#gerilenmbf: Cars for Toddlers

Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are mine.


Well, it’s not actually about cars for toddlers, this post is all about how to make your car more toddler-friendly!

dabibot cars.jpg

Cars, as long as its machine is working, will run, but when you got toddlers in tow, some car accessories are more like a necessity and not a luxury, and with a plethora of the latest car accessory options, below are the must-have that’ll make the road trip easier for the parents and enjoyable for the toddlers.

Floor and Dicky Mat. – Eating can keep the toddler occupied during traffic and that means crumbs and spills that could rust the car’s floor. Good thing there’s floor mats – originally designed to protect a vehicle’s floor from dirt, wear, and corrosion; it can keep the car floor’s life longer while making it look clean. It’s easily placed and removed for cleaning and replacement. Dicky Mats on the other hand offers unique solution for keeping the car trunk clean. You can personalized the dicky mat according to your car boot size, you can fit the edges so that dirt won’t pass through.

Seat Covers. – If you have floor mats, it will only follow that you have seat covers as well. Leathers are a good choice especially when sticky juices and sauces spill in between those clumsy tiny fingers as it could be cleaned with just a few swipes of wet wipes and a spray of alcohol.

Sun Film and Window Shade. – Both of these will keep the cars temperature on steady while protecting the car’s interiors and the occupants including the toddlers from the extreme climatic conditions. You can pick colorful shades or cartoon characters for kids’ attention, or not.

Remote-locking security system. – Aside from added security, remote-locking security system can give you convenience when your hands are full of toddler.

Child Safety Lock. – This small switch is typically engage to prevent unauthorized exit from the vehicle. It’s a simple way to keep the toddlers safe and secure despite their constant fidgeting on the door.

Window Lock. – If they can’t opened the door, they’ll make way on the window. The window lock will keep the children on the back seat safe as when the lock is active, only the driver can control all the vehicle’s windows.

EZ Baby Saver. –  Children are dying each year from being left in hot cars, and Andrew Pelham’s Rubber Band invention, the EZ Baby Saver is actually an effective way to save toddlers in hot cars.

Child Seat. –  When properly installed and used,  child safety seat is effective in protecting children during vehicular collisions.


These are the basic car accessories that parents should consider adding to make the vehicle safe and toddler-friendly! What other car accessories do you think parents should add? Comment on the section box below.

Read more about cars at https://www.cars.com.




#GerifiedPH: All About QBO

Bahay Kubo (Nipa Hut) is an indigeneous stilt house usually made light materials like kawayan and nipa for roof. It is a well-known Philippine cultural icon that represents bayanihan or teamwork.

Bahay Kubo are once usually carried by neighbors to transfer location, hence, teamwork and just like the humble one-room house that inspired the name, QBO (‘ku-bo’), it represents bayanihan or teamwork. They are welcoming entrepreneurs, talents, and mentors and investors alike to come together and make ideas flourish, showcase Filipino innovation, and build great companies.

QBO (‘ku-bo’) is an innovation hub, or a platform for the startup community to collaborate, develop talent, and grow. It provide startups with support and resources through events and capacity building programs as well as focused interventions designed to improve access to markets, knowledge, capital, and talent.  QBO is the country’s first public-private initiative for startups, created through a partnership between IdeaSpace, J.P. Morgan, DOST, and DTI. Spurred on by the vision of Filipinos startups changing the world, QBO’s mission is to create a globally competitive startup ecosystem in the Philippines.

 QBO VISION: Filipino startups changing the world.

QBO MISSION: Developing a globally competitive startup ecosystem in the Philippines by encouraging collaboration between the public and private sectors, developing the startup community and providing business incubation from ideation to exit.

To fulfill their mission to develop a globally competitive startup ecosystem, they believe in three core actions to achieve it:




Confident and optimistic, with plans ranging from conducting initial public offering (IPO) to tapping new markets within and outside the Philippines. To achieve their goals, they want to make their businesses sustainable through improved tax incentives, greater ease in doing business, and better access to capital. QBO recently launched the first ever Start Up Survey in the Philippines. Read more about the results and potentials here.

QLITAN. Networking events

Yesterday, QBO held a Qlitan Networking Events with the media and bloggers. These kinds of Qlitan are hosting regular networking events that also feature guest speakers for startup community to discover, collaborate, and bounce ideas off of each other. Yesterday’s qlitan was graced by Ms. Nora K. Terrado, Undersecretary of Department of Trade and Industry, the QBO Philippines & Ideaspace Foundation President himself, Mr. Rene “Butch” Meily, PwC Philippines and Isla Lipana Chairman and Senior Partner, Atty. Alexander Cabrera, and Ms. Jane Roxas-Divinagracia, Deals and Corporate Finance Managing Partner of PwC Philippines and Isla Lipana.

