#GerifiedPH: Ready, Set, Blog 2.0

It was a breezy afternoon, winds swaying the branches of the trees nearby, making leaves dance and relieving us from the sun’s heat.

That was how we arrived at The Selah Garden Hotel in Pasay where the Ready, Set, Blog 2.0 was held. It’s a greenery in the midst of the concrete jungle.

27797565_1665262446850342_1758600636534528992_oGerilen & jer sons

I like how laid back the setting of this event was, it’s as if we were on the beach. We’ve failed to come to our jungle costumes because I couldn’t  make time to draw whiskers as making payroll in the morning required me of using both of my hands. Ha! Nevertheless,  cats, leopards, jungle women and even an explorer arrived!

The event was held last February 10, and has a line-up talks from long-time bloggers and friends – Mr. Ross of Wazzup Philippines and Ms. Adae of Adae To Remember to name a few, and in-between those informative talks were, of course, games and raffles!

27710119_1662992090410711_5328764746631490172_o.jpgFun games and bonding time with fellow bloggers here at the recently concluded #ReadySetBlog2018! This game is about how well do we know our blogging buddies. Well, as for me, my ultimate blogging buddy is none other than my sister, @jamielelizabeth on Instagram, of #jamielelizabethph ELizabeth: Girly Mom Raising Boys on Facebook! We both took photos of each other and help each other create a good caption for our SNS posts! 😛

It rained prizes and stuff, hard! All thanks to Ready, Set, Blog 2.0 sponsored:

Olive Nail and Body Spa

Bravo Food Supplement for Men

Estiara Philippines

Hyds Customized Cake and Catering

Music Museum Philippines

Romulo Cafe Philippines

The Thinking Cap Marketing

Jrams Coffee Bistro and Pastries

Gangnam Wings Philippines

Jung Monis Salon

Hop Inn Philippines

Social Media Intelligence and Publications

Allianz PNB Life Insurance

Tanduay Athletics

Herbalife Philippines

Gaius Pension Inn

The Selah Garden Hotel

We have the option to stay the night, but since duties at work and responsibilities at home, like taking the kid to school, we had to leave early, but nevertheless, we took home trinkets and prizes and learnings from the event. It has impacted my view when it comes to creating articles.

Key points that inspired me to be better in blogging are from Sir Ross of @wazzup_pilipinas – that

Content is King and Photographs are queen.

Another favorite talk of mine is the Positive Attitude by Madam Adae Ang of @adae2remember! I learned that we need to be like a Bee.

Be like a Bee.

Bee a reader.

Bee a good listener.

Bee a good conversationalist.

Bee positive.

Bee a mingler.

Bee humorous.

Bee supportive to others.

Bee kind.

And most of all, Bee a person of integrity.

I decided to blog because I like to write down my thoughts, this space was created as an output to release some toxic brain cells. I learned to like my profession as an engineer but sometimes, numbers are tiring and I love how words when formed  and lined up consciously to form a phrase could create enigmatic feelings and effects – it could persuade you, make you believe, make you passionate.


The best part, all attendees got a Certificate of Participation for the Ready, Set, Blog 2.0. Such a well-organized, yet full-of-fun and surprise event! Thank you so much to the powerful duo of Ms. Anne of Annesheyday and Sir Maiko of ConnectManila in partnership with Selah Garden Hotel for making Ready, Set, Blog 2.0 a success!

Can’t wait for the next year round of Ready, Set, Blog!


#GerifiedPH: Come Alive with Phoenix Pulse

Never, in my wildest dreams did I imagine myself racing down the race track… but, you guess that right, with enough determination and a lot of courage,  I did it!


Last Monday, yours truly was invited to try kart racing at the City Kart Racing in Circuit Makati using the latest innovation from Philippines’ leading independent oil company, Phoenix Petroleum.

The engines are roaring on the open pit while the air is filled with both of burnt tires and excitement! We were called to the briefing area, wherein we were taught the basics that we need to know –

Yellow flag for danger.

Blue flag for information.

Black flag for Finish.

Right pedal to accelerate.

Left pedal to stop.

We worn our head socks and after placing my helmet on my head, I realized that when you’re in there, you’re basically on your own, that the commentator’s comments (even when he’s calling you out) is for the audience. I just hope that I won’t crash and unravel the stack of barriers or worse, turn the vehicle upside down and explode with me in it. Me and my silly dramatic antics. First round, I familiarized myself on the track. The City Kart track was designed with an inclined bridge, a small tunnel and sweeping corners here and there. I’m resolute, I won’t race, I just have to drive and feel the breeze of wind on my arms and the scenery of green across the track, myself on the big screen and wave high to Kulay-ot as I pass him by.

