#gerilenmbf: Cars for Toddlers

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Well, it’s not actually about cars for toddlers, this post is all about how to make your car more toddler-friendly!

dabibot cars.jpg

Cars, as long as its machine is working, will run, but when you got toddlers in tow, some car accessories are more like a necessity and not a luxury, and with a plethora of the latest car accessory options, below are the must-have that’ll make the road trip easier for the parents and enjoyable for the toddlers.

Floor and Dicky Mat. – Eating can keep the toddler occupied during traffic and that means crumbs and spills that could rust the car’s floor. Good thing there’s floor mats – originally designed to protect a vehicle’s floor from dirt, wear, and corrosion; it can keep the car floor’s life longer while making it look clean. It’s easily placed and removed for cleaning and replacement. Dicky Mats on the other hand offers unique solution for keeping the car trunk clean. You can personalized the dicky mat according to your car boot size, you can fit the edges so that dirt won’t pass through.

Seat Covers. – If you have floor mats, it will only follow that you have seat covers as well. Leathers are a good choice especially when sticky juices and sauces spill in between those clumsy tiny fingers as it could be cleaned with just a few swipes of wet wipes and a spray of alcohol.

Sun Film and Window Shade. – Both of these will keep the cars temperature on steady while protecting the car’s interiors and the occupants including the toddlers from the extreme climatic conditions. You can pick colorful shades or cartoon characters for kids’ attention, or not.

Remote-locking security system. – Aside from added security, remote-locking security system can give you convenience when your hands are full of toddler.

Child Safety Lock. – This small switch is typically engage to prevent unauthorized exit from the vehicle. It’s a simple way to keep the toddlers safe and secure despite their constant fidgeting on the door.

Window Lock. – If they can’t opened the door, they’ll make way on the window. The window lock will keep the children on the back seat safe as when the lock is active, only the driver can control all the vehicle’s windows.

EZ Baby Saver. –  Children are dying each year from being left in hot cars, and Andrew Pelham’s Rubber Band invention, the EZ Baby Saver is actually an effective way to save toddlers in hot cars.

Child Seat. –  When properly installed and used,  child safety seat is effective in protecting children during vehicular collisions.


These are the basic car accessories that parents should consider adding to make the vehicle safe and toddler-friendly! What other car accessories do you think parents should add? Comment on the section box below.

Read more about cars at https://www.cars.com.




#GerifiedPH: Travel the World with Peace of Mind

The adventurous part of you is constantly curious about what is actually out there – we are actually born to discover, and travelling is the perfect way to feed our curiosity. With wider access to roads, airline fees and travel packages becoming more and more affordable, the wonder to wander is inevitably exciting!

You just have to be doubly sure that sunset at the California beach feels different with the view of Aurora Borealis in Iceland, and that the constant salty breeze of the Caribbean sea is way hotter than the dewy fog of the highlands in Alaska, that Greenland is actually covered with white snow, and for the hopeless romantics, your forever is living in the suburbs of France riding a bicycle waiting for you to run him a little over…

13155461724_8107915efc_b.jpgThe aurora borealis is one of the world’s biggest and most spectacular phenomenons, and Iceland is one of the best places to witness these amazing sights. – icelandnaturally.com

We can actually wonder and the possibilities are adventurously endless! Acquiring the best airfare deal, your calendar is marked and you’re all set to fly to your next #travelgoal destination.


The Checklist

Passport – more than six months before expiration, check

Plane tickets – air bus, seat numbers, time of boarding, departure and arrival, check

Hotel vouchers – codes validated, applied and confirmed, check

Travel Budget – estimated, achieved, check

Pocket Money – more than enough of the budget, converted to foreign currency, check

Itinerary – efficient, check

Gadgets: (cameras, powerbanks, smartphones) – complete cords with extra batteries fully charged, check

OOTD – matched and paired, check

Unfortunately, time and time again, there’s the sane-freaky part of you as well wanting you to just cancel everything and stay in your comfort zone as long as possible. This is especially true every after watching the news.


The Worries

What if, by neglect, you lost your passport?

What if, by stroke of ill-fate, your luggages are stolen?

What if, by any chance, you got involved on an accident abroad?

We can actually wonder and the possibilities are audaciously lethal. Waiting for the bad things to happen is not a good habit…

But that annoying sane-freaky part of you is actually designed to keep you alive; why, these are just some of the unforeseen but very possible inconveniences and unanticipated emergencies that could occur when travelling, hence, in the sense of feeding your curiosity, you have to learn how to compromise – or better yet, keep your sane-freaky part at peace.

