The Many Faces of a Filipina Mom

She dons a variety of guises and wears different hats every day, but more often than not, she is simply known to us all as “Mama.”

Still, even the very idea of this persona is so multi-faceted that a “mother” can easily pertain to different kinds of motherly figures to us all at once. Let’s take a look at some of the forms and faces that these superwomen come to us as “Mama.”


The Doting ‘Tita’

Setting aside the dreaded “May boyfriend ka na ba?” or “Tumaba ka ah!” comments that we typically answer with awkward laughs, our titas actually make great second moms by providing guidance in many surprising ways.

How else do you think would you discover the therapeutic effects of grocery shopping if not for her continuous prodding for you to come with her? Having a hard time making soothing interiors for your flat with trendy greens? Go ask your tita. Puzzled about the classy difference between your usual coffee chain and her favorite artisanal café? No need to worry, because tita will always be there to enlighten you, even about the most mundane complexities of this world.

The “Mommy ng Barkada”

Every barkada always has a mother figure who has taken upon the proverbial role of keeping the peace in the group, being the shoulder to cry on, and checking up on everyone ever so often.

She could be the eldest in the group, the years having lent her the wisdom that the ates and kuyas don’t have quite yet. Or, she’s simply ingrained with the motherly care and instinct that her friends often find comfort in.

The Office Alpha Female

She may be your direct supervisor, the department head, or the company founder herself, but one thing’s for sure: she’s the self-made woman you strive to become in the next few years.

You’re lucky if she likes you enough to have taken you under her wing; or not, if she seems bent on making you learn the tricks of the trade the hard way. Either way, her fierce outlook in life and relentless dedication to what she does in turn fuel your drive to pursue your full potential.

What’s most amazing about her, however, is how she manages to be the face of ageless beauty, elegance, and success on top of it all. Another useful lesson, therefore, that we can learn from the different mothers in our lives is how to keep the years off our face through a tried and tested anti-aging skin care regimen.

Complementing their timeless skin care tips—like getting enough sleep, using sunscreen, and hydrating inside and out, just to name a few—there’s a new anti-aging skin care regimen that is designed for today’s hardworking moms and Filipino women in general. The pre-sleep Breathe, Enrich, Dream Ritual—or simply the B.E.D. Ritual—harnesses the skin rejuvenating power of sleep and the youth-regenerating active ingredients of kojie.san’s Dream White anti-aging skin care line.

Three easy steps comprise the B.E.D. Ritual:

  • BREATHE:Relax in a quiet and comfortable spot in the bedroom, then proceed to cleanse and let the skin breathe by washing the face with DreamWhite Anti-Aging Soap. Afterwards, rehydrate, whiten, and nourish with DreamWhite Anti-Aging Facial Toner with Collagen.
  • ENRICH:Revitalize the face and neck with the DreamWhite Anti-Aging Overnight Cream before going to bed to prepare the skin for a night of rejuvenation.
  • DREAM:Unplug from the world, turn off the lights, and tune out distractions to focus on recharging the mind and body with restful sleep.

The kojie.san DreamWhite B.E.D. Ritual doesn’t end when women wake up. Also included in the skin care line is the DreamWhite Blemish Correcting Cream, which is best used both during the day and night to reduce skin imperfections and lighten dark facial spots; and the DreamWhite Anti-Aging Cream with Sunscreen, that protects the skin against the harmful effects of sun exposure.

With moms’ anti-aging secrets now in your fingertips, you too can look forward to a future of ageless beauty and grace. Whether you’re a busy mom, a doting tita, or the mommy of your barkada, start putting aging to bed with kojie.san Dream White and the B.E.D. Ritual today.

To know more about kojie.san DreamWhite and our pre-sleep, anti-aging, Asian beauty regimen—the B.E.D. Ritual—visit our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram @ksdreamwhite.

Girlactik Beauty now in the Philippines!

A Hollywood’s IT brand finally reach the Philippine’ shore – Girlactik Beauty!


Hearing the brand name, I was actually curious if it comes in a spaceship-like packaging while thinking of an architect’s concept of crumpled papers… but what unraveled before our eyes was as ornately timeless and incandescent like that of a chandelier’s refracted illumination of pendant light.


Star Shadow (2.5g) – Slick, Pigmented, Can be applied dry or wet, Consistent, Matte Pigmented, Big Pan, Mirrored. These shadows are easy to use. Soft to the touch, blends well and glides on. Feels like cream but not powdery and can be used as top coat color.

