AXA Philippines: Securing your Family Legacy

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AXA Philippines’ Asset Master provides a wealth transfer solution to help secure the lifestyle your family deserves for generations to come, Securing your family legacy. Your family is living a comfortable life with all their needs and wants within their reach.
But what will happen if the provider of the family suddenly passes away?
How can you make sure your loved ones will continue to live a good life even when you are not around?
AXA Philippines, one of the country’s leading insurance providers, ensures your family will go on living well with Asset Master. Designed as an insurance-investment plan, Asset Master allows you to build a diversified investment portfolio of local and global investments and provides a wealth transfer solution to help secure the lifestyle your family deserves for generations to come.
“AXA Philippines aims to be your partner in building a solid foundation so you can secure the lifestyle you desire for yourself and your family,” shares AXA Philippines
president and CEO Rahul Hora. “You can have peace of mind knowing that your legacy is supported by Asset Master.”
AXA Asset Master allows you to grow your estate, preserve it effectively, and also transfer it seamlessly. Your estate can grow immediately by 25% upon claiming of the payout with the guaranteed death benefit feature if no partial withdrawals were made.
The payout of your guaranteed death benefit may be used by the beneficiaries to pay for estate taxes so that they don’t have to worry about sourcing or liquidating assets. Proceeds from the insurance payout for irrevocable beneficiaries are tax-exempt,
effectively reducing your taxable estate so your heirs may be able to keep their inheritance intact.
Through AXA Asset Master, you gain access to a variety of investment opportunities from different markets across the globe via a comprehensive selection of highly curated Philippine and offshore funds.
For a minimum one-time investment of P100,000 or US$2,000, you can enjoy 125% guaranteed life insurance coverage of your one-time payment. And by investing more, you also get reduced fees and higher guaranteed bonuses every 10th and 20th year.
Start securing your legacy today with AXA Asset Master. To know more, visit or talk to an AXA financial advisor by visiting the nearest Metrobank, PSBank or AXA branch, or email

Top 5 new health and wellness trends to try

New health trends and exercise programs can lead to longer, more productive lives.

“Health is wealth,” the saying goes, but many people often overlook this gem of a concept because of many factors. For one, on top of the demands of a busy lifestyle, workout routines and healthy regimens become boring and uninteresting after a while – or simply get too hard to stick to.

You can get back on track towards wellness by trying out new health routines and practices. AXA Philippines, one of the country’s leading insurers, shares these new wellness trends to revive your interest in a healthier lifestyle:

Online workout subscriptions. If you cannot go to the gym, a few clicks on your computer can lead you to online fitness programs that will help you get fit in the comfort of your own home. One of various exercise routines offered by workout websites may suit your needs and budget. Subscriptions cost only about ₱500 to ₱1,000 per month.

Sound bath. Despite its name, sound baths do not involve water and soap. It is an alternative healing practice that uses sounds and sonic waves to calm the body and mind. As you lie on your back and close your eyes, sound bath healers will produce relaxing music using Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, chimes, Biosonic tuning forks, shamanic drumming, and other percussion instruments. People now use this auditory approach for deep relaxation and meditation, as the sounds slowly allow them to relax fully and explore the inner self.

Sleep technologies. It is recommended that adults aged 18 to 64 should get seven to nine hours of sleep per day. Not getting enough sleep can weaken the immune system, affect bodily functions,and even increase the risk of future respiratory diseases and cardio-cerebral vascular illnesses. Several companies have developed state-of-the-art devices that can enhance natural sleep and ultimately improve a person’s lifestyle: wristbands and smartwatches, temperature regulators, bedside monitors, and smart beds and mattresses to help you get a good night’s rest.

Digital detox. Technology has caused unnecessary stress and emotional strain to many so a growing number of people are trying to “disconnect to reconnect.” Digital detoxification can effectively reduce stress, improve emotional state, increase work productivity and boost social interaction. You will be surprised at how logging off from social media and limiting use of electronic devices can improve your physical and mental wellness.

Intuitive eating. This is perfect for those who find it difficult to follow a strict diet. This no-diet approach is all about eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are full. Intuitive eating encourages people to have a healthy attitude toward food and body image, and to honor their hunger by finding ways to satisfy it in a healthy way. It also helps people cope with stress and other extreme emotions without using food as a coping mechanism. Intuitive eating does not only focus on losing weight, but highlights the need to feel energized, strong and alive.