How? Simply by adding Malayan Online Travel Master Insurance.


But, I already have a life insurance!

Well, Malayan Insurance is different from life insurances as it offers non-life insurance products like on business, home, properties, vehicles, and for this particular post, travel.

Yes, Malayan Insurance’s Travel Master offers the most comprehensive travel protection available in the country, courtesy of the company’s extensive network of worldwide emergency centres. You can actually check them online just by visiting their official corporate website at www.malayan.com.

But, I’m all set. I can’t hold my travel just to meet with an insurance agent!

With Malayan Travel Master, you won’t have to.

One on one meeting when getting life insurance is best, but for non-life insurance like traveling, meeting up at the branch or with a broker is actually an inconvenience! Simply because the time is very limited since you have to secure your travel dates first before actually purchasing one. Some may even think of adding travel insurance in the last minute! Hence, Malayan Insurance encourages travellers and jet-setters to use their online channels for quick transactions, easy communications and outlined researches.

You can research and buy Malayan Travel Master at http://www.malayan.com/products/packaged/travel-master but of course, you can still consult and ask questions to any Malayan Insurance agent and broker.

Everything is as easy as a click of button! From purchasing a travel insurance to filing a claim! All you have to do is fill-out the form in this link: http://www.malayanonline.com/makeaclaim to make your offline transaction a swift breeze.

But, does it cover all kinds of travel inconveniences?

It won’t be called a Travel Master if it isn’t! Malayan Online Travel Master covers almost everything that you could think of, including the following:

Personal Accident – You travel to distress, so it’s just right to secure your family and friends protection against the misfortunes of accidents during your trip. Travel Master provides indemnity for accidental death, dismemberment, or disablement as well as accidental burial benefit.

“With Travel Master, having an ailment will not be a hindrance to travel.”

Emergency Medical Treatment – Traveling with ailment? Aside from bringing your maintenance medicine, having Travel Master will secure your medical treatment! This also includes falling ill when travelling. The suddenness of the situation could make travellers stunned. Let Travel Master take care of your expenses from being the immediate access to resources for appropriate treatment to covering emergency medical treatment, even to the extent of follow-up care and daily incidental expenses involved in hospital confinement.

Personal Liability – Filipinos are driving on the left side of the road, what if you risk in driving on the left and you accidentally hurt someone or damage a property? Or say, that you’re the bicycle rider who run over the lad? Travel Master will shoulder these risks so you can enjoy starting your getting-to-know stage that’ll, if odds are indeed in your favour, probably lead you to a wedding trip. Just make sure you won’t risk running over, this time!

“No more wasted expenses for cancelled trip with Travel Master.”

Recovery of Travel Expenses – Paid everything to the last penny but had to cut the planned vacation? Fret not, Travel Master has an Emergency Trip Termination feature that will reimburse unused portion of travel and the non-refundable accommodation expenses that have been paid in advance. If the trip has been cancelled within 30 days prior to the scheduled, the Emergency Trip Cancellation feature will reimburse even the non-refundable portion of travel and accommodation expense. In any case, the termination or cancellation of the trip must result from death or life threatening sickness or injury of the insured, or from a member of the immediate family requiring immediate medical attention.

Travel Inconvenience Benefits – Losing important travel documents can make an adventure a disaster. Travel Master offers benefits for loss of documents, baggage. It even covers baggage delay, flight delay due to severe weather, mechanical trouble, strikes, and even skyjacking!

Travel Assistance Benefits – Malayan partner Assist America, a world-class assistance provider gives travellers access to various emergency and medical travel assistance services like

  • Medically supervised repatriation
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Return of mortal remains
  • Care for unattended minors
  • Compassionate leave
  • Hospital admission guarantee
  • Critical care monitoring
  • Prescription assistance
  • Legal and interpreter referrals
  • Emergency medical transmission

With just a phone call away, Assist America will connect you to extensive global network of medical providers, operation centres, and air or ground ambulance service providers.

What’s more there is? Travel Master isn’t just for traveling abroad, as accidents and emergencies can occur anywhere, it also covers travel on ships, trains and cars.

Value Added Features – Gear up and run the extra-mile! On top of all the coverage and benefits mentioned above, Travel Master also provides free insurance coverage for damaged rental cars and medical assistance and treatment services for accidents resulting from sports activities.