Phoenix PULSE Technology

Our karts are powered by Phoenix PULSE Technology, the latest upgrade fuel from Pheoniz Petroleum, and my, I just can’t help myself from pressing down the accelerator!

Available in all its fuel products, Phoenix PULSE Technology is an innovative formulation with advanced cleaning and protection properties for enhanced power and acceleration. It is made with cutting-edge fuel technology by world- class fuel experts, exclusively for homegrown brand, Phoenix Petroleum.

Phoenix PULSE Technology was launched in time for Valentine’s Day as it aims to bring pulse-racing excitement to Filipino drivers by giving more life to their everyday drive.

The upgraded fuel products promise three main benefits. It avoids fuel filter blockage in diesel-powered vehicles, removes deposits from fuel injectors, valves, and piston surfaces, and provides engine protection. Phoenix PULSE Technology also helps result to better fuel economy when used continuously.

“The launch of Phoenix PULSE Technology is in fulfillment of our goal to be the most credible alternative to the major brands. We enhanced our fuel products and improved our formulation not only to be able to compete with bigger players in the oil industry, but more importantly, to add value to every peso fueled up at Phoenix,” said Phoenix Petroleum Chief Operating Officer Henry Fadullon.

Fuel Masters and the Phoenix Ambassadress

Young actress Rhian Ramos is the face of Phoenix PULSE Technology—an apt choice as Rhian represents adventure and high-energy sports such as car racing. “Phoenix  etroleum’s PULSE Technology-powered fuel is the perfect fit for me as I’m always on the go. I like adventure and living life with excitement and to the fullest, which is why I recommend Phoenix to every millennial who, like me, likes to get more for what they pay for,” said Rhian.

In just 15 years, Phoenix Petroleum has grown from five stations in Mindanao to 530 nationwide, establishing its reputation as the fastest-growing oil company in the Philippines. Just last year, the company broadened its portfolio to include LPG with the acquisition of Petronas Energy Philippines, Inc., now Phoenix LPG Philippines, Inc., and convenience retailing with the purchase of Philippine Family Mart. It will soon venture into the bitumen business.

More photos of the event here.

“As a homegrown brand, we aim to be the Filipinos’ top choice not only for their fuel needs, but also for fueling their dreams and aspirations. We work hard and continue to grow our business not only so we can bring our vision of being an indispensable partner to life, but also because as the next generation company, we want to provide this generation with the best products and services at the best value,” said Phoenix Petroleum President and CEO Dennis Uy.

Phoenix PULSE Technology is available in all Phoenix stations in all fuel grades. These next generation fuels are suitable for Filipino drivers looking for a connection unlike any other. Drive to the nearest Phoenix Petroleum station now to experience Phoenix PULSE Technology.

More about Phoenix Pulse Technology here.

I guess resolutions are naturally hard to maintain, in my case, pressing the accelerator is unexpectedly easier with my engine powered by Phoenix Pulse Technology, I enjoyed the fast lane going down the bridge and although smoothing a sharp curve was a challenge, it gets better every time!

Thank you so much Phoenix Petroleum for the awesome experience!

#GerifiedPH: Help Reshape Your Child’s Future with Parentology+

I’m a parent. What’s your superpower?
Yes, I never thought that being a parent is a superpower, too! But guess what, our kid’s future lies in our hands, and hence, we have the power to empower them or bring them down! Good thing, Nestle Nankid created a venue that’ll help parents use their powers to help reshape our child’s future!
Parentology KV
Last February 6, Nestle Nankid Milk launched Parentology+ at the Trinoma Mall Activity Center. The event was joined in by almost a hundred guests to support the advocacy in helping parents take charge of their child’s future through the simple things they do at home.
Parentology recreates a home and its rooms. The space has three stations touching on topics about lifestyle, physical activity and socialization.
After the success of its Metro Manila run, Nestlé NANKID will be bringing Parentology outside of the Metro! To reach more parents, it will be followed by events in: SM City Clark on February 10-11, Abreeza Davao on March 3-4, and SM City Cebu on March 17-18.

Today’s world is vastly different from what it was just a decade ago, causing anxiety among parents trying hard to provide their children a future full of possibilities. Technology, environmental changes, and lifestyle shifts have redefined the way people do and view things, so much so that today’s parents sometimes feel overwhelmed by the world their children are growing in.