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Dermcare Brings Beauty and Care

Channeling your beauty to radiate doesn’t come overnight, your skin requires pampering and care of a professional center that understands your needs. A center that provides all your skin pampering necessities has now come into full bloom as it introduces its new look and logo.

For 2 decades, Dermcare have continuously shared their unfailing love and concern for their customers, delivering utmost satisfaction to your every vanity regardless of gender, age, social standing, and personal preferences.


Dermcare have been like a second home to their clients as the center treats each customer as part of their family. The care that Dermcare delivers manifest through repeat customers that keeps coming back for the very reason that they feel that they belong.

Understandably, you would only want the best for the ones you hold dear to your heart. This is why Dermcare has up the ante, so everyone in your family and social circle can experience the care and passion that only Dermcare can give.

Pag-IBIG Recognizes Dermcare’s contribution to the community

Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card recently awarded Dermcare the “Loyalty Cardholder’s Favorite Partner” which equated to the number of cardholders who had the privilege to enjoy discounts at Dermcare branches nationwide.

Pag-IBIG Fund launched its Pag-IBIG Loyalty card Program in the year 2014. The program aims to extend the benefits given by Pag-ibig Fund to its members not just thru short term and housing loans but also to give them additional privilege in other necessities. Dermcare has been a Partner of Pag-IBIG Loyalty card since then.

Dermcare has served the Pag-IBIG members nationwide thru its more than 80 branches.  In 2016 alone, Dermcare has already extended an accumulated amount of more than P500,000 worth of discounts to around 2,000 Pag-IBIG Loyalty card members  who enjoyed up to 50% discount of Dermcare services and products.

New Logo, New Face

Dermcare’s new logo is fused together with the care-centric ideals that they have at present. The flowers represent their growing clientele and how it has captured the hearts and gained the trust of the public.

In line with the new logo, Dermcare also launches the face of Dermcare – Ms. Nina Robertson, Mutya ng Pilipinas – Overseas Communities 2015. Nina embodies all the qualities that represents Dermcare, vibrant and full of energy!

True to its mission, Dermcare desires to foster care to its numerous clients by providing top-quality skin, hair and wellness services, as well as encompass the years of remarkable love and care for their customers.

Visit your nearest Dermcare branch today. For more information, follow them on Facebook:

Your Ultimate Summer Pampering Destination: Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa

Summer means hot weather, beach time, shorts, sandals, sundresses–and lots of it. The question is, are you ready? 
Summer is just around the corner. And we can finally embrace the blue summery feels even within our city limit, thanks to Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa! Nailaholics, the city’s top urban nail and pampering destination in the country, has been everyone’s go-to destination for the season, so here’s a run-down of things-to-do to keep your skin, tips, and toes summer ready. 
Prepare for sandal-season

Over the holidays, when the wind blew colder and your legs and feet were clad in tights and boots, it was easy to miss your regular waxing and pedicure appointments. But summer means trading in your warmer outfits for colorful shorts and summer skirts, paired with your favorite flip-flops or sandals. Book an appointment for a pedicure ASAP and jumpstart the season with a waxing session to get your stems ready. 
Get ready for summer outfits

Legs are a major focus during summer that it’s easy to forget your arms need attention too. Because of the weather, you’ll be baring your arms and shoulders as soon as the wind blows a little warmer. Get them in perfect summer shape by booking a moisturizing treatment, followed by a manicure. Be sure to choose a bright hue on your nails to complement the season. 
Make sure you’re super Summer-ready

Before you head off for your summer adventure, get yourself primed for the season by getting a head to toe buff and polish. Get Vitamin Sea: Manicure, Pedicure and Foot Spa to stimulate blood flow and leave skin glowing. Be sure to moisturize post treatment by keeping a bottle of Argan oil handy. 
Post-holiday Pampering Day

A visit to your favorite nail salon isn’t just for pre-holiday beach trips; sometimes, you need vacation from your vacation too. Summer means crowded airports, cramped flights, long road trips—and you’ll need to unwind after. Choose from our menu of spa treatments so that you not only get to relax, you also make sure you’re prepped and ready to go for your next vacation.

#GerifiedPH: French Tips Eco Nail Salon

There’s something wrong with this nail salon and I can’t point my nose to it.

This salon with all its daintiness and whimsical feel, is missing the toxic chemical smell that usually whiff up your nose the moment you enter a regular nail pampering salon.