People cringe and sometimes, people feels awkward and uncomfortable when talking about inconveniences brought by unanticipated accidents and untimely emergencies especially when on travelling, because who wants accidents to happen, right? Some even believes that thinking about it can actually attract it. Right again, you’re not!

In reality, thinking about the worst-case scenarios and doing something to prevent it can actually save you. In any given circumstances, nothing’s more annoying than a planned vacation ruined just by being neglectful and unprepared. Do you want your sane-freaky part to run in your head, shouting “I knew it!” again and again instead of mentally patting yourself in the back while basking in the sun?

Make your travel worry-free and with peace of mind, by prioritizing Malayan Travel Master on your travel checklist, because working in the concrete jungle for so long, you deserve worry-free adventures!

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Official Website www.malayan.com

Online Malayan Insurance Transactions www.malayanonline.com

Malayan Travel Master Insurance: http://www.malayan.com/products/packaged/travel-master

A rejuvenating massage in Boracay amid a rainy day

Sun Resorts_A rejuvenating massage_photo (1)Pamper and soothe your tired body, mind and spirit with relaxing massages and other spa treatments at SunSpa

Even with intermittent rain showers, huge waves and cool breeze, Boracay still has many great things to offer during the wet season. Beat the bad weather blues with a rejuvenating massage as Boracay has many spa houses where you can enjoy a soothing massage.

One of the best relaxing massages and spa treatments you can experience in Boracay is at the SunSpa, located at Sun Villa Beachfront, between Stations 1 and 2; and at Sun Villa Hilltop in Station 2.

SunSpa offers a wide array of massages and other beauty services that match your rejuvenating needs – whether you’re a solo traveler, a couple or barkada.

Pamper and soothe your tired body, mind and spirit with relaxing massages and other spa treatments such as SunSpa’s Body Massage, Bentosa (Cupping) Body Massage or Stone Massage. You can also enjoy a revitalizing Sun Treatment for your face and body, or give your tired feet a foot spa.

What’s more, you can also treat yourself with SunSpa’s body scrub or waxing services that will surely energize and give you a smooth, healthy-looking skin.

Not in the mood to go outside your bedroom? Experience a replenishing massage in the comforts of your hotel as SunSpa also offers hotel service, with no extra charge.

All services at the SunSpa are handled by experienced and highly trained therapists for a safe and quality pampering session you can experience in Boracay.

For inquiries and reservations, please call SunSpa Boracay at 63-36-288-5541, 63-36-288-4410, 63-36-288-5915, 63-36-288-1306 or 0998-987-6479.

GetGo Shop N’ Points rewards members with points for online shopping

Now, online shopping will not only bring you much savings and convenience, it can also bring you a lot closer to your dream travel destinations, for free!

 GetGo, the lifestyle rewards program of Cebu Pacific, has partnered with Lazada for Shop N’ Points which rewards GetGo members with 1 point for every P10 spend at one of the country’s leading online shopping sites.

 With Shop N’ Points, getting the best deals on clothing and fashion finds, health and beauty products, gadgets and accessories, travel and luggage, fitness and recreation can easily earn GetGo members rewards points, so they can avail of free flights faster.

 To earn GetGo points from their online shopping, members need to log into their accounts atwww.getgo.com.ph, click the “Shop N’ Points” tab under the “My Points” menu, and shop at Lazada or sites of other upcoming online shopping partners.

 With this new point earning option, GetGo members can keep on shopping online so they can easily collect more rewards points to #flyforfree!


With GetGo Shop N’ Points, shopping online for beauty products, as well as apparel and fashion accessories can earn GetGo members rewards points for free flights. Aside from enjoying huge discounts, members who shop online for gadgets and travel needs can easily earn free flight rewards points through GetGo Shop N’ Points.

Not yet a member? Simply visit www.GetGo.com.ph, click JOIN, fill out the application form, and for only a P150 membership fee, have your personalized GetGo card delivered to your doorstep.


For more information on memberships and partners, visit www.getgo.com.ph, or call +632 71-GETGO (43846). Stay updated on the latest promos by liking GetGoPH’s official pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Don’t miss out the fun this summer!

Fight allergies with Claritin anytime, anywhere this travel season

Claritin Flatlay - 3.jpg

Allergens are ubiquitous and may be found in various places.  If you’re planning to hit the beach with your friends this summer, there’s a chance that you’ll get itchy hives if you are allergic to the burning heat of the sun or some types of seafood.  If hiking is your thing, you might find yourself incessantly sneezing due to the pollens from the plants that you’ll be seeing along the dusty trail.

