.

Happiness is a sense that one’s life is good, meaningful and worthwhile.

Today, we have so many pressures in our lives, but let’s look closer on our children. Nowadays, our children also experience pressure compared to older generations’ childhood.  Knowing this really well, Nestle, driven to their purpose – to help grow a healthier and happier generation, launched NestoKid Grow Happy Exposition at the Bellevue Hotel, and yours truly experienced the how to #growhappy the NestoKid way! Read more to find out! Continue reading “#GerifiedPH: Grow Happy with NestoKid!”

#GerifiedPH: Ready, Set, Blog 2.0

It was a breezy afternoon, winds swaying the branches of the trees nearby, making leaves dance and relieving us from the sun’s heat.

That was how we arrived at The Selah Garden Hotel in Pasay where the Ready, Set, Blog 2.0 was held. It’s a greenery in the midst of the concrete jungle.

27797565_1665262446850342_1758600636534528992_oGerilen & jer sons

I like how laid back the setting of this event was, it’s as if we were on the beach. We’ve failed to come to our jungle costumes because I couldn’t  make time to draw whiskers as making payroll in the morning required me of using both of my hands. Ha! Nevertheless,  cats, leopards, jungle women and even an explorer arrived!

The event was held last February 10, and has a line-up talks from long-time bloggers and friends – Mr. Ross of Wazzup Philippines and Ms. Adae of Adae To Remember to name a few, and in-between those informative talks were, of course, games and raffles!

27710119_1662992090410711_5328764746631490172_o.jpgFun games and bonding time with fellow bloggers here at the recently concluded #ReadySetBlog2018! This game is about how well do we know our blogging buddies. Well, as for me, my ultimate blogging buddy is none other than my sister, @jamielelizabeth on Instagram, of #jamielelizabethph ELizabeth: Girly Mom Raising Boys on Facebook! We both took photos of each other and help each other create a good caption for our SNS posts! 😛

It rained prizes and stuff, hard! All thanks to Ready, Set, Blog 2.0 sponsored:

Olive Nail and Body Spa

Bravo Food Supplement for Men

Estiara Philippines

Hyds Customized Cake and Catering

Music Museum Philippines

Romulo Cafe Philippines

The Thinking Cap Marketing

Jrams Coffee Bistro and Pastries

Gangnam Wings Philippines

Jung Monis Salon

Hop Inn Philippines

Social Media Intelligence and Publications

Allianz PNB Life Insurance

Tanduay Athletics

Herbalife Philippines

Gaius Pension Inn

The Selah Garden Hotel

We have the option to stay the night, but since duties at work and responsibilities at home, like taking the kid to school, we had to leave early, but nevertheless, we took home trinkets and prizes and learnings from the event. It has impacted my view when it comes to creating articles.

Key points that inspired me to be better in blogging are from Sir Ross of @wazzup_pilipinas – that

Content is King and Photographs are queen.

Another favorite talk of mine is the Positive Attitude by Madam Adae Ang of @adae2remember! I learned that we need to be like a Bee.

Be like a Bee.

Bee a reader.

Bee a good listener.

Bee a good conversationalist.

Bee positive.

Bee a mingler.

Bee humorous.

Bee supportive to others.

Bee kind.

And most of all, Bee a person of integrity.

I decided to blog because I like to write down my thoughts, this space was created as an output to release some toxic brain cells. I learned to like my profession as an engineer but sometimes, numbers are tiring and I love how words when formed  and lined up consciously to form a phrase could create enigmatic feelings and effects – it could persuade you, make you believe, make you passionate.


The best part, all attendees got a Certificate of Participation for the Ready, Set, Blog 2.0. Such a well-organized, yet full-of-fun and surprise event! Thank you so much to the powerful duo of Ms. Anne of Annesheyday and Sir Maiko of ConnectManila in partnership with Selah Garden Hotel for making Ready, Set, Blog 2.0 a success!

Can’t wait for the next year round of Ready, Set, Blog!