As poor health choices can lead to critical illnesses that can affect anyone at any age, it is important to protect yourself from the financial repercussions of getting sick. AXA Philippines has several health plans that suit your need and budget, no matter what life stage you are in. For more information, visit

How to stay healthy this season

Tis the season to be overweight? Though it can be quite a struggle to resist temptations
to overeat with all the festivities going on, you can still have a good time and get through
the holiday season without expanding your waistline. Here are some ways to stay in
shape and in the pink of health.
Prioritize sleep. Lack of sleep may result in not just fatigue but also poor decisions,
such as going for bad food choices and cancelling workout plans. Take a 20-minute nap
when you can to help clear your mind. Try to get at least seven to nine hours of sleep
each night even with all the celebrations you may have to attend.
Hydrate. Try drinking at least two glasses of water before each holiday meal to avoid
overeating. Carry a reusable water bottle with you and refill it often throughout the day.
Keep in mind that alcohol dehydrates the body, so if you are having a few alcoholic
drinks, have some water in between.
Exercise when you can. Make small changes to your daily routine, like parking your
car a comfortable distance from your destination or taking the stairs instead of the
elevator, to burn the excess calories from all those holiday goodies.
Take a breather. Running errands and attending holiday parties and family gatherings
can be quite stressful. Do your best to limit your stress, whether it is by slowing down or
saying no to some invitations. If you are hosting lunch or dinner at home, delegate the
Give yourself the gift of health protection. Set your health goals early and live them
ASAP. Go the extra mile for your well-being with health insurance, like AXA Philippines
Global Health Access. This health plan provides coverage of up to P100 million and
world-class medical service in the Philippines or abroad. This comprehensive worldwide
health solution takes care of your medical needs by giving you access to the very best
health options available, because you deserve no less.
For more information, visit

AXA Philippines receives Visionary Award for MyAXA Café

AXA Philippines, one of the leading insurance companies in the country, recently
received the Visionary Award from Vision Critical, an international firm that provides
continuous customer intelligence to power companies with the collective wisdom of the
people that matter to them. The winning entry was MyAXA Café, a branded online
insight community that provides secure, ongoing, and real-time feedback from
Created in partnership with global service providers ABN Impact and Vision Critical,
MyAXA Café is designed to generate faster, research-driven insight to help improve
customer service and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. It also helps AXA
create new and better products that are responsive to the needs of customers, while
supporting an ongoing, two-way dialogue with them.
MyAXA Café has now become a vital tool to guide customer-centric decision-making
processes within AXA Philippines, across multiple departments and stakeholders that
may use it as a first step to making business decisions.
“By understanding our customers better through MyAXA Café, we are then able to
design even better solutions to improve constantly the delivery of a frictionless customer
experience,” says Rahul Hora, AXA Philippines president and CEO.
MyAXA Café has already made a difference in customer engagement. Through
messages from customers left on MyAXA Café, AXA Philippines launched an engaging
and simplified online financial needs analysis tool called Coach Finn that can support
customers with their financial game plan. Customers helped AXA Philippines identify the
approach, tone, and persona that will solicit their engagement. By iterating feedback
from MyAXA Cafe, Coach Finn was a guaranteed success.
MyAXA Café received earlier the Silver Award from the prestigious Efma-Accenture
Innovation in Insurance Awards 2018. For more information, visit

#GerifiedPH: Retire Smart with AXA

Dream: I wanna get tipsy on a sail-away boat. Bring a couple of books, a bottle of chignon and cruise away wearing only a bikini, and a fancy shade caring less on my tiger stripes and cellulite. Inhale the salty air and get sand on my hair. Chase away the sun that’s setting far away…

Reality: Gahhh… My skin is already toasted and I gave up wearing bb cream let alone foundation because the construction site is humidity hot and either dusty or muddy depending on the weather. I exchange high heels to steel toe and fancy tops to protective personal equipment like caution vest and hard hat and mask. I’m literally one of the boys. All these things crashed the girly girl in me but I let it all slide, thinking this too shall pass.