22540048_1551484614894793_85760377448933058_n.jpgMs. Katrina Rausa Chan, Director of QBO Philippines introduced the Audience to QBO Philippines, followed by welcome remarks from the QBO Philippines President Meily. The 2017 Philippine StartUp Survey Media Briefing also showed remarks from the companies that supports this first ever StartUp in the Philippines which includes Department of Trade and Industry, IdeaSpace Foundation and PwC Philippines.

Aside from Qlitan, QBO also hold the following:

BASIQS. Introductory classes

We conduct classes that run through the fundamentals of initiating a startup for those who are new to the scene and are exploring putting up their own venture.

WORQSHOPS. Specialized workshops

We offer in-depth workshops on a range of topics like branding, marketing, and fundraising to shed more light on specialized topics and provide actionable learnings.

FEEDBAQ. Feedback and mentorships sessions

We provide an avenue for startups to receive insight on different aspects of their business through small group sessions with peers and our network of mentors and industry leaders.

SHOWQASE. Investor pitch

We set up sessions where startups get the opportunity to pitch their ideas to top angel investors, venture capitalists, and corporations for a chance to get funded or secure partnerships.

QONSULTATION. Consultation services

We equip startups with expert advice and practical tips through individual consultation services on government-related matters as well as legal, financial, and design concerns with top firms.

QBO HQ. Co-working space

We provide members of our QMMUNITY access to our headquarters to use as a co-working space or a venue to host meetings, workshops, and other startup-related events.

INQBATION. Incubation Program

We offer select startups the opportunity to be considered for INQBATION, a program created in partnership with J.P. Morgan that provides customized mentorship and other resources based on a startup’s specific needs.

I learned that 4 of the Top 5 Companies in the world are under Technology section, that includes, and in order 1- Apple, 2-Google. 3 Microsoft and 4 Amazon. What’s amazing about these giant companies is that they are open to StartUps!

Some qualifications for StartUps are the high growth and huge potential of product, financially engaged to technology, an innovation/business style that could attract incubators, excellarators and investors. It should also be at least 5 years or younger, enabled by technology like apps with digital components or bio-tech and is applying the latest advanced materials ready for modeling for customer experience with high scalability.

If you have ideas lighting in your head, join the QBO StartUp Qmunnity today!

Find out more about QBOPhilippines! Email them at hello@qbo.com.ph

Visit QBO Philippines’ Official Website: http://www.qbo.com.ph


#gerilenmbf: Merck’s committed to change lives of childless couples

There are only two happy instances that is happening inside every medical facility – a patient recovering from surgery and a successful childbirth.

Every womb’s fruit is a blessing from above.

I’m already blessed with two little gentlemen but when my doctors assessed that my body (my heart) won’t be able to bear the pressure of another pregnancy, they decided for me to have a ligation. I’m in between life and death, so I gave in.

I woke up on the long sleep that came after my emergency C-section heart-broken. I cried because I won’t be able to experience kicks and somersaults inside my growing belly anymore. I won’t have another 50% chance of having a girl.


Tears fell and I moved forward looking on the brighter side. At least I was able to bear two sons after every obstacle on my way – a repaired heart, defective blood and during my 2nd pregnancy, Dabibot’s head is leaning on the right making his heartbeat dropped to 60 counts per minute during crowning and hence, the emergency CS.

I still think I’m blessed and that I do not have the right to complain.

The essence of a woman is being a mother.

It’s no big deal, if being childless is your personal decision in life, but what about women who’s only wish in life is to bear a child but won’t?

Albeit explosive poos and sleepless night, when you think of babies, first thing that come to mind is the feeling of happiness – of blissful parents cuddling their adorable little one – nothing short of perfection.

Unfortunately, not all couples share the same feeling, especially for the 15% of the population who are suffering from fertility problems.

Infertility is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), as “a disease of the reproductive system defined by the failure to achieve a clinical pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sexual intercourse.”

Turning Dreams to Reality

Data from a Synovate survey in 2011 shows that one out of 10 Filipinos are suffering from infertility. There are different factors that affect a couple’s ability to procreate such as socio-cultural practices, including the marrying age, educational status, professional goals.

Aside from those, Dr. Virgilio M. Novero Jr., head of St. Luke’s flagship Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine and Infertility (CARMI), infertility can also be traced to issues affecting both the female and male reproductive systems, and medical conditions that compromises the quality of egg and sperm cells.

Since 2013, the local arm of the world’s oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company Merck Philippines, has been proactive in their fertility awareness campaign.

The campaign, which is aptly named “Bridging Baby Steps,” aims to continue education on infertility and raise awareness about the in-vitro fertilization (IVF) methods available in the country through seminars and information dissemination.