There’s something wrong with this nail salon and I can point it with my eyes wide open.

There’s a woman nursing a newborn.

A little girl suppressing her giggles.

This salon with all its French-inspired interiors was painting a little girl, hers tips and toes.

They actually have the audacity to encourage expectant moms to loosen up, relax and give in to self-indulgence and pamper their way to their most deserving me-time before they dedicate themselves to their bundle of joys.



As for me, one of my dreams is to travel Europe with a backpack and sneakers on, catching trains and buses, eating gelato, feeding doves on my palm and basically just fall from the Eiffel Tower – I meant fall in love in the city of love at midnight, moon shining bright, hot summer breeze, a bottle of burgundy on my hands, jazz playing on repeat… Oh I could go on and on about this, blabbering and floating away… but then again, as a sane married mother of two, I have to prioritize the needs over the wants.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t sneak in some French-style me-time! Say hello to Frenchtips Eco Chic Nail Salon!

French Tips Logo.jpg

It’s a nail salon unlike any other, mostly because of the way it combines eco-chic pampering experience with a one-of-a-kind French themed ideal. And from the moment you step in, you’ll be ushered into a luxe escape from the daily grind.

To sneak in a luxurious and eco-friendly treat at French Tips is to be catered to for a few hours. Here, you become a woman of leisure and nature that is doted on and attended to, where you can choose to zone out or chatter idly, depending on your mood and pamper without putting your health at risk.

And as the chatter in me is so strong it even have its own hashtag (#gerilenmbf), my Nail Technician, the jolliest bunso of French Tips Eco Chic Nail Salon, Mary Joy entertained me with trivia and tips all through out my pampering sesh.

The scent of lavender gently ushers you to the gardens of Provence as you begin your luxurious, eco-chic journey, where you will be asked how you want a healthy French Tips experience using toxic-free nail polishes, beginning with selecting your preferred scents for your lotions and foot soaks (all of which are designed to whisk you away and take you to a lazy sunny day spent in the quaint orchards of the French countryside using Formaldehyde free and Paraben free materials.

The interiors certainly lend itself to the vibe. Impeccably designed to reflect the quiet luxury of France, each element inside French Tips Nail Parlour lets you bask in the elegance that the country is known for—from the high back armchairs that invite you sink yourself in to the intricate details that pepper the salon interiors like the faux grass and white reindeer heads that adore its walls. The team, all expertly trained to provide the best possible eco-friendly service, are attentive and accommodating—all intent on providing you with a few hours to escape and enjoy this rare, but much deserved opportunity to indulge in a salon which never use animal-derived ingredients in any of their products. To name a few of their polishes’ international brands are Honeybee Gardens, Beautylish, Piggy Paint, Suncoat Products, Acquarella, Pritinyc, Sparitual, Zoya, Misa, OPI, Orly, Nubar, Faby and Color Club.

Here, the ideals of the country that inspired its aesthetic and brand of service are evident. Nothing feels rushed and anyone is welcome to pamper themselves for as long as they want in the capable hands of their technicians.

Once you’re done, the experience is certainly enough to make you want to wish you could stay for the entire weekend…but rest assured, you can always come back for more.

Oh, #TheEcoChicWoman in me is dancing with a pastel pink tutu and ballerina shoes because aside from the #FrenchStyle service, they only offer #HealthyChoice and #EcoFriendly products from their scrubs down to their #EcoChic nail polishes!

French Tips Nail Parlour opened last November 2016 and formally holds its grand launch on January 26, 2017 and yours truly was honored to grace the event.

More photos of the event here.


Dope. Drinking my second bottle of chilled blue pea and cucumber juice from Healthy Eats PH while waiting for my chic nails to dry like a helpless damsel in distress but without the stress.

Finally, a nail salon empowering and awakening the environmentalist in oneself. A salon letting beauty enthusiasts be aware that being chic can be parallel to being eco-friendly.

Finally, a nail salon for health conscious buffs. A salon for pregnant glow, to endow curious girls with fancy nails without the toxic harms and chemical fumes.

Finally, a nail salon that will transform you to a woman confidently beautiful with a heart.

A heart for Mother Earth, for the beauty of the future – children and nature, without compromising quality of service.

Finally, a French-inspired, feel-good nail salon without the guilt.

Now, women have a choice to be pampered and beautify themselves without turning a blind eye to the negative effects of it, and by it I meant the effects of chemicals and fumes would cause the future you (cancer) and the environment (pollution) because it basically has none, at the first place.