Unlike a generation ago when school children often ate home-cooked meals and played games with neighbors, today’s children often consume fast food items while playing video games on their handhelds. Parks and outdoor spaces have been replaced by sprawling malls, while the ever increasing population has meant traffic congestion, pollution, and other urban challenges that did not exist or were not as bad ten years ago. As a result, many children have become couch potatoes with limited socialization opportunities. A number of growing kids struggle with issues such as obesity, socialization difficulties, attention problems, and the like.

Worse, there are factors that parents feel they could not do much about such as family health history, to name a few, which could potentially influence their children’s future.

Despite all these challenges, parents still possess the power to reshape the future of their children. With commitment, knowledge, and support, they can build a better future for their kids.

To guide parents in reshaping the future of their children, Nestlé NANKID is partnering with them in advancing Parentology+, an advocacy to help parents take charge of their future with simple steps that can be taken right at home.  These day-to-day measures cover the different phases of life, such as diet and nutrition, exercise and activity, socialization, and creativity.

To launch Parentology+, Nestlé NANKID will be holding a series of events to bring the advocacy closer to parents across the country. The events will feature bloggers who are also parents, and who can share their experiences about different aspects of their parenting journey. Blogger Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi and Nestlé Nutritionist Ms. Aleli Magtibay will give insights on nutrition and diet.  Football player Anton del Rosario will share how he got his son to embrace an active lifestyle and love sports.  Entrepreneur and stylist Cat Arambulo-Antonio will speak on how she helped her children learn to socialize with their peers, and tidbits on how to stimulate their creativity and confidence.

Parentology+ recreates a typical home and its rooms. The space will consist of three stations touching on three important topics: Food, Physical Activity and Socialization– fill your day with ways you can stay lean at the Foodie station and make sure to get that drool-worthy photo, jump into a ball pit at the Play station and play on a giant piano at the Social station, and so much more! Each station will be decked out to be Instagram-worthy for those who want to share their family bonding moments on social media so make sure to check it out!

To up the ante, a special keepsakes and lots of freebies will be given to the participants. And for added excitement, Nestlé NANKID will be giving away Instax SQ10 cameras to two lucky attendees in each run!


Parentology+ kicks off starting February 3 to 4 at the Activity Center in Trinoma Mall, which starts the Metro Manila run. To reach more parents, it will be followed by events in:

  • SM City Clark on February 10-11,

  • Abreeza Davao on March 3-4, and

  • SM City Cebu on March 17-18.

Don’t miss the opportunity to help reshape your children’s future. Visit www.facebook.com/NANKIDOPTIPRO for more details.


Powdered milk drinks suited for healthy children above 3 years of age, NANKID® OPTIPRO® FOUR and NANKID® OPTIPRO® HW FOUR are formulated with optimized protein to ensure optimal weight advantage and optimal development advantage. NANKID® OPTIPRO® HW FOUR also contains partially hydrolyzed whey, clinically proven to reduce the risk of allergies.

#GerifiedPH: Make the Right Organic Choice with Promil Organic

I spilled the milk but just like how sometimes our wrongs were the reasons why we end up being successful, and how we finally realize that those wrongs were actually the road to our success, spilling the milk and then finally ending up with this rustic flatlay, I guess I could say that I succeeded.


It’s no surprise, humans aren’t perfect after all and hence mistakes are always a given, but that shouldn’t hinder us in persevering in doing what is good and what is right, and that includes making the right organic choice when it comes to our kid’s milk, too!

Going organic may have multiple benefits that help us lead more healthy lives. Taking the more natural approach or ‘going green’ has even been proven to help conserve the environment and improve the lives of farmers. Indeed, the organic lifestyle is steadily increasing in popularity among more and more Filipinos. With the recent launch of an organic milk brand in the market, Filipino moms now have the option to provide their children with better nutrition that will help develop their minds and bodies.


Proud moms Andi Manzano, Cat Ledesma, and Hindy Weber Tantoco hosted the event, and shared insights about being a mom and tips on parenting. Sharing their own inspiring stories about motherhood to encourage parents to try an organic lifestyle. “We are proud to be joined by these women who pursue a healthy lifestyle,” says Patricia Cuna, Brand Manager for Promil® Organic. “They are dedicated mothers who only want the best for their children. We hope that their support could help us to inspire more parents to try a healthier lifestyle for their family, starting with Promil® Organic.”