The ART of Procreation

Infertility should not be the be-all and end-all for couples, as there are means and ways to this.

One available method for childless couples is Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). This treatment procedure enables multiplication of ovarian follicles and facilitates egg cell retrieval. During the process, embryos will be formed outside the body of a female patient and will be transferred once the “cultures” are successfully formed. Patients who are suffering from severe sperm deficits, blocked fallopian tubes, unexplained infertility, mild endometriosis, and ovulation disorders can be candidates for this treatment.

With regards to IVF being risky, Dr. Novero shared that the success rate of such procedure has grown tremendously over the past years. He said that about six million children around the world were born via IVF.

“As they say, ‘where there’s life, there’s hope.’ We, at Merck Philippines, understand the heartaches of couples who can’t conceive a child,” said Dess Cartao, Sales & Marketing Manager for Fertility, Merck Philippines. “We want to let them know that there are means and ways to combat infertility. “

In this advancement in biological science, couples are given another hope for having their own offspring.

To know more about infertility and IVF in the Philippines, visit www.facebook.com/fertilityawarenessphilippines.

#gerilenmbf: For the Girly Girls but One of the Boys

Wearing the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), that is how I dress up for my highly hazardous work environment – the construction site. A shirt with caution vest, denim pants with hardhat and steeltoe to protect myself from electrocution, falling debris and puncturing from tie wires and steel rods protruding everywhere. Mind you, my hardhat saved me from having a concussion for a hundred of times and laborers that saw me every time always have this snide remark “Buti na lang may hardhat ka, Ma’am.” (Good thing you’re wearing a hardhat, Madam.)

Covering yourself for protection is good but inspecting the site under the scorching heat of the sun is not so good – at least for the reputation of the girly girl in me. I don’t feel very feminine with hair sticking on the sides of my face and shirt wet from sweat and accumulating stain from either mud because its raining or dust because its hot.

A clip of concrete pouring a steel deck – see the protruding tie wires?

One time, the hubby and I went on a series of site inspections around Quezon City. We geared up – backpack, hardhat, stiletto kidding, it’s steel toe. Our pants were of dust, cement and mud. Our kili kili (armpits) sweating off, we both hate the inconvenience we call umbrella, the freaky sunscreen is a hot thick film sticky on skin and our hair is glued to our faces, plus the hard hat gives a nice touch of crown. Imagine the horror on my face when we got a call summoning us for an emergency meeting on one of our client’s offices in Ayala.

Of course we went through.

22330813_1905548669458484_292873665_nTypical FOTD on site.

Thank goodness I’m not the only one with the driver’s license. I tried finger-combing my hair, I even attempted to at least put some brows on when the red light’s on and swipe color on my lips. Brush the oil stain from my lower pants, white paint stain on my backside shirt and patches of dried out mud from my hardhat and steel toe using wet wipes.

I gave up.

22359506_1905548072791877_374907214_nAfter work glow vs. After pampering glow

We entered the room just like so and guess what? As expected, all of the people inside wears formal. Mga ateng (female) architects wore dresses, & cat walking on their wedges. I vividly remember a junior architect in a tuxedo complete with a black bow, parang magpoprom lang (like attending a high school junior-senior prom). ‘Di ko na tinignan kung nakafalsies sila kasi maiingit lang ako! (I didn’t bother to check if they’re wearing false eyelashes, I will just get envious!)

Well, actually may isang nakafalsies! (I caught one wearing false eyelashes!) I can only imagine wearing makeup at bumilad sa araw (and bask in the sun).

It’s understandable, how I look. Until I mentally compared myself to the woman who opened the door for us; a woman wearing a corporate dress tiptoeing on her stiletto, leaving a whiz of gentle perfume on her path. An office secretary in her turf – structured curls of hair, perfectly winged eyes, full-on brows with gleaming smile of matte red lips. My head wondered if it’s transfer-proof until I died a little.

That’s why I love dressing up whenever the event asked for it and when I got enough time to pull it through because toddlers and deadlines aren’t always on the same Cartesian plane of time. You choose your battles, either bathed & fed kids and deadlines reached looking like a beggar, or looking gorgeous with untidy home, hungry kids and utility bills unpaid! Okay, that’s over-escalating things but when you have minor beta-thalassemia aka defective hemoglobin, you don’t have enough muscles to check all the things for Today’s To-Do List.

Like I said, sometimes, toddlers and deadlines aren’t always on the same Cartesian plane of time – unless the universe aligned to make you shine; the toddlers are asleep so I can have extra time to think about the clothes I’ll wear or put on decent makeup or an extended family member drop by to look at the kids while I do me.

Rare occasions where I don’t stay long that much on site that I can still wear the same top to my evening affair without the smell. From construction site inspection to blog event transformation.

