Twice a Week Skincare Routine

Remember my #IDoItTwiceAWeek entry for Betadine Feminine Wash? In line with that, I will share to you today how I do these things. I do this twice a week but not religiously, especially on occasions when a kid got the fever or a deadline is on due. But since it’s a stormy weather outside and everyone is feeling a little cozier. I always take this opportunities to glam myself a bit and make my skin smoother! I mean, you know, it’s all gray and cold outside but at least I feel fab!

This is Cure Natural Aqua Gel – Japan’s No. 1 Best-Selling Skincare product – 1bottle sold every 12seconds in Japan! This is an exfoliator based not with chemicals, but water. Yes, even the most sensitive skin can use this as it is scentless and is made from the natural plant extracts of rosemary, gingko and aloe vera.

This water based cleanser is perfectly partnered with this.

Please excuse my fabulous undereye bags that reveals my worth-it sleepless nights with my bebes.

My face right after gentle scrubbing. It really delivers on removing dead skin cells and leaving skin soft and supple. After exfoliating, I wash my face with either of this Human Heart Nature, gently again.

And then, I slapped on a mask. Any facial mask will do. This time, I’d use this 

Green Tea Fresh Essence Mask from Aritaum – still hot from South Korea. You can look for mask that fits your problem. Lemon for acne-prone, Aloe Vera for moisturizing and in my case Green Tea for detox. There’s a huge selection of facial masks out there and it’s exciting to try this and that and enjoy the benefits of having healthier skin.

Moustache galore!

No, do not rinse after mask. Just massage your face with your clean fingers to make absorption better. And since I’m frugal, I put cotton on the foil to absorb the juices left in there and wipe on my neck, elbows, knees and knuckles of my fingers and toes. Seriously.

I badly need pampering lately, since this incident is still not solved. Update here.

Next thing I’ll do? Cover myself with this 

No rains today. Just gusty winds, dark sky and black hole in my pocket.  On the bright side, my skin is happy and my babies are happy. BDJ Fair is postponed and I’ll be posting BDJ Veterans Night hopefully today. Stay tuned.

Versatile MakeUp!

My Versatile Makeup includes:

  1. SnoeBeauty What’s Up Brow! Tinted Eyebrow Pencil Wax in Ochre – a dual ended eyebrow pencil with a spool brow brush to create fuller looking brows. Plus, I use this too on my waterline to create a soft line around my eyes. Sidenote: SnoeBeauty is a proud Filipino brand.
  2. Aritaum StylePop Juicy Tint in Red Mango – I try to skip full on swiped lipstick as it smudge with my baby’s mittens, clothes and face. This lip cheek tint let my tired face looked a little livelier and refreshed without over doing it (full on lipstick does that sometimes). My cheeks turned a slight flush of color, hiding my anemic lack-of-sleep aura. Benetints are bootlegged big time with this Korean brand!
  3. Hand cream – Be it Baies Sucrees Sweet Berries or Real Moist 24 Hand Cream Manuka Honey – this are not just hand creams, this could also be used as lotion on dry patches (elbows, knees, ankles) on the spot!

Yup, just this three. I’m lazy for press powder and I usually don’t do touch ups. You could also add an oil blotting paper (for frugal moms aka Starbucks napkins), a travel size perfume and while at home, don’t forget to swipe deo on both pits (that just takes 2 seconds each) and to make the face bearable without a pound of primer, concealer and foundation, use Dove on face. Hate lotion after shower, use Dove all over. 😉

Empties: May 2015

I thought that I’ll be leaving the month of May with my Bambam on my arms, but I guess he is taking his time and still is enjoying his luxury suite inside my tummy. Nevertheless, I am so happy that he is going full term – as I am 38 weeks last Friday!


Off! Soft & Scented – effective and safe mosquito repellent with soothing chamomile.

Vitress Instant Relax Cuticle Coat – there are actually five variants of Vitress specified to create different hair styles and care for specific type of tresses. This product contains special serum that wraps and seals strands to protect hair from damage while giving hair that extra shine and smoothness for instant straight hair.

Vitress Heat Protect – a must use hair product if you’re planning to soak under the sun or at least use hair tools like straighteners, blowers and curlers.

Celeteque Brightening Anti-Aging with SPF 16 – another sample tub from BDJ Bpx. I love to use this as a day moisturizer just before applying make up

ELF Gel Liner in Black – smooth and glides on easily until it dried out. :O The plastic container wasn’t that reliable.

Maybelline MasterLiner in Brown – you just have to be very careful in using this as hard hands may break the pencil. :/

Maybelline HyperCurl Volume Express – my non-existent lashes became visible and thicker. Pain in the *ss to remove if you don’t have proper makeup remover. Celeteque cleansing oil does the job (removing mascara) well.

ELF Eye Primer & Liner Sealer – I didn’t enjoy this product, not in a bit. The eye primer is too thick and it doesn’t help on keeping my eye makeup in place, it melts away. IDK if it is because of the humid weather or because I put too much, I tried putting as little as possible with failed result. The container itself is not very sturdy because it’s made with plastic – I dropped and break the liner sealer spilling the liquid. Sad.

Nature Republic Lemon Balm and Aritaum Fresh Essence Mask in Hydraulic Acid – some of my goodies that I got from Korea! 🙂 In instantly makes my face softer and smoother.

MJ Morning Glory Parfum – unisex perfume that last for a day.


Cycles Sensitive Diaper Cream – Just like any other Cycles Sensitive product, it is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and paraben-free. This got my back whenever baby pass a hard stool that irritate his skin, and it is also good on irritated genitals that was soaked in urine – sometimes we tend to forget to change/check diaper in time hence this happens. A thin layer is all I need when it comes to my baby, a swipe of thin layer of this and the redness will disappear after a while.

Victoria’s Secret Body Splash – in Sweet Temptation is a lush sensual fragrance with a hint of sweetness.

Ever Bilena Daily Sunblock Whitening Lotion – I didn’t see any whitening effect and it’s a bit heavy on my skin so this is better used when you’re inside an air-conditioned room with a some errands outside.

Avon Solutions Sun – has SPF 30. It’s in a spray bottle for easier use and is in liquid/water form hence easily absorbed by skin, lightweight but makes your skin look oily/shiny which is a good/bad thing depending on your preference. Definitely not for photo ops.

Skin White Whitening Facial Cleanser – good makeup remover and cleanser in one on days when I’m too tired to have a decent face wash before going to bed.

Natasha Shimmer Cologne in Paradiso Maui – perfectly used as a cologne and body glitter in one. Shimmer will stay the whole day while you have to reapply at least once to keep the fragrance strong enough. Glitters and scent to accessorize!

Kojie San Lolita in Fantasy – a cologne spray perfect for summer. Not too strong and gives a sweet scent of freshness.

United Homes Ferusulfate Iron – cheap iron supplement in preventing and treating iron deficiency anemia and also safe for pregnant and lactating women.

Vidal Sassoon Shampoo and Conditioner – first off, thank you so much BDJ Box for sending this over. It leaves hair feeling silky smooth without feeling heavy on my scalp. Manageable hair – clean and conditioned.

Physiogel Cleanser – more about this here.

Happy to abide my adieu to these useful products so that I could get my hands on new ones that are worth to try. Hello June! Please rain my way with more blessings! 🙂