Wyeth Nutrition debuts the new Promil® Organic in a fun-filled and informative launch at Palazzo Verde in Las Pinas, gathering moms, trade partners and subject-matter experts. The latest innovation from the leading nutrition firm is made from the best of nature and expertly designed to nurture children’s gifts.
“Promil, moms’ trusted partner for the past 30 years, recognizes the growing needs of moms to provide a healthier foundation for their child through the organic lifestyle. We developed Promil® Organic to address the growing demand for organic products. It is made from 100% organic dairy milk from certified organic European farms,” says Theresa Chong, Marketing Director, Wyeth Philippines Inc.
Promil® Organic contains docosahexaeonic and arachidonic acid (DHA & AA) and is also a source of zinc and selenium to support brain and body development. It is the only organic formula milk expertly designed with these key nutrients. According to surveys, the global organic food and beverage market is expected to reach USD 211.44 billion by 2020. More people are realizing the benefits of organic consumption and that they can still meet their daily dietary needs.

Aside from the Photo Curating Class with Ms. Chi-Chi Tullao, we also had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with Sir Robert Alejandrino of Papemelroti in a short Nature-Inspired Art Class! Check out my final piece:


Such a laid back afternoon full of organic fun and learnings! Thank you Wyeth Philippines for the wonderful experience!

Top Photo: Obligatory Selfie. Lower Left: with Ms. Tullao. Lower Right: with Mr. Alejandrino

Visit the Promil® Organic Pop-Up store starting February 3 in Trinoma Mall, near Activity Center and know more about Promil® Organic or visit http://www.lazada.com.ph/promil-official-store.

Note: Breastmilk is still best for babies up to two years of age. Promil® Organic is not a breastmilk substitute. Product is intended for preschoolers 3+.

#GerifiedPH: Toni Gonzaga and Baby Seve #ChoosePampers for Less Lawlaw Go Galaw Mornings

There are some things you just can’t learn by reading a book. When it comes to having a baby, you won’t really know what to expect until you’re actually deep into the trenches of motherhood.
Last January 27, at the Grand Baby Fair, Toni Gonzaga held a short but very sweet segment on stage with her baby, Seve.

Toni and Seve Pampers Demo.jpg

While some days tend to get pretty overwhelming, it’s important for moms to know that they are not alone. Just like how award winning, multi talented artist and first-time mommy, Toni Gonzaga shared that when she and husband Paul Soriano found out they were expecting their first baby, they were both extremely overwhelmed. “We were very excited but also a bit worried coming into parenthood for the first time. Like many first-time moms, I am constantly questioning if my choices are meeting all of his needs.” she shares.

More of Baby Seve’s photos here.

Since babies are not able to say what they want in their earlier stages, moms are most concerned about providing only the best choices for their kids.  For Toni, it was particularly important to be more careful and discerning when it comes to choosing the right diaper. “Diapers are a baby’s first clothes, and something they wear throughout the whole day. I want Seve to be as comfortable as possible—which is why choosing the right diaper was so important to me. In fact, I can honestly say that choosing the right diaper was one of the best things I did for him. At first, I thought all diapers were the same but now that I’ve seen Pampers’ technology, I’m so glad I made the right choice!”

The most common complaint moms have when it comes to this everyday baby essential is its tendency to sag. Sagging is caused by wetness accumulating in just one spot of the diaper. For most moms, a lawlaw diaper means parents have to worry about wetness and leaks, as well as change the diaper more often. More importantly, a lawlaw diaper also means that babies’ movement is restrained and can be uncomfortable. And freedom of movement is critical in the development of gross motor skills like crawling and walking.

Choosing Pampers, Toni learned that not all diapers are built equal. The new Pampers Baby Dry, with its magic gel channels, is able to absorb wetness evenly and distribute it throughout the whole diaper. This technology still offers Pampers overnight dryness but makes the diaper thinner and drier, putting an end to lawlaw – so babies are ready to go galaw as soon as they wake up in the morning!

Pampers Philippines has announced that they will be releasing this new and improved Baby Dry in the coming months. Akhil Meshram, Pampers Philippines Brand Manager says “At Pampers, we aim to bring the best possible products to you and your baby. We will be upgrading our products to solve mom’s biggest diaper frustration – lawlaw. Our diapers will be even drier and faster absorbing, providing better value for our moms. This also means a better fit and more freedom of movement for babies. We are excited to be working with Toni Gonzaga because, like us, she believes that babies deserve the best care available.”

Though the choices for your babies can become overwhelming, overcoming this challenge starts by knowing that as a mom, you have options. You don’t have to do one thing just because everyone says so. “The best advise I got came from my mother,” Toni adds. “She said that every baby is different. Me and my baby will have a system of our own,” Toni explains. “It’s very important that moms do their own research! I was lucky that for one of the most important things for Seve, his diapers, I got it right!”