Science has proved it. The brain chemistry behind the interest of people in personal appearance, like intense passion for clothes and the likes, like falsies, makeup and perfumes are highly because its pleasing and humans very much like to see beautiful things that vibrates pleasing aura.

Personal appearance alter your approach and interaction with the world.

We know our clothes affect other people’s impressions of us, but what’s more important to know is that what we wear affects us too, so the mud on my shirt and the oil stain on my pants really has something to do with my internal pulling of hair and crying on the corner.

The secretary who opened the door for us lead us to the conference room. It just made me sigh with relieve that she’s friendly and accommodating. What’s more? We won’t be staring at her the entire time nor the junior architects like prom dates waiting for the sweet music to start while beating myself up in the process, because we are meeting with their superior. Their superior.


My saving grace? We were introduced as the project-in-charge and hence, our outfit. The senior architect reclaimed my dignity albeit the greasy-sweaty look. Her, carefully taking notes of what I’m discussing sort of made my self-esteem higher. I may be a construction worker per se, but I’m the head engineer in the group and it’s crucial that they listen to me.


Clothes are one of human’s basic need, but in our modern times, clothing has been raised to a higher standard we call Fashion so if you’re a girl who loves to dress up, go you! Your girly girl closet isn’t frivolous, its just that it contains a myriad of channels to heightened up your game.

And as for me, well, I may not always have my brows on-fleek, sometimes my katamaran (one of minor beta thalassemia symptom is fatigue) attacks, and I’m no exception to smell like a construction worker after a day in the field but I got a head on top of my shoulders. That’s more important-er (engineers aren’t suppose to be good in English).

Clothes will boost our confidence in facing the world when its stain-free and newly looking, good thing there’s Elextrolux Ultimate Care Washing Machine with FashionCare technology!

With Electrolux Ultimate Care you can “Buy now, wear forever!”

The unique Electrolux UltraMix Technology guarantees your favorite clothes (in my case, my construction site clothes) to look newer for longer! No matter what lifestyle you’re in, Electrolux’ Innovative Vapour Refresh program – a quick cycle designed to refresh delicates without using detergent, will get your clothes wrinkle-free with less ironing hassle. That’s hitting two birds in one stone! It refreshes your clothes, leaving them smelling fresh and looking like new. No more smelly clothes! And the Woolmark certified cycle will fit all kinds of clothes even the precious woollens! Now we don’t have to hand-wash special types of clothing like fishnet, wool and cashmere.

With Electrolux FashionCare you Wash. Wear. Repeat!

This feat is important for my school kid because so far, he only got a pair of uniform that I hand wash because I’m afraid that my washing machine will ruin the delicate fabric and for my construction uniform PPE, I had to hand wash after having the long strong cycle because the washing machine isn’t strong enough to remove stubborn stain, too.

230131_224651647548203_2383883_nThe roses in the family. My sister Beth, yours truly and our Mother E. We love wearing fishnet for skirts, wool for scarves and cashmere for turtlenecks.

Electrolux FashionCare will remove the worry of frequent washing leading to faded colors that includes white! Unique Electrolux UltraMix™ Technology delivers an exceptional deep clean even at 30°C, keeping clothes vibrant and newer for longer – perfect for my everyday uniform/construction clothes. It also allows water to be pre-mixed with the detergent and activated even in cold water, ensuring a deep yet gentle clean – perfect for my school kid’s uniform, and delicate fabrics like fishnet, lacy dresses and silk.

22345115_1906415736038444_632490685_o (1)The Jersons love vibrant colored polo and long sleeves on Sundays. With Electrolux Ultimate Care Front Load, I can save muscle for more important things on my Today’s To-Do List and that’s to devout my time to these boys!

Segregate correctly and wash pieces of same shade of color and type of clothing with the right machine like the Electrolux Ultimate Care Front Load, which has features that help clothes stay vibrant. The unique Electrolux UltraMix Technology helps care for your favourite delicate clothes and everyday work/school clothes at the same time!

There is no perfect to explain the phenomenon that is Electroluc UltraMix Technology other than the Style Icon, Fashion Designer Rajo Laurel!

Rajo Laurel is the first-ever Electrolux FashionCare Ambassador!

  • Load Sensor™ Automation -Electrolux Load Sensor™ automatically senses load weight, determines optimal washing time, water and detergent while guaranteeing maximum energy efficiency. Just like how the elevator door won’t close when it’s overloaded. This smart machine won’t start the cycle when it’s too heavy. This feat will keep the clothes protected from tearing up and saving it’s life, too.
  • Energy Efficiency – Electrolux EcoInverter reduces energy consumption by 75%* while guaranteeing long lasting performance and silent operation. Advancing in technology doesn’t necessarily mean harming our environment, Electrolux UltimateCare Washing Machine is a proof to that.
  • 99.9% Allergen Free – Electrolux Vapour Care reduces allergens by up to 99.9% even at 40°C while taking care of your family’s well-being. Perfect for baby’s sensitive skin and patients suffering from skin asthma.