Maybe one day, I’ll watch the sunset while sailing away on a yacht with a red wine on my left and my current read on the right.

My dreams and yours can now be a reality with AXA Philippines’ latest program, the AXA Retire Smart. Axa launches Retire Smart to help you build a solid game plan for retirement.

AXA_AXA launches Retire Smart_photo.jpg


Last August 15, Tuesday, AXA Philippines held a media launch at the Makati Diamond Residences. AXA Retire Smart at tis a regular-pay, investment-linked life insurance plan that helps you strategically build a retirement fund so you can live the life you love.

The event has a cruise ship motif complete with shoulder and back massage services, a sunset on a ship photo booth, virtual reality games that encompasses the possibilities of your passion to your future – dream retirement and destination.

Whatever dreams you want to pursue, it’s easier to make it happen by having a solid game plan. This is especially true for long-term goals like planning for retirement. After all, the hard work you put in over so many years should yield to a prize in the future.

Rahul Hora, AXA Philippines President & CEO graced the event and talked briefly about AXA – that it’s not a boring retirement company with its unique cruise set up that hopefully will make you believe and get you in the mood to take a peak on your retirement – your future.

AXA Philippines marks another milestone in the launch of Retire Smart based on the company’s vision to empower people to live a better life.

“Post working life is one of the most neglected part of life that people don’t adequately plan especially in Asian countries. ” – Rahul Hora, AXA Philippines President & CEO

Filipinos have very strong family culture that parents on their old age depends on their kids to take care of them. And in turn, the children will not be able to plan for their own retirement because their plate is already full of responsibilities – their own family and their parents.

Good thing, AXA Philippines uses its expertise and experience in investments, it employs modern portfolio management techniques to maximize the growth of your investment while you’re young, while minimizing volatility as you grow closer to your target retirement date.

AXA Retire Smart Objectives:
  • To educate people of the importance and need for planning for retirement. It is important to plan for the retirement that you need and plan it now as soon as possible.

  • To end the cycle of dependency. A suitable solution for customers who would want to plan for their early retirement. The right solution as early as now.

Rather than being in a boring and mundane technicality of retirement, AXA Philippines shared the perspective of retirement from keynote guests in a sit-down discussion.

Anthony Isidro, Segment Director of AXA Philippines also shared information about Retire Smart. Have the flexibility to choose your investment fund – Retire Smart 2030, 2035, 2040, and 2045 – depending on which one is closest to your target retirement year.

Retire Smart also comes with a life insurance coverage equivalent to at least 5 to up to 25 times your annual basic premium, to ensure that your family is taken care of in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.


The event held a sit-down discussion with some of the smart early retirees debunking the myth that retirement means staying at home doing nothing. To them, retirement is doing your passion and living life to the fullest. The prize of living what you love when you retire is possible, whether it’s setting up your own business, ticking off places on your bucket list, or just spending more time with your family.

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. – Ophra Winfrey

“AXA Philippines knows the value of having a solid game plan. To be able to pursue what you are passionate about when you retire, you need the right plan to achieve financial independence. With Retire Smart, we offer a flexible investment package that allows you to truly enjoy your life when you retire,” said Rahul Hora, President and CEO of AXA Philippines.

AXA Philippines, a joint venture between the AXA Group and the Metrobank Group, is one of the country’s largest and fastest growing life insurance companies in the country, offering financial security to more than 800,000 individuals through our group and individual life insurance products.

More photos of the event here.

Aside from this smart program, AXA Philippines is currently having a giveaway on their website, the AXA Retire For a Day Promo! Get a chance to win a prize based on your dream retirement by simply visiting their official website; fill up a survey and you will automatically have a electronic raffle stub that can take you to your dream retirement destination:

a) Be my own boss: choice of 1 Epicurean Lab Lifestyle Course from Global Academy

b) Travel: 3days/2nights stay at Alta Vista de Boracay with roundtrip airfare via Philippine Airlines and breakfast for 2 pax

c) Spend more time with family: 3days/2 nights stay at Conrad Manila for 4 pax (2 adults + 2 children)

Travelling around the world, opening your own business, and spending time with your family and friends may seem like distant dreams, but with your investment in Retire Smart today, you can start preparing to pursue those dreams and live the life you love when you retire.