#GerifiedPH: Share Love, Not Germs with Safeguard

27913405_1665199066856680_2329641491253362854_o.jpgDabibot with his Safeguard’s Blue Heart Defense against germs!

Did you know? There are different kinds of love. For one, there is Eros. Eros is the most famed kind of love, it is passion and desire. Eros is what comes in between two couples.

But what about other kinds of love? Love of different kinds also exists and should be celebrated everyday.

Philia – this kind of love rooted for deep friendship, best friends forever. This love is for someone we could really count on.

Agape – This is love for everyone. If you see someone who needs help, and you help out, you are showing Agape.

There are more kinds of love with different kind of perspective. With that said, it only follows that love isn’t just about your typical romantic antics! It’s time to change the notion that love is for couples only. This time, why not share the love to as much people as possible? Family, friends, and even to strangers and animals, too.

Philippine’s no.1 soap for family skin germ protection, Safeguard, shares tips you wish you’ve done before. Who said that the season of love is exclusive to romantic couples? Let’s change the game this year. After all, we learned how to love at home with family and friends. There’s no better way to celebrate love than to give love to people close to our hearts and even to strangers. Spread positive vibes in ways you’ve never tried before! Here are simple yet meaningful ideas to share the love all day er’day!

! 1. Bake cupcakes for bae instead of buying flowers and chocolates Dark chocolates and red roses are so overrated. This time, be different and bake cupcakes for your loved one. Don’t know how? No problem. The Internet has tons of baking recipes for first-timers. Believe us, whether you perfect it or not, your bae would be so ‘kilig’ with those cupcakes you baked from your heart.

2. Treat mom and dad to a relaxing massage and salon service The ultimate superheroes in your life deserve a break from all the headaches you may give them. Give mom a new haircut and treat dad to a foot spa. Spoil them further with a relaxing full body massage to cap it off.

3. Call the nearest charity institution to ask how you can help` Love grows in the family, so it makes sense to share it as one. Join outreach programs with the whole family (or even your friends!) to extend the love at home to those who need it the most. It’s a different yet meaningful kind of bonding experience. In the same way, donate your excess essentials to less fortunate individuals. This is a perfect way to give back and share the love this season, even to strangers!

4. Create new memories with a spontaneous trip It’s a fact– the most hard-to-forget memories are created on the spur of the moment. So skip planning and pack your bags! It’s time to unleash the adventurous spirit in you! Take a random trip with bae, friends or family. Drive to a place you have always wanted to explore. Or, book a flight to the destination you have never been. Celebrate love with adventure.

5. Practice proper hygiene habits (aka. don’t cause the spread of germs!) Yes, you’ve read it right. Spreading love can be also lead to spreading germs. Avoid this by simply practicing proper hygiene and washing your hands regularly. Love is in the air, and so are germs! When you touch, hug or kiss your loved ones, there’s a big chance that you are spreading germs that could cause sickness.

Here’s an alarming fact from the first Philippines Handwashing Index (PHI); 7 out of 10 Filipinos say that they wash their hands after using the toilet but in reality, only 2 out of 10 really do. PHI is a breakthrough study recently commissioned by Safeguard. Keeping your loved ones safe from germs is a healthy way of showing how much you care.


When you express your affection, be sure that you are spreading love and not germs. Wash your hands with Safeguard and water to keep it clean. Your first line of defense against sickness-causing germs, Safeguard is clinically proven to provide up to 24 hours of germ protection.