22343527_1709842015707005_913118082_oMy best power dressing look.

I still wear my PPE; that’s a standard protocol in the field of my choosing, but I have more appreciation of my profession now. I help in civilizing humanity, I volunteer in designing public maternity facilities, I’m in the middle of conceptualizing a sphere house – which will float when it floods and will roll during earthquake. In the end, it is one of our main source of bread and hence, I must be thankful that I am able to wear my PPE.

electrolux gerifiedphElectrolux FashionCare Front Load Washing Machine

With Electrolux FashionCare I can use my muscle to take care of my loved ones because I know it will take good care of our clothes – removing stains and making it newer for longer!

I still love adoring girls in their carefully articulated outfits, I try to recreate the look when I’m up for it too, but for now, I’m excited for this latest technology innovation in washing the laundry; it has come to a full new height and now that it could take care of my family’s well-being with 99.9% Allergen Free, our everyday work and school clothes, our special clothes with Innovative Vapour Refresh program, and the environment, too with Energy Efficiency Feat!

I’m a proud girly girl but one of the boys and just like me, Electrolux FashionCare has the tough muscle for stain but a soft heart for my delicate fabric!

Discover the world of Electrolux Fashion Care at bit.ly/ElectroluxFashionCare

#GerifiedPH: Nokia comes home to the Philippines

K as a reply is either you’re the boss (that can spend a peso for a very low-key offensive reply) or you’re a very busy person (that has no time to put O in front of K).

Did you know? Nokia has a place in the heart of every Filipino. It is one of the first ever brand of handy phones we rely on in terms of quality and performance.

One of my treasured items in high school was my Nokia 3310. I have tons of cute casings with matching keypads and keychains; my favourite was the transparent casings so I could see the nooks and crannies of my phone and put photos of my recent favorites at the back as well.

My goal, to beat my own record in snake, create new ringtones and forward quotes and emojis to the barkadas making sure that I used not more or less than the 160 character allowance for a one-part peso text to make sulit of my load because unlitext and call was not yet invented that time.

I can still recall how fast I can type the hello word on my phone – and that’s 13 presses on the keypad. But yeah, we still prefer Hi over the Hello or cut it out right (if we are bff’s) to save characters and with Nokia, I lernd 2 aprec8 d shortcuts.

But most of all, I love how sturdy Nokia phones are back then. You can grip it, throw it, drop it, pressed it and still when you press the On/Off button, the Nokia Hands will hold hands to welcome you. The battery life can last for 3 days if not a week, and the charging cable are sturdy as well (I being the hacking MacGyver back then used my charging cable as a wire for my mosquito net and viola! It still charges my phone in the day.)

Did you know? Philippines is the world’s Selfie Capital.

With that as a fact, it is just fitting that Nokia returns to its first lover, the Filipinos. Finally ending the weeks of anticipation, HMD Global unveiled the Nokia’s new flagship smartphone, the Nokia 8 last Saturday at the Intramuros Ballroom, Manila House in Taguig. The comeback of Nokia Androids – the Nokia 8 alongside with other Nokia Android Smartphones reflects Nokia’s vision of growing its business in the Philippines which is as the World’s Selfie Capital – that only means it is the fastest-growing smartphone market in the ASEAN. Yes, Filipinos are known to have strong family ties and connections and the invention of phones, the internet and the wifi just comes together to make the bond even stronger! The Nokia Android Smartphone Philippine Launch came on the heels of a successful global launch that demonstrated the continued support of Pinoys for the brand.


Shannon Mead, HMD Global Country Manager for Philippines unveiled the Nokia 8. “The Philippines has always been a strong market for Nokia. Filipinos, particularly those in the provinces, have a strong affinity for Nokia phones, which have always delivered on quality, reliability and innovation.”

22089107_1536099943099927_1644360351961551309_n.jpgShannon Mead with the host during the #UniteforNokia event.

The first that marks three world firsts for android phones, Nokia 8 was a combination of premium design and powerful performance that’ll surely enable users to create and share experiences in a brand new level.

Be less Selfie, be more Bothie

Speaking of innovation, Nokia didn’t disappoint to impress its avid fans with their latest advancement – the Bothie. Nokia 8 is the first ever smartphone to have a Dual-Sight camera that allows users to capture or livestream moments in both first and second-person perspective at the same time! The 13MP front and rear cameras, co-developed with ZEISS can run simultaneously and show images in split-screen mode, inspiring everyone to “Be less Selfie, be more Bothie.”