About Pampers®

For more than 50 years, parents have trusted Pampers to care for their babies. Pampers is a part of The Procter & Gamble Company and is the #1-selling diaper worldwide. Every day, more than 25 million babies in 100 countries around the world wear Pampers. Pampers offers a complete range of diapers, wipes and training pants designed to provide protection and comfort for every stage of baby’s development. Visit http://www.pampers.com to learn more about Pampers products, and find ideas and information to help your baby get the most out of love, sleep and play.


#GerifiedPH: Glamcon MNL 2018

Real beauty is skin deep but it won’t hurt to have a reliable matte lipstick that won’t bleed nor transfer especially when you’re having a hard time. At least, one thing’s going right on you, and that’s knowing that your puckers are on-fleek!

Copy of Glamcon poster_web_18 x 24

The first ever Glam Convention was held at the SMX Convention Center in SM Aura, Taguig last January 21, 2018, and yours truly, albeit a makeup noob, didn’t let this pass.

For a day, I become a Diva, and to be a Diva in its true context, what I did first was to line up for the makeover.



Check out my photos with Raiza Contawi, the Plump Pinays and more of the event, here.

The event also held a free hair makeover, and while girls with magic hands transform girls to divas, and queens and glamderellas, the Glam Gala talks were spontaneously held at the main stage. I caught Raiza Contawi teaching the basics of the color wheel and how specific makeup colors could complement your entire outfit and more.

For the queens and divas of the day, the Glam School showcased different makeup style for different bodies! Makeup Plus with Paint Box Artistry, Boss Lady and Valentine Vixen are some of the highlights of this one day make up classroom!

I enjoyed playing at the iWhite booth, and most of all, I love my lashes! I haven’t used a falsie for quite sometime now, and it surely makes you feel more confident with those lashes waving hi!

Click here for my before photo.


My #glamconmnl glamorous transformation!

Thank you so much to my talented makeup artist, Ms. Shiela for revealing the diva in this momma!


#GerifiedPH: It’s Extra Bright at the Circuit Makati!

Circuit Makati welcomes the Holiday season extra brightly with the hippest bazaar Pop Up Town! In partnership with Mastercard, Alveo, and Samsung Air C onditioner, Circuit Makati officially welcomes the Holiday by lighting it up majestically over the city’s most upbeat lifestyle and entertainment destination.

Co-presented by Mastercard and Fox Life, in cooperation with Grab, Pop Up Town’s wide array of offerings as it will feature over 200 curated shops to thrill gift buyers, dining options for those who seek bonding moments, and assorted activities for the whole family.

Consisting of four zones: Pop Up Shop, Pop Up Market, Pop Up Gallery, and Pop Up Local, it is sure to delight every Christmas shopper.

Pop Up Shop offers  a variety of well curated goods and pre-loved items from Karl Edwards, Passion Fly, UP JMA, Mommy Mundo, and big discounts by Folded and Hung.  At the Star Avenue section, fun brands and pre-loved items will be available from the likes of Janice De Belen, Kaila Estrada, Inah de Belen, Ara Mina, Danita Paner, Maricar Reyes Poon, Marissa Sanchez, Nene Tamayo, Nikki Valdez, Christine Babao, Maria Lopez, Mara Lopez, Gretchen Fullido, MJ Marfori, Aubrey Carampel, Cherry Lou Damaso, Denise Joaquin, Mike Agassi and Miriam Quiambao.

Shopping could make your tummy growl! A dizzying array of scrumptious favorites will be at the Pop Up Market with Mercato. For  those who love art , the Pop Up Gallery features works curated by Para sa Sining. Home grown, locally-sourced and locally-made products will be showcased under  Pop Up Local.

For a fun holiday vibe, there will be outdoor movie screenings, art workshops, battle of the bands and live acoustic performances. Kids can have hours of fun with an inflatable obstacle course dubbed as Wacky Obstacle Run.

Mastercard holders will have the chance to win prizes during the bazaar, aside from enjoying free entrance to both bazaars. What’s more, Grab will offer discounted Grab rides heading to and from venue using promo code Grab50, free shuttle rides from Park Square to Circuit Makati, free parking and the option to shop cashless with your Mastercard credit card.

Indulging your loved ones with fun memories and lots of bonding time is easier with Pop Up Town! Drop by the Arca South on December 2 to 3!