Safeguard Pure White Body Wash is available in 720ml (PhP 219), 400ml (PhP 145) and 200ml (PhP 85)

Safeguard Pure White Bar Soap is available in 90g (P 25.75), 135g (P 38), and 180g (P 48.00)

Safeguard Pure White Liquid Hand Soap is available in 225ml (P 80.00)

#GerifiedPH: Help Reshape Your Child’s Future with Parentology+

I’m a parent. What’s your superpower?
Yes, I never thought that being a parent is a superpower, too! But guess what, our kid’s future lies in our hands, and hence, we have the power to empower them or bring them down! Good thing, Nestle Nankid created a venue that’ll help parents use their powers to help reshape our child’s future!
Parentology KV
Last February 6, Nestle Nankid Milk launched Parentology+ at the Trinoma Mall Activity Center. The event was joined in by almost a hundred guests to support the advocacy in helping parents take charge of their child’s future through the simple things they do at home.
Parentology recreates a home and its rooms. The space has three stations touching on topics about lifestyle, physical activity and socialization.
After the success of its Metro Manila run, Nestlé NANKID will be bringing Parentology outside of the Metro! To reach more parents, it will be followed by events in: SM City Clark on February 10-11, Abreeza Davao on March 3-4, and SM City Cebu on March 17-18.

Today’s world is vastly different from what it was just a decade ago, causing anxiety among parents trying hard to provide their children a future full of possibilities. Technology, environmental changes, and lifestyle shifts have redefined the way people do and view things, so much so that today’s parents sometimes feel overwhelmed by the world their children are growing in.

Unlike a generation ago when school children often ate home-cooked meals and played games with neighbors, today’s children often consume fast food items while playing video games on their handhelds. Parks and outdoor spaces have been replaced by sprawling malls, while the ever increasing population has meant traffic congestion, pollution, and other urban challenges that did not exist or were not as bad ten years ago. As a result, many children have become couch potatoes with limited socialization opportunities. A number of growing kids struggle with issues such as obesity, socialization difficulties, attention problems, and the like.

Worse, there are factors that parents feel they could not do much about such as family health history, to name a few, which could potentially influence their children’s future.

Despite all these challenges, parents still possess the power to reshape the future of their children. With commitment, knowledge, and support, they can build a better future for their kids.

To guide parents in reshaping the future of their children, Nestlé NANKID is partnering with them in advancing Parentology+, an advocacy to help parents take charge of their future with simple steps that can be taken right at home.  These day-to-day measures cover the different phases of life, such as diet and nutrition, exercise and activity, socialization, and creativity.

To launch Parentology+, Nestlé NANKID will be holding a series of events to bring the advocacy closer to parents across the country. The events will feature bloggers who are also parents, and who can share their experiences about different aspects of their parenting journey. Blogger Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi and Nestlé Nutritionist Ms. Aleli Magtibay will give insights on nutrition and diet.  Football player Anton del Rosario will share how he got his son to embrace an active lifestyle and love sports.  Entrepreneur and stylist Cat Arambulo-Antonio will speak on how she helped her children learn to socialize with their peers, and tidbits on how to stimulate their creativity and confidence.

Parentology+ recreates a typical home and its rooms. The space will consist of three stations touching on three important topics: Food, Physical Activity and Socialization– fill your day with ways you can stay lean at the Foodie station and make sure to get that drool-worthy photo, jump into a ball pit at the Play station and play on a giant piano at the Social station, and so much more! Each station will be decked out to be Instagram-worthy for those who want to share their family bonding moments on social media so make sure to check it out!

To up the ante, a special keepsakes and lots of freebies will be given to the participants. And for added excitement, Nestlé NANKID will be giving away Instax SQ10 cameras to two lucky attendees in each run!


Parentology+ kicks off starting February 3 to 4 at the Activity Center in Trinoma Mall, which starts the Metro Manila run. To reach more parents, it will be followed by events in:

  • SM City Clark on February 10-11,

  • Abreeza Davao on March 3-4, and

  • SM City Cebu on March 17-18.

Don’t miss the opportunity to help reshape your children’s future. Visit www.facebook.com/NANKIDOPTIPRO for more details.


Powdered milk drinks suited for healthy children above 3 years of age, NANKID® OPTIPRO® FOUR and NANKID® OPTIPRO® HW FOUR are formulated with optimized protein to ensure optimal weight advantage and optimal development advantage. NANKID® OPTIPRO® HW FOUR also contains partially hydrolyzed whey, clinically proven to reduce the risk of allergies.