Nokia wants to continue to broaden and deepen its reach in the country especially in untapped provinces that need high-quality mobile communication technologies. With HMD Global as the new home for Nokia phones, it wants to be the go-to phones for Filipinos across the different market segments because Nokia promises to continue its leverage quality and innovation to serve the thriving smartphone market.

Hollywood Technology with OZO Audio

The Nokia 8 is the forerunner Android smartphone for 2017 as it brings mobile communication technology to a new level and marks three world firsts for Android smartphones. The Bothie which is mentioned above, second is the OZO audio. It delivers an immersive 360-degree spatial surround sound, a high-fidelity playback that complements 4K videos and brings Hollywood technology in mobile.

Uni-cooler body with the pun

Lastly, the third first-ever on android phones, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835-powered phone that features a seamless unibody with a full-length graphite shielded copper cooling pipe for better heat dissipation, especially when running demanding applications. Yay for dovetailers! Running on Android Nougat 7.1.1, it also comes in single and dual-SIM variants. So people with references wouldn’t have to compromise.

Nokia 8 Features:

CPU Octa Core

GPU Adreno 540

Dimensions 142 x 71.8 x 8.9mm

Weight 160g

Colors Tempered Blue and Polished Blue

Type IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors

Size 5.3-inch screen

Audio Nokia OZO Speakers, 3.5mm jack

Card Slot microSD up to 256GB (sim slot 2)

Memory 4GB RAM – 6GB RAM with 64GB-128GB

4G LTE Network LTE FDD800/1800/2100/2600MHz

SIM Slots Single and Dual-SIM Variants


Bluetooth BT 5.0

Rear 13MP LED flash

Front 13MP fixed-focus

Radio Yes

GPS Yes, with A-GPS support

OS Android 7.1.1 (Nougat), upgradable to Android 8.0 (Oreo)

Battery Type Non-Removable 3090mAh Li-ion battery

Everyone was hyped with the newest unique feature, the Bothie and Nokia is looking forward to engaging the country’s robust mobile phone market even more in the coming days!  Nokia 8 launching price is at Php 29,990.00 SRP.

Nokia for Everyone

Nokia wants to reach its loyal fans even in hard-to-reach provinces to make smartphone technology accessible to them, its business principle is anchored on the belief that every Filipino deserves the best mobile communication technology, hence, Nokia is offering a wide range of androids to address every user’s type, need and pricing considerations.

Nokia 3 – optimized for everyday use, it comes in a precision-machine aluminium frames that ensures a strong build unheard of in the affordable smartphone segment. It also features a 5-inch Gorilla Glass HD screen and 8MP cameras. LTE 4G connectivity allows fast download and streaming, supported by 16GB internal storage and a microSD card slot for up to 128GB capacity. Nokia 3 is at Php 6,990.00 SRP.

Nokia 5 – with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 octa-core processor, Nokia 5 has 2GB RAM and 16 GB storage expandable for uo to 128 GB. It features a 13MP camera with dual-tone flash and a 5.2-inch HD screen and a fingerprint sensor for extra security and convenience. SRP at Php 9,990.00

Nokia 6 – powered with octa-core, and has 5.5-inch full-HD in-cell hybrid display, Nokia 6 has a wide viewing angle, and wide color production for a fully immersive entertainment. With Dolby Atmos dual speakers and a smart amplifier, Nokia 6 is also complemented with a 16MP main and 8MP secondary camera and 32 GB internal storage capacity. SRP at Php 11,990.00.

All Nokia Android smartphones are now available nationwide. The mobile phone brand that we first loved returns to captivate our hearts once again. Thank you HMD Global for giving Nokia phones a new home!

#GerifiedPH: Grocery Made Easy with #EasyGrocery

You picked the chosen meat at the counter and gingerly walked to the household section because something’s off. You were halfway through there and then it hits you.

You forgot the eggs.

You have to go back to the poultry section to get them.

Worse part, the kids are with you, so even if you have no intention of buying that frozen good because you try to limit the family’s processed food intake, you gave in on the second round of fight (first one was when you’re getting the meat) because you just want to avoid the tantrum drama that is about to happen. You choose your battles, and you’re already tired walking across the entire supermarket thrice like a runway model.

That will never happened to me says the single ladies. No kid/s in tow and things-to-buy list to the rescue!

Yeah, yeah.

Let’s say your the organizing budget-freak urban-jungle chick, you have your note of things to buy, a red ballpen to cross out the items you already got, and a handy calculator/calculator app on your phone to sum it all up.

But let’s face it, no one is spared from the long queue line on the checkout counter.

What’s more?

You have to walk all your items to either the parking lot, or to the pin location on your private car service, or to the PUV terminal.

Worse part is if it’s at the other end, and/or it’s raining. You forgot your eco-bag, and the paperbag is wet.