Now I can #LoveThySelf without spraining my ankle from catching the ride to the suburbs of France!


French Tips has 5 branches nationwide: SM Megamall, Nuvali Solenad, Ayala Terraces, SM Mall of Asia and recently opened branch in SM Aura. For more information, check out,

#GerifiedPH: Skin Rituals to add to your New Year New You Resolution

Aside from being financially free, getting back to shape and acquiring new set of engineering and kitchen skills (that I’ll share with you soon), one of the things I remorse, if I dare say, to neglect is my skin. I used to have a good day and night skin rituals until the kids arrive. First son walking all by himself and I regain (got time) to do the things I used and missed to do  like massaging that moisturizer and patting it in to be quickly observed and stuff like that, and then the second son was born and all hell break loose that even a  decent 5-minute shower is a blissful oasis!

Skin rituals are very helpful especially when you do it religiously, without missing out on it or being lazy. These skin rituals are enough to make your skin glow without going to the derma salon and spending way too much!

  1. Clean your face with a mild anti-bacterial facial wash. This expels the dirt, oil and make up you might have on your face.
  2. Use a mild toner that would clean your face from excess dirt that may not have been removed by the anti-bacterial facial wash.
  3. Put a natural oil facial serum for skin moisture and health.
  4. Take a Vitamin E supplement at least once a day because Vitamin E helps in providing skin beauty and health!

Vitamin E helps maintain the skin’s radiance and healthy glow. Aside from that, it also helps in maintaining the functions of blood vessels, brain and nervous system. It strengthens the immune system and promotes good eyesight. Lastly, it helps in preventing cancer, heart disease and stroke.

With 400 IU of Vitamin E, ATC Vita-E is perfect for you! It benefits our body greatly and protects the cells from harmful effects of free radicals. Vitamin E—being a good antioxidant, maintains the radiance and glow which makes up for an even healthier skin. No need to worry when you have Vita-E. For a healthier you and a healthier skin. For effortless beauty with ATC Vita-E.

Vita-E is high content 100% Pure 400 IU Vitamin E that is made more effective than other Vitamin E preparation. It is a product of extensive research and development that guarantees top quality and excellent promising health results which makes it absolutely different from other over-the-counter vitamins.

I have a disorder, the one wherein my system cannot breakdown carotene and it causes chicken skin. One of the things that help me get rid of that is the Vitamin E supplement that I used to take one capsule a day.

So this year, aside from regaining my momentum in that 3 sacred steps of Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize, I will also do my best to remove makeup before tucking the boys at night and will be religious in taking my ATC Vita E everyday!


Like Vita-E on Facebook via to get more updates and promos.

Vita-E should be taken daily, before or after every meal, preferably with a warm glass of water. Available at all Mercury Drug, Watsons and other leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.

Available at a special promo BUY ONE GET ONE for a LIMITED TIME OFFER only.


Ooh La Lash opens at Ayala Malls The 30th


One of the things I gave up long time ago is putting on a full-made face. I can’t find time blending the foundation really well with kids in tow and deadlines in my mind. But running errands with a naked face can be bearable when my brows are well-groomed and I’d be fancy with my peeps sometimes with lush and full lashes!

Perfectly groomed brows and long, lush lashes can change your life. But you already knew that.

The question now is—do you know where you can go to get the safest and most natural-looking extensions?

Ooh La Lash Lash Extension Lounge opened its first branch in Glorietta 2, Makati City on September 23, 2016 and its second branch in Ayala Malls The 30th on January 12, 2017. It offers exceptional service catered to each individual, run by a team of highly qualified aestheticians, providing eyelash and brow grooming services in a stylishly comfortable environment.

Check out an overview of Ooh La Lash’ first branch in Glorietta:

Our rapidly growing client base is attended to by a team of experts trained to give the latest techniques in eyelash application to ensure durable and natural looking results. Services are delivered with attention to quality and detail, using only FDA-approved materials—the first lash studio in the country to provide this level of quality assurance.