If you catch these allergies, you probably can’t make the most out of your summer vacation.  How can you flaunt your favorite swimsuit if you have rashes all over?  How can you enjoy your favorite local seafood if you’re fearful that they will just trigger your allergies?  How can you laugh along with your friends if you keep on sneezing?  These allergies will zone you out and might make you miss out on the memorable moments of your summer.  You wouldn’t want that, would you?

This is why you always need to have an anti-allergy medicine in your packing checklist.  Just one tablet a day of Loratadine (Claritin) will help free you from the symptoms of allergy so that you can enjoy and experience your summer vacation with all of your senses.

Have a great, allergy-free summer!


1 Based on Nicholas Hall’s OTC Global Database, DB6, 2016

Claritin is available in regular tablet format (Claritin Tablets), oral disintegrating tablet (Claritin Reditabs), and in syrup format (Claritin Syrup for Kids) in all your favorite drugstores nationwide.

Visit www.claritin.ph, like us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/claritinphilippines)

and follow us on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/claritinphilippines).

PAL boosts Clark operation

Philippine Airlines (PAL) is further boosting its operations at Clark International Airport, Pampanga – validating the flag carrier’s commitment to develop the Clark hub – with three new domestic routes out of Clark starting June 22. At present, PAL flies from Clark to five domestic (Busuanga, Caticlan, Cebu, Davao and Puerto Princesa) points and one international (Incheon) destination.

PAL Logo.png

Starting June 22, PAL will fly thrice weekly from Clarkto Bacolod and daily to Tagbilaran. The following day, June 23, Clark will be linked to Cagayan de Oro four times a week.

Clark-Bacolod flight depart Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 7 AM, arriving at the Coty of Smiles at 8:15 AM; return flight leaves at 8:55 AM, touch down at Clark at 10:10 AM.

Clark-Cagayan de Oro flights depart Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 6:30 AM, arriving CDO at 8:10 AM; return flight departs at 8:50 AM, arriving Clark at 10:30 AM.

PAL is offering a promo round trip fare of Php 1,372.00 for Clark-Bacolod and Clark-Tagbilaran, and Php 1,820.00 for Clark-Cagayan de Oro. Booking period is until August 15, 2017, while travel period is from June 22- December 15, 2017.


Experience the best of Boracay at Sun Villa Beachfront

Bask in the beauty of Boracay shoreline and get a full view of the island life when you stay at Sun Villa Beachfront, located along the middle of White Beach, between Stations 1 and 2.

Sun Villa Beachfront has airconditioned rooms with private toilet and bath, hot and cold shower, free wifi and cable TV.

The SunSpa offers massages and other beauty services that will energize and give you a smooth, healthy-looking skin

Sun Asian Kitchen serves Asian and Filipino food like this delicious Garlic Shrimp.

Bask in the beauty of Boracay shoreline and get a full view of the island life at Sun Villa Beachfront.

SUN RESORTS_Experience the best of Boracay_photo 2.jpg

The Sun Villa Beachfront is just a few meters away from D’Mall, Boracay’s main shopping center, and right in the midst of Boracay’s jumpiest clubs, bars and restaurants. It has 18 airconditioned rooms with private toilet and bath, hot and cold shower, free wifi and cable TV.

The SunSpa offers different kinds of massages and other beauty services including SunSpa’s Body Massage, Bentosa (Cupping) Body Massage or Stone Massage and SunSpa’s body scrub or waxing services that will surely energize and give you a smooth, healthy-looking skin.

Sun Villa Beachfront also boasts of its sumptuous food at Sun Asian Kitchen, which serves delicious Asian fare as well as Filipino specialties including Nasi Goreng, Laksa, Spicy Crabs and Garlic Shrimp, among others. Sun Asian Kitchen is also home to the famous eat-all-you-can Mongolian Grill which offers an array of meat, seafood and tasty sauces that perfectly complement your bowl of rice or noodles.

Sun Resorts Boracay also has two other charming resorts, Sun Villa Hilltop, a quiet refuge nestled in a lush tropical garden on top of a hill located at Station 2; and Sun Garden Hilltop, a haven of peace and quiet designed for the budget conscious traveler located at Station 3.

For more information, visit http://www.boracaysunresorts.com.ph/ or follow their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/sunresortsboracay. For inquiries, please call (036) 288-1306 or (036) 288-5915.