The worst part in all this. You literally skipped the grocery shopping because you’re too tired – from work, tending the house, rearing the kids or simply because of the trauma in traffic (human line and bumber-to-bumber vehicles). I personally love grocery shopping, it’s a sort of meditative but there are times that I do not have energy left to walk around, let alone use brain power to add up the items, remember the ingredients or basically wait for the hold up in the queue.

Easy Grocery

These are the same exact dilemmas of Easy Grocery President and Developer Mr. Eugene Leoncio described on how he came up with the perfect solution, the Easy Grocery App! He wants his wife to have the easiest, most flexible way to grocery so she won’t have to queue in lines, forgot items, surpass the budget nor literally skip the shopping because she’s either too tired, too busy, or both.


Easy Grocery is a location-based app where customers can purchase grocery items and have it delivered to their doorsteps. It is practically grocery-shopping without leaving the comforts of your home or anywhere you may be – hotel, office, business area, even school!

All you need is your smartphone, an internet connection and discipline to stick to the budget! Kidding aside, grocery finally made easy with Easy Grocery App.

How to Easy Grocery
1) Download the App from App Store or Googleplay Store
2) Set your delivery location
3) Select your delivery location
4) Pay using Credit Card, Cash or PayPal
5) Choose your delivery option: Store Pickup or Home Delivery
6) Wait for your grocery.

This app is definitely a step ahead of other online grocery app. For one, the option for home delivery option has an integrated location tracker where you can track the current location of the rider. Now you won’t have to guess where the rider is.

Did you know? At Easy Grocery, you’ll get the item’s price exactly from the Standard Retail Price (SRP) of your favorite supermarket!

Easy Grocery do not put mark-ups on the store’s SRP hence it guarantees you that what you pay for is at exactly the same price as it is inside the store. It’s literally like you’re the one doing the shopping. What’s more? All orders delivered will have the corresponding Official Receipts issued by the store.

Payment options:
(1) Credit/Debit card
(2) COD, Cash on Delivery
(3) Earned Points

Another reason why Easy Grocer is ahead of its competitors is the fact that once you signed up, you are automatically eligible for earned points every time you do your shopping via their app. One complete grocery transaction is equal to a point that you could collect and use as payment!

Easy Grocery’s Mission is to provide convenience, quality service and a “no-worries” grocery shopping and grocery. And although they are only currently available for shoppers in the Metro, with their vision to be one of the leading grocery delivery services in Asia, they are on their way to expand their territory!

One of Easy Grocery’s objective is to be able to provide its customers with a wide variety of supermarket options. It is for this reason that they do not have a tie-up with any particular supermarket. They also as mentioned earlier do not mark up products, so how do they earn? Honestly, just by their runners and riders fees.

Runner’s fee is a fixed Php 100.00. Runner/s are trained personnel who will act as buyers of your orders from the store you have chosen – SM Supermarkets, Ayala Metromarkets, Robinson’s Rustan’s, and Puregold to name a few.

21687801_1529971403712781_3700823656323860682_n.jpgRider’s delivery bag literally looked like mini refrigerators complete with an all-around insulation to avoid getting your items damaged from too much heat. It also has separators inside so you’re sure the butter is safe away from the laundry detergent!

Rider’s fee is also a fixed Php 100.00. whether its bulky or heavy. It is a fixed charge. In total of Php200.00 delivery fee, that is an honest to goodness way of keeping the app going.

I just hope that soon enough, the app will open 24/7 perfect for when you crave for pancit canton in the middle of the night. I imagine the runner entering a 7/11, a minimart or a family mart. I can only dream!

Wait, what? Yes, although the app is not running 24/7 yet, they are open as soon as the groceries are open and another yes, no minimum orders!

Th red flag’s up? Tap the app and the rider will discreetly give you the absorbent pad you need – be it in the office, or school or wherever you may be.

You’re Adobo lacked sourness? Tap the app and the runner will grab your favorite vinegar.

What’s more? If it’s on sale without the mark up price, they will automatically give you the items on sale, like if the vinegar is Php 10.00 on regular and is on sale for Php 10.00 with free soy sauce, of course, the customer in you (which is also the customer spirit in the runner) will tell to grab the Php 10.00 vinegar with the free soy sauce! (Sorry for being TMI!) Get it? Got it!

I’ve tried other online shopping applications, the very simple fact that the eco-bags holding your items is yours to keep made me sigh with relief, unlike my previous grocery app where I had to quickly remove the items from the ecobag because they’re waiting for me at the door to return them! Talk about making you rush things all of a sudden after the tranquility of guessing where they are already and waiting for them to arrive! Very inconsistent. #nakakaloka

This app is very promising to me and by far, their location tracker is a big point for me. I can also surprise loved one with groceries at their doors because yes, you don’t have to be physically present to get them! You can just give them the contact person that will receive the item. Flexible, right?