Remember, eyes are the window to our soul so we might as well put gorgeous curtains on our windows! #OohLaLash


Ooh La Lash! Lash Extension Lounge delivers the real premier experience by providing the right eyelash solutions using only safe and globally accepted materials performed by the true expert Lash Technicians. To know more, visit and like/follow;;

Maxwax opens at Ayala Malls The 30th

Even in this high technology world we are living in, we still can’t have everything in an instant – and that includes being healthy, presentable and well. When it comes to physical aspects, women should be earning it, it’s a never ending process, a cycle, a routine and to some, it’s a lifestyle. Sometimes, the process people undergo in the name of beauty is not always sugar and smiles, others even go under the knife and some , which includes yours truly, just had to feel the pain first, before feeling better about myself. Don’t get me wrong, I can go to public with my naked face on, but sometimes, it’s fun being vain!

While looking in the mirror and liking what we see is good, when it’s time again to do those routines – dreadfully painful, ridiculously time-consuming, or absurdly expensive, we tend to question our judgments. And we still do it anyway, so in any case, you might as well look for salons that’ll make the sacrifices (time, effort and sometimes, pain) worthwhile. Or you can just leave it to the experts. 😉


Sanitation and the waxing product are very important, but perhaps the most important aspect of a professional waxing service is the professional, or who we call, the “waxing expert”.

MaxWax is a venue that expertly answers a woman’s grooming needs—from waxing to eyebrow threading. Their expertise in what they do lends itself to complete customer satsifaction and trust—from their on-trend style inclinations, discreet and quick (but thorough) service and relaxing hygenic environment. They offer high quality services tailored for the grooming needs of women and they focus on delivering quality results that customers seek following the strictest hygienic protocols.

It opened its first branch in Alabang Town Center in 2013, followed by its SM Aura branch in 2015. Finally, it’s going to open its 3rd branch in Ayala Malls The 30th on January 12, 2017, located at Lower Ground Floor.

Given its interiors and roster of services, Maxwax has earned itself a reputation for being a grooming destination that combines all the elements women seek from a waxing salon that manages to put style at the forefront of its service. Regulars keep coming back because of the discreet and tasteful vibe that the establishment offers and find value in the peripheral services, given the expertise that its team of technicians has to offer, particular for brow design.


 Maxwax Waxing and Brow Design Studio is the preferred establishment for grooming services highlighting style and discretion. To know more, visit and like/follow;;

Give and Share the Gift of Exquisite Beauty with Helix-D

Be ageless by design this holiday season and gift yourself, your friends and your loved ones with the latest beauty breakthrough in skincare: Helix-D.
Helix D (Trish).jpg
Available as a Face and Neck Serum as well as an Eye Serum, Helix-D possesses a powerful combination of water-magnet hydrators and anti-oxidants, while The Double Helix is comprised of encapsulated cellular envelopes that contain “Power-Peptides” and Matrikines that penetrate deep into your skin.
With the Helix-D Face and Neck serum, a reduction in the appearance of facial and neck wrinkles along with a tightening of sagging skin can be enjoyed thanks to powerful anti-oxidants that provide day-long moisturizing and hydration. The result is smoother and softer looking skin like never before.
The Helix-D Eye Serum, meanwhile, with its new eye serum active complex, can reduce fine lines, dark circles and reduce puffiness. What’s more, you can also experience increased firmness and collagen renewal – youthfulness like no other With their research and development team working together with several international laboratories, you can be assured that Helix-D is one of the most technologically advanced skincare solutions in the world, combining elegance and 21st century anti-aging science.
The power to be ageless by design is within your reach. Experience this skincare revolution today with Helix-D. HelixD is available at the beauty section of the SM Stores in SM Aura, SM Makati, SM Megamall, SM North EDSA and SM Mall of Asia. Visit and follow us on Facebook and Instagram at @fastbeautyph.

#gerilenmbf: When You Dread Being Beautiful!

Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are mine.


No guts, no coconuts. No pain, no gain. And in this particular post, gain is all about the state of being vain. Even in this high technology world we are living in, we still can’t have everything in an instant – and that includes being healthy, presentable and well. When it comes to physical aspects, women should be earning it, it’s a never ending process, a cycle, a routine and to some, it’s a lifestyle. Sometimes, the process people undergo in the name of beauty is not always sugar and smiles, others even go under the knife and some , which includes yours truly, just had to feel the pain first, before feeling better about myself. Don’t get me wrong, I can go to public with my naked face on, but sometimes, it’s fun being vain!

While looking in the mirror and liking what we see is good, when it’s time again to do those routines – dreadfully painful, ridiculously time-consuming, or absurdly expensive, we tend to question our judgments.