Well, if Easy Grocery was a gymnast, it can surely licked his toes! Because aside from delivering to your address, they also have the option of picking the items on your preferred location.

easy grocery #gerifiedph

Yours truly enjoyed shopping with the Easy Grocery App during it’s soft opening yesterday at The Open Space in Makati!

Posing with my Easy Grocery rider, I’m very content on how flexible the Easy Grocery App is! Aside from our online shopping spree, the event which is hosted by Ms. Mara Aquino whose wits and vibrancy made the waiting time and The Price Is Right game fun. Now they know who cooks between my sister and I. Hahaha I won’t give you any clues but she beat me twice! Thank you so much Easy Grocery for the fun afternoon of online shopping and guessing game!

Try Easy Grocery right now! Download the app on Apple Store or Google Play!

Like Easy Grocery on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/easygroceryapp/

Email them at info@easygrocery.ph

 Official Easy Grocery App Website: http://www.easygrocery.ph

#GerifiedPH: The LG Signature OLED TV

Organic Light Emitting Diodes, or simply OLED is the next big thing that came in the history of television. And this was made a reality by LG.

Last September 12 at the Ascott, BGC Taguig, LG held The Big Reveal wherein friends from the media and bloggers gathered up to see the latest tech as revealed by LG’s latest endorser, Mr. James Deakin. The 77″ LG OLED Signature TV.


What is OLED all about?

OLED means that each pixel on the tv screen is self-lighting.

There’s no lights behind the monitor and hence, no bleeding of light. If it’s black, it’s pitch black, same goes to other colors, red is red and not kind-of-pink red, which only means – better watching experience.

There’s no lights behind the monitor and hence, the pixels turn itself on and off when needed, another reason for better watching experience! What’s more? It also means efficient energy saving!

There’s no lights behind the monitor and hence, no need for extra space inside the television box. Blade Slim Design made this LG Signature TV the world’s slimmest TV. How thin? James Deakin measured the thickness and it’s about three one peso coin slim.

There’s no lights behind the monitor and hence, no halo effect. Perfect viewing angle anywhere you are. No more best seating in from of the screen, because LG Signature OLED TV can accommodate the entire audience with the high quality moving pictures.

There’s no lights behind the monitor and hence, the LG Signature TV can accommodate three of the best leading TV technologies today – the Active HDR with Dolby Vision, the HDR10 and the Hybrid Log-gamma. Meaning? Even if the brightest and darkest colors are in one frame, the details would be crisp and you could see the details since, like mentioned above, it supports all HDR features.

The high definition frames from OLED Signature TV will only win half of the battle if the sound was compromised. Well, LG made sure that you’ll get the best of their LG Signature TV because they paired OLED with Dolby Atmos! Mind you, it’s the only TV with Dolby Atmos!

The high definition frames from and Dolby Atmost sound of OLED Signature TV will only win half of the battle if the remote control sucks. Remote Control for me is like the spine connecting the brain from the body, and the this latest TV from LG didn’t just had the TV make-over, they even set the Remote Control standard to the next level with their Magic Remote. Basically like a wand for your entertainment!

Microphone button – now you don’t have to type everything on the keyboard screen raping the left arrow button making your thumb numb before you made it to letters that are placed on the farthest left side of the keyboard. All you have to do is talk and it will listen.

Did you know? LG is Netflix Recommended TV.

It only follows that LG OLED Signature TV has

Netflix Hot Key – Even when the TV is off, click the Netflix Hot Key and boom! Netflix interface on yout OLED TV! What’s more? Aside from this hot button, I also like it has the cursor arrow feature because no more raping the arrow buttons!

Other features include:

77-inch OLED display @ 3840 x 2160 pixels
4K UHD 2160p
OLED HDR with Dolby Vision
ULTRA Luminance
Self-lighting Pixel
webOS 3.5
4 x HDMI ports
3 x USB ports
1 x RF input (antenna)
1 x AV Input/Component Input
1 x Ethernet LAN port
1 x Optical digital audio out
1 x Head phone jack
1 x RS232C (Mini Jack)
AC 100-240V 50-60Hz (Power supply)
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/c, with Wi-Fi Direct
Dolby Atmos speaker
68.3″ x 42.0″ x 3.3″ (wall mount)
68.3″ x 41.5″ x 12.5″ (with stand)
51.98 kg

More about LG OLED Signature TV here.

The LG OLED77G7T is priced at Php749,990 with lots of freebies and can be purchased at selected Abenson Appliance shop nationwide.

Thank you so much for having me LG Philippines! The best part aside from experiencing the LG technology behind OLED Signature TV is that I get to grab a 43″ Smart TV!


Life’s Good!