Down below are the things I personally did in the name of beauty. I loved it, raved about it and dreaded it all at the same time – women are complex creatures! I’m not saying I will never do it again, but I’m not denying the fact that these are dreadful! So here goes my love-hate beauty routines:

Eyelash Extension – The end result was divine! But the almost an hour process is too long for my liking and the every two week visit to maintenance is too expensive and dreadful! The adhesive stings while they put it on and every time I wet my face, the water from my lashes irritates my eyes. The fact that I can’t dive or swim and put water directly in my eye area like when washing face or showering is just too much for me. I miss rubbing my eyes, too. So for now, I’ll stick to falsies again if I have time to wait for the eyelash glue to be tacky before putting it on, and I also love wearing eye-shadows and sleeping on my tummy! Plus, there’s a possibility of loosing your real eyelashes in the whole ordeal if you’re like me whose not careful and clumsy!

Hair Extension – I have natural thin fine strands of hair and hair extension is just one of those things that tempts me. I can’t resist saying yes to a voluminous hair, who could? So I bought and tried putting on hair extensions on myself but just like eyelash extension,  the process is too long and it’s actually not good for your hair and scalp. Whether sewn in, glued or clipped, hair extension is damaging to the mane that in worse cases, it can lead to Alopecia! Because yes, too much tension placed on the hair roots, pulling out the hair strands and damaging the follicles can be permanent. For the time being, I will just use non-sulfate organic shampoo, be religious in applying hair conditioner after every shower and hair serum once a week while eating keratin rich food to achieve glossy healthy hair.

Nail Extension – Aggressive nail treatment can actually expose women to various infections, rashes and even skin cancer, but in the nail department, I’ll focus on the nail extension section. Basically, nail extension is placing of artificial nails (usually longer than your natural nails). It usually won’t hurt you if you’ll just use it for an occasion and remove right after. I tried using nail extension on a wedding and all I got to say is that, it made everything difficult. Extra long nails won’t help in holding things firmly, washing your cracks is more like scratching it and you can easily pick your nose, and dirt along the way. So for now, I’ll stick to my natural nails – neatly trimmed and clean with frequent hand washing with lotion afterwards because holding a breastfeeding infant doesn’t require glamorous nail extensions, it requires comforting hands that includes clean short nails.

Eyebrow Threading – The trend now is eyebrows-on -fleek! And I still consider myself a virgin when it comes to my eyebrows. My hair like I said, is naturally thin and fine which basically mean that my eyebrows are not so bushy, barely there as well – but scattered. I tried eyebrow threading thrice in the span of my almost 30 years of existence, once and my first time was before my wedding day, and the two were because it was offered in a beauty counter and a beauty event. The process left me teary, the pain in every hair strand pulled out makes me want to run off and hide in the dark forever! Sometimes, threading was not worth the pain. So now, I bought castor oil in the hopes of having a more bushier eyebrows and luscious lashes and hoping for the best.

Waxing Everything – One of the things we do to maintain beauty is to keep our mane where they compliment us and remove them on places that are not-so-flattering. Waxing every nooks and crannies for the sake of smooth, flawless skin. I asked a sister a long time ago, if she’s wearing a leg stocking. She shyly said that she wasn’t and that she’d just waxed her legs. I was awed! One of the things I learned online on how to cope up and bear with waxing is you have to take a shot of tequila first. That is right after I just had my wax on! I asked the hair technician if she can just take it easy on me and she said that it would hurt more if she will slowly peel it off. I just close my eyes, hold my breath and let her take the wheel. I’m not into the art of tweezing, and waxing is not my strong forte. Good thing there is now what we call the hair destroyer – the  Laser Hair Removal. There’s these Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons that offers a bunch of laser hair removal in an affordable price. Groupon offers more than the savings, it can also make the experience even better with great money-savings resources and good deals on products and services! Save money and enjoy pampering and beautifying yourself!

Diamond Peel – According to Google, diamond peel treatment is a mechanical exfoliation technique similar to microdermabrasion. This noninvasive, cosmetic procedure removes excess oil, dirt and dead cells on the surface of the skin to reveal the younger, brighter skin cells underneath. And can I add that it’s painful. The suction won’t hurt a soul but the pricking part of the procedure freaks me out every. single. time. For now, I try to regularly exfoliate my face, cleanse and remove makeup before bed time to at least lessen the pain of the process.

These are as of now, the farthest I’ve been in the name of beauty. We our responsible to our body and we should always aim to be the best version of ourselves, not to please others but ourselves. We owe it to ourselves, besides, we only have one shell, so why not make and be